What Astrologers Are Saying About The Great American Eclipse

Wednesday August 9th 2017

Still from The Eclipse, the Courtship of the Sun and Moon by George Melies


The Great American Eclipse which sweeps from sea to shining sea on August 21 has the astrological world in a frenzy — and no wonder: it’s a great big Total Eclipse of the Sun, the first to go across the American landmass so thoroughly in about a century. And the eclipse is opposite the US natal Moon at 27° Aquarius. And it’s right on President Donald Trump’s Ascendant. It truly is making a big statement about the US of A. It is not misnamed.

This eclipse is not unlike a previous Total Eclipse in Leo in 1999. This was the year that Donald Trump’s father died, he got divorced, and then his mother passed too in 2000 — oh, and he made his first exploratory probe at running for prez. Clearly, his chart is sensitive to eclipses.

It’s definitely worth looking back to this period 1998-2000 for a clue as to how this eclipse might affect you.

Remember, we’re not all equally affected. Since there are four eclipses a year (although often partial or only visible from Antartica or the middle of the Pacific, so less crunchy), some of us have already had our share of life-changing eclipsey moments for the time being, thank you very much, and we’d rather just watch.

If you have any points or planets around 29° Leo or Aquarius, Scorpio or Taurus, you are most likely to feel this one. There’s bound to be a turning point of some kind. Those of you with points or planets around 29° Aries will certainly get a whiff of this one — and it may be rather exhilarating. Those of you with late Sagittarius sensitivity may well be called upon to act on something to do with this eclipse in the months to come.

In general, eclipses are like really huge New Moons whose energy washes over the next six months, or if it’s really struck your chart, over several years. The eclipse pattern repeats every 18 and half years, and I’ve noticed that if you are strongly affected by an eclipse — say it falls on your natal Sun, Moon, MC or Ascendant — and a new chapter of your life begins, you can sometimes divide those 18 years into four chapters. The eclipse sets the fuse and the changes begin, but only when you look back from about four and a half years can you see what really started then.

This particular eclipse has fizzing, splintering energy that spits sparks right into September. It makes a precise, lush aspect to Uranus, the planet of revolution and electricity, in Aries. It also takes place in the midst of a Mercury Retrograde — and Mercury will retrograde and station on the point of the eclipse through the first week of September. Even more sparky, Mercury will be conjoining fiery Mars at the same time. That first week of September could be very exciting — and once Mercury goes direct events could move quite fast.

This eclipse means business. It’s time for change, time for action and courage, time (perhaps) to change our collective thinking about something really big, to do something unprecedented (although it may take a couple of goes). On a personal level, eclipses tend not to be good times to make major decisions. Instead, allow events to unfold. It’s important to keep in mind that Mercury retrograde. We may not know everything yet.

Eclipses always bring endings (of course they do, the light goes out), but in the ending is the beginning. Not only do kings die on eclipses, princes are born.

Some good articles have been written about this eclipse and it’s meaning.

Donna Woodwell writes a long a thorough analysis.

“Eclipses are all about working with shadows. A solar eclipse is literally the Moon’s shadow falling on the surface of the Earth.

Metaphorically speaking eclipses then are moments when we must face our individual and collective shadow, to allow us to find healing through a new level of understanding.

In this sense, Donald Trump was never the “enemy of progress.”

He was the right man, in the right place, at the right time. In this sense, Trump is a man destined from birth to hold the projection of the collective shadow of our nation. So that we can clean up our shit and move on to the next phase of our history.

He’s holding up a mirror to see what’s broken within ourselves and within our society. He’s a proverbial match that lights the bonfire, already stacked long before he arrived.

Now it’s our turn as a nation to ask the crucial questions: who are we as a nation, and what do we want to become?” Click here to read it in full.

Eric Francis Coppolino also writes at length, too, with a good overview of the nature of eclipses in general — and especially those in Leo, which naturally have greater impact, since this is the sign of the Sun himself.

“The eclipse of August 21 is part of a grand trine, which covers the fire signs Aries (the Uranus-Eris conjunction), Leo (the Moon and Sun), and Sagittarius (the Galactic Core/black hole/cosmic portal at the center of the Milky Way), plus centaur planet Pholus (rapid reactions, out of control reactions, catalysts, small cause/big effect), and Quaoar (personal creation myth, cosmic identity, family patterns). At the Sagittarius end, Saturn is not far from the action, and will soon become a much more prominent figure in the astrology.

