6 Things To Do While Mars is in Cancer

Wednesday June 14th 2017
Vintage water skiing poster

Vintage water skiing poster

Mars in Cancer
June 4- July 20

Mars the fiery planet of war jumped into the soothing waters of Cancer last week. It’s time to take action in the realms of emotions, beaches and kitchens.

  1. Water Sports
    Jump on a surfboard — preferably on a wave. Failing that take up sailing or waterskiing or shell-collecting. Keeping in mind that this is the planet of fire, be sure to wear your sunscreen!
  2. Make a Baby
    Cancer is one of the most fertile signs, and Mars is a planet that can spark things off. Get to work.
  3. Get Angry
    Yes, do it. But find a creative way to express your inner demons. Picasso had Mars in Cancer, and so did Jean-Michel Basquiat, and so does the singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette — all three exemplify how you can turn emotional torture into high art.
  4. Throw Another Shrimp On The Barbie
    When fiery Mars enters the most domestic of signs, sparks fly in the kitchen. Experiment with cooking over an open fire, flambés, or very hot sauces. Some astrologers say, and i would be one of those, that Mars rules spicy food. So throw some extra chillies in the curry or the salsa. Oh — and get your kitchen knives sharpened.
  5. Emotional Battles
    Many of us may experience more rows within the tribe during this period, so be warned. It is a time when long suppressed resentments can burst out. This “tribe” could be your extended family, or more like a garage band. On another note, if you wanted to galvanise the band into action, Mars can help you kick start that process, but if you want a quiet life be warned. If you have to deal with an issue that’s emotionally tough — say cutting off a toxic relationship  — then you may have the bravery to go into battle know. Strap on your armour.
  6. Home Improvements
    You may feel the urge to paint your hallway maroon and your bedroom magenta during this transit. Well, why not? It’s rather a good time to get some DIY done around the house. Strap on that tool belt and get your drill out.


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  1. mike says:

    From now through Monday late afternoon USA…late evening UK…should be extra special, as Moon transiting Aries is in mutual reception with Mars in Cancer. The Moon will make a number of strong aspects, including a square to Mars. Many will experience a fast paced, emotional ups & downs, with a dose of nostalgia, slightly insecure next couple of days. World axis is involved, so perhaps another moment of headlines around the globe.

  2. romanz says:

    As a matter of interest take a look at the full moon chart for London Mars is on the MC in cancer conjunct the MC although its strong its not quite got into the 10th house of government which is ruled by Cancer.Mars is in its fall so this was just after the election Corbyn to everybody’s surprise came on strong but did not get into the 10th house which had the moon as significator of Cancer the 10th house ruler , so Teresa May kept power but the moon approaches Saturn in the 3rd house the house of neighbours she has to negotiate with the Northern Irish DUP & finds herself in a worse position than before the election.
    Another point of interest is the Saturn Pluto midpoint is at 6 degrees of Capricorn So when Mars gets to 6 degrees of Cancer in exact opposition of this midpoint the fire breaks out in Grenfell tower London .Cancer the crab has a tough shell but a soft underbelly the fire spread because of the insulation around the Flat.The crab never walks straight but walks sideways so Mars in cancer showed up our leaders to not deal directly with the public.Indeed on TV someone complained that Teresa May was cold like a fish!