July Horoscopes

Friday June 30th 2017

It’s quite a month ahead.

The god of war and fire, Mars, has been clanking through Cancer, the sign of home and mother, patriotism and tribe, since June 5, making his way towards an inevitable confrontation with Pluto on July 2. These two gods of war clash every couple of years in fact, so it’s not such an unusual face-off. Yet it’s clear this year, that this is an especially potent opposition.  It’s tense and emotional.

That opposition is further stimulated by the Full Moon on July 9. A week later, Mars takes a final hostile sideswipe at Uranus before departing Cancer.

But the fun isn’t over. There’s a cracking New Moon in Leo on July 23, which gives a little foretaste of the kind of energy released by the upcoming eclipse in August.

To find out what this means for your sign, click here. Don’t forget to read both Your rising and Sun sign.

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  1. aqua says:

    I LOVE that image, its a perfect summation.
    Great post. Im certainly feeling these transits personally.
    The misogyny of the patriarchal Pluto in Capricorn opposite Mars in Cancer is really apparent at the moment, whether its the decimation of womens rights in the US, or us cozying up to the DUP, or the appalling treatment of the Yazidi women. One tiny recompense for their pain, in the transformation of their cultural strictures, shaming and ‘honour’ killing rape victims. So Plutonian/Ceres.

    An its underlining man child temper tantrums.
    Trump must really be feeling that transiting Pluto/Mars to Saturn/ Venus, tightening the noose inconjuncting his out of control Sag Moon.
    His latest twisted tweets had even Republicans disgusted.
    Europe should be interesting, what with Merkels Sun/Uranus on his Venus Saturn, his literal hatred of women, and Mars inflaming that… and according to Sky its rumoured he is going to slip into the UK ‘unannounced’…