So, what does this tell us? Grand trines have a distinctive property: momentum. Once things get going in a certain direction, it’s not so easy to shift. That’s why it’s essential to work the “fulcrum” quality as early in the process as possible. All these fire planets point to a kind of cycle of fire, which can be destructive if not managed carefully.

Click here to read the full piece.

Sally Kirkman wrote a good overview of the entire series of Aquarius/Leo eclipses, here, and how it might work on a personal level.

Jessica Adams takes a look back at the 1999 eclipse and makes some interesting points about the death of Diana — who has indeed been back in the news this week because of that documentary. Here.

Peter Stockinger explores traditional techniques for delineating an eclipse, here.

Jessica Shepherd has written a great piece on why not to scare yourself with astrology. It’s not about this eclipse per se, but well worth the read anyway. Here.

If you have an hour to spare, Rick Levine’s monthly astrology forecast is always excellent, and he seems especially tuned in to this August’s energy. Here.

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  1. Excellent essay – one of the best assessments I’ve seen. And it makes sense to any reader, not just those steeped in astrology. Well done!

  2. Rachel says:

    Hi Christina
    Excellent and well-written post as always, and thank you for the links, which I will investigate further. I always look forward to your insights on major aspects.
    I can comprehend the notion of the effect of an eclipse when it’s in conjunction with a planet, but what if, like me, the aspect is an opposition?
    My natal sun is at 29 Aquarius 58’ (truly anarectic!), so I’m assuming the solar eclipse will have a big impact upon me. In 1998 I got divorced and by July 1999 I’d had to leave my beloved job, and move from London back up to my native Yorkshire with my 2-year old son. I eventually managed to make a new life up here, becoming (much to my amazement) a teacher and changing my career path from marketing. Today, like then, I found myself without a relationship and unemployed, although at the moment I am tentatively setting up a small craft textiles business, which hopefully will finally make use of my Grand Trine in Water!! (ha ha!) My Uranus is at 23 Leo, although I suspect the orb is too wide to have an impact-?
    So there are quite a few similarities in my situation now…I’d be interested to know about the opposition aspect…does it mean it will be negative in some way? I’d really prefer not to have to move house again !!

    • Christina says:

      Good questions — and yes, you are rather in the eye of storm. I am sure there will be changes in your life.

      Look at the houses in your chart where the eclipse is taking place.

      First of all, on the question of Uranus in Leo at 23°. I don’t think that orb is too wide, partly because it’s actually getting a nice trine from Saturn in Sag at 21°. Saturn will be turning direct a few days after the eclipse and then crosses the eclipse point at the end of the year. This is very practical energy, and every time the Moon aspects Saturn and then the eclipse point over the next few months, these two energies flow together. I would suggest this is practical change. Be prepared for unexpected endings, and unexpected support.

      Be cautious about doing anything much during August, pre-eclipse and during the Merc Rx. You may need more information. However, some of the best things happen at eclipse time — new beginnings from stuff that was seeded long ago. Think of Prince Charles marrying Camilla Parker-Bowles on an eclipse. That worked out well.

      Secondly — wow you are the ultimate Aquarian! — this does depend on house placement, of course, but when it’s opposite the Sun, an eclipse could potentially affect partnerships or partners. Often, what went before is then opposite. So if you were single, you might meet someone. If you’re married, you might split up. Ditto for business and other kinds of partnership.

      I actually think this eclipse could be pretty good for you since it’s part of a grand fire trine — which makes things happen…. Roll on craft shop, but watch the Merc Rx

      • Rachel says:

        Hi again and thanks for your most insightful comments. Weirdly my Sun IS in the 5th house…..(and obviously I’ve a Libran ascendant, which of course is all about partnerships, isn’t it?)!!! So presumably this could amplify any effect upon partnerships/creativity? I’m also setting up the textiles gig with a friend as a partnership…..! Apologies for the plethora of exclamation marks and dots….
        I promise to let you know what happens.

  3. mimi says:

    Hi Christina,
    interesting reading. We are living in very interesting times !
    In 1999 I had a burn-out and rsi and I am very curious about this big eclipse (opposite my Jupiter 26 degr. in Aquarius) .

    I am scheduled to have an operation on my foot on September 11.
    Saturn on my Chiron 21 degr. in Sagittarius and Neptune opposite my natal Saturn 14 degr. in Virgo. Hope all goes well. Pholus is there somewhere too.


    • Christina says:

      Good luck. Glad it is after Merc direct. Saturn on Chiron could be quite good.

      I do associate Chiron with foot problems, but I have never fully investigated that to figure out whether it’s more than just a feeling. My own Chiron is in Pisces, which might have something to do with it!

      • mimi says:

        to me Chiron is about my thighs. Since the conjunction of Pluto with my Chiron somewhere in the nineties I’m having trouble with my thighs / hamstrings. Have to be very careful with them. Chiron in Sagittarius !

        I’m very worried about the language of Donald Trump in reaction to Kim Jong Un. Hope there is somebody in his staff who makes him aware of the consequnces of his words and actions. He is the most unaware person on Earth and war could be around the corner.


  4. Love it! This eclipse falls exactly on my descendant. So yes as it was in 1999 I might be planting seeds for a whole new chapter.

  5. Vesta says:

    So guess what…
    I realised last night this is another one for me and I’ve been feeling sorry for myself since. I don’t know how else to be. No break for me. So first, I’m a mid 60s uranus/pluto baby, they’re conjunct in my 12th house, opposite saturn in 5th, which t-square with mars/venus conjunct in Sag. All in the mid degrees. Saturn is part of a grand water trine, and squares my moon. Then the uranus/pluto squares of the last few years hit my angles exactly, with my Cap IC and Aries DC.
    Does it stop there? Nope. I went to view the August 1999 eclipse here in London. It was intense and incredible. I didn’t know it was going to affect me directly. My progressed MC was in the mid-degrees of Leo. Where is it now? It’s 29 Leo. Most of my chart is in the mid-degrees, but I do have an asteroid, Amor, at 29 Aries.
    Best advice out there is don’t give in to victim mentality, etc etc. But really, that’s insensitive and stupid. When do I get to acknowledge this? I can’t process any of it until I’ve worked through it all, and that begins with how I feel. So it’s bs advice and I am diving deep because what else is there? Pretend it’s ok? What do those people who say that stuff know anyway? They made it up because they’re uncomfortable with other people’s pain. That’s wrong. Where’s the empathy in that. When someone is going through a hard time, you sit with them, not turn your back or tell them to get over it. I am upset and angry, and afraid. After the eclipse of Aug 99, I became very ill, I was forced to stop work eventually, and I have never worked again, it’s a long term chronic condition, a hidden disability, and I am sick/disabled. Everyone I ever knew slowly faded away, because that’s what happens in real life. It’s not many who get to keep everyone forever. The last few years, uranus/pluto, was like Daenerys brought her dragon into my life and went dracarys. Everything and everyone left burnt away. All bonds broke. There’s hardly anything left. I have the basics, that’s it. Roof over my head, I am grateful to still be alive, but I’m living in the moment and I daren’t look ahead because any day, that could be taken from me too by our government. There is nothing cute or nice about this. They say overcome adversity, and there are all these wonderful stories out there of people doing that. They must have had help or uncovered a secret, because I can’t see a way forward. Every which way I turn, it’s doors firmly shut. I’m very upset. :'(

    • mike says:

      [I normally wouldn’t respond, but feel compelled…sorry Christina.]
      Oct 14, 1965 ( http://planetwatcher.com/#-132994800 ); around 2005 transiting Neptune squared its natal position. Transiting Uranus was conj natal Saturn and began opposing natal Uranus-Pluto…these transits were within orb for several years. Then transiting Saturn was conjunct natal Uranus-Pluto in 2008, beginning a series of Saturn transits to natal planets from Virgo through Sagittarius, which recently concluded. Transiting Neptune has been conj natal Saturn for the past several years, but will conclude by the beginning of next year, and will begin opposing natal Uranus-Pluto for the next year or two, concurrently forming a trine to natal Mars (which is sextile natal Uranus-Pluto, easing the opposition and making it more tangible). I suspect transiting Saturn has been your primary booger-boo for the past ten years or so. Transiting Saturn will oppose natal Jupiter end of this year into next, which I see as more invigorating than detrimental, as it will reinforce the natal Mercury-Jupiter trine. Natal Venus-Mars conj right on the S Node may compel one to constantly seek the past for comfort, particularly with natal Moon conj N Node in opposition (need time of birth for Moon’s position)…emotional needs in conflict with desires and action.

      An interesting aside, the solar eclipse of Aug 1999 was at 18* Leo. The natal chart has a wedge formed with Mars-Uranus conj Pluto-Chiron…a mystic rectangle could be formed at 18* Taurus, so that is a sensitive point for this chart throughout the individual’s lifetime. The Aug 1999 solar eclipse transits had transiting Saturn at 17* Taurus. Further, the eclipse transits highlighted 18* Leo-Aquarius, as Uranus opposed the eclipse. This Leo-Aquarius axis interplays to the natal mystic rectangle. NEXT YEAR’s solar eclipse is at 18* Leo and isn’t nearly as frenetic as 1999’s, so not to worry.

      Currently there is significant positive support with transiting Pluto forming a trine to natal Uranus-Pluto, with natal Mars at the midpoint. Transiting Jupiter will likewise form soft aspects to this natal chart over the next year, but first will contact the natal Sun now through most of September…make the most of this pleasant aspect!

    • Christina says:

      🙁 I wish there was something useful I could say to you, but I can’t think of anything right now.

      I do, however, from personal experience know about chronic conditions that no one understands.

      There is a difference that might be important in this eclipse from the 1999 one. That one was part of a harsh Grand Cross; this one is part of a Grand Trine.

      • Vesta says:

        Thanks, Christina. xx I can usually hold it together, but yesterday and today, I can’t stop crying. I’m not someone who cries easily and I’m stoic. Usually. But the last few years have absolutely pummelled me, it’s like I’m a lump of dough and someone got to work pulling, stretching and punching me, turning me inside out, upside down. I was comforting myself with the thought that the uranus/pluto years are over, that’s it, I’m through the worst and I’m safe. That thought was helping with whatever’s next from our government. And I realise I’m not safe at all. That’s so terrifying it’s like living a constant panic attack. Living with a chronic condition isn’t the worst thing right now, it’s being hammered by others and not being permitted to live in peace. It is upsetting I can’t be how I used to be, and I can’t do what I want, but that’s not nearly as upsetting as being attacked and put in harm’s way, and having to endure yet more loss. I’m scared. 🙁
        I saw in one of your replies above that eclipses can bring reversals. So, like, gain after loss. I was thinking that before, I was comforting myself with the thought that maybe things are turning around, now uranus/pluto are moving further apart, and maybe after all that loss, it’s time for growth. So I was looking forward to that. I miss my siblings, I was hoping for those bonds to heal a little bit. And I was hoping that as things settle, I’ll make new friends and I won’t miss my old ones so much. I was looking to the future whilst grieving the past. And now I don’t know what to think.
        The other thing is, ‘as above, so below’. People are looking to this eclipse politically and what it means to all of us. And many want it to topple certain leaders and change world order. I’m not hearing it’s benign. That’s scary too. 🙁 Because if it’s that powerful, then it’s going to be powerful to me too.
        I can’t think straight, sorry for writing so much.

  6. aqua says:

    Excellent post Christina! Regarding the US looking at its own shadow,aside from the obvious mercantile greed, in my observance its always been about snake oil of one sort or another.
    Especially the escapist kind, whether that be cult like religiosity or the enormous ever expanding effect of Hollywood/TV/tech empires.

    Interesting article along similar lines in the Atlantic.

    Also I smiled when I saw this.

    At some point soon can we do a session on these two eclipses in my chart?

    • Christina says:

      Ha! I read that first piece yesterday.
      To my mind what is was saying also connected to Neptune (first in Aquarius, then in Pisces). Also a lot of the stuff he writes about (Esalen) started in 1966/67 when Uranus and Pluto were conjunct. So now we have just had the opening square of that aspect.
      Also i like how he ended it by pointing out all the good things that have changed in the last 50 years too.

      I will read the other one now.

      Also, drop me an email re sessions.

  7. Kathy says:

    This is a GREAT article. Thank you Christina. I wonder, does this affect those with north node in Leo/Aquarius? Mine is in Aquarius, my son’s is in Leo12°55’42 in house 8 , and my son’s father is also in Leo1°58’40 in house 5 . Also, my son’s and his father’s are in Leo 1°58’40 in the 5th house in their composite chart. Also, my composite chart with his father is also in Leo 1°58’40 in house 5. It seems unavoidable that this eclipse is going to greatly affect us. I’d very much appreciate your feedback.

    • Christina says:

      Yes it does. And what incredible closeness there. I regulartly see parents and children with the same NN. That shows us how important this point is for family destiny.

      This eclipse is at the other end of Leo for all of your stuff, but nevertheless you are bound to be affected. Not sure where yours is in Aquarius.

      Look at the house placement.

      Although on a mundane level this could all go off, on a personal level I think this could be an eclipse that creates a positive breakthrough. For you clearly, it’s about the partners in your life — both father and son. But for them, this summer could mark a shift in direction. The NN tends to express itself in the real world. NN Leo does need to be “on stage” quite often or somehow expressing their uniqueness in the real world. It really does depend on the other parts of the chart.

      There are two total LUNAR eclipses in the next couple of years which are more tightly on your charts. The last is a 0° Leo, so very close (in 2019). So I think you need to see this as an unfolding process. I would expect a shift in direction, and possibly around this eclipse some surprising opportunity to fulfil that destiny. It’s all going to be quite a muddle though. Things will be happening fast — and for you there’s more to come over the next few years.

      • Kathy says:

        Thanks Christina. The long and short of it is that the change that has come is that my son has had no contact with his father until very recently. Neither have I. But the connection between us all is incredible. So much love. And it’s just got stronger over the last couple of weeks. So I’m guessing there’s more good stuff to come. My north node is Aquarius16°01’34 in house 3 retrograde. Do you analyze charts? If so, how much would it cost to analyze all 3? Thanks again, very much, for getting back to me.

  8. Eleonora says:

    Thank you!

    I worry because DPRK’s Saturn, too, conjuncts Regulus. To make matters worse, transiting Pluto exactly conjuncts Kim Jong-un’s Sun, which, of course, is in the natal opposition to the Sun of the USA. Neptune is passing his moon.

  9. Andre says:

    Christina, I have a Moon-Pluto conjunction in late Leo. Pluto at 26 Leo is in the 8th house. The Moon at 28 Leo is in the 9th. In 1999, the eclipse brought a combination of 8th and 9th house issues: a lucrative and influential position working with people of a radically different culture. The eclipse will hit my chart more directly this time. I was born in 1955 and Pluto is nearing a conjunction to my Sun at 20 Capricorn. Any comments?

    • Christina says:

      I wouldn’t like to be too prescriptive but I wonder about where you live… But I think quite simply you may have another interesting turn on your career path if that is what happened before.

      • Andre says:

        Thank you, Christina. I live in Canada. My work in 1999 brought me to the Arctic and all the way to Greenland and Copenhagen. I was deeply interested in shamanism and Inuit culture. I forgot to mention my Moon-Pluto conjunction is sextile Neptune in the 10th at 28 Libra.
        On another subject, I have Mars at 27 Pisces on the focal point of a Yod. Transiting Chiron is now conjunct and square transiting Saturn. I have also had recurring foot issues throughout my life and now they are acute. I expected I would have difficulty walking at this time, although with Chiron at 28 Capricorn natally conjunct Mercury at O Aquarius square Neptune and sextile natal Mars there was always a hopeful, spiritual side. For instance, a chiropractor (Chiron) I met after multiple ankle sprains and connected back pain not only healed me but initiated me to Indian spirituality. He was a swimming coach also and told me swimming was the best exercise for both the back and feet. Thirty-five years later, I still follow his advice.

        • Christina says:

          I see… that does sound wonderful.

          I spoke to someone else with a Leo stellium yesterday — old enough to remember 1980 and 1999 — and both times she experienced a major breakthrough in career and met a significant person in her life.

          Ah Chiron: physical pain that allows spiritual insight. (Sometimes only) But that is exactly my experience too. Chiron breaks you a little.

  10. Alicja says:

    Dear CHristina
    This post about eclipse is incredible, great writing?, thank you so much.
    Thix eclipse will square my Mercury 26 Taurus Venus and Vesta 29 Taurus in 3rd house.What do you think about it?

  11. Unmystic Mom says:

    Not sure if anybody has noticed, but Big Ben will be silenced for four years from noon (UK Time) on August 21st. Does anybody know what time (in BST) will the eclipse occur? Is it an ominous sign for the UK?

    • Christina says:

      Universal Time 18.26.

      🙁 It does not take place over the UK though, so less impact that 1999. However, it’s in the part of the chart that associated with Parliament — home of Big Ben.