Half Way Through Pluto in Capricorn

Tuesday October 17th 2017
Section of the Book of the Dead belonging to the scribe Hunefer, depicting the Weighing of the Heart.

Section of the Book of the Dead belonging to the scribe Hunefer, depicting the Weighing of the Heart. The heart of the deceased is weighed against the feather of truth by the jackal-headed god Anubis. On the right Thoth, the scribe writes, while Ammit waits to eat the heart if it fails the test. On the left, Anubis guides the deceased.

Pluto, the planet of transformation, death and rebirth, is only half way through the sign of Capricorn, which rules structure. The dark lord of the underworld entered that sign in 2008 — since when the collective has seen quite a lot of destruction — but little rebirth so far.

Right now, with the Sun in Libra, the sign of the scales, we’re at a nice moment for assessing where we are.

Pluto in Capricorn — 2008-2023
Pluto is currently at 16°57 travelling direct, and won’t be coming back to this degree for a couple of centuries.

I came across this video of astrologer Caroline Casey today. She was talking here about this passage of Pluto through Capricorn in 2010. It’s worth listening to and reflecting on how much has changed since then.

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  1. 44 and counting says:

    Last time Pluto went through Capricorn we saw the American Declaration of Independence. That occurred with Pluto at 27-28Capricorn but I wasn’t sure how long that took to unfold.

    It’s quite revealing that Wikipedia states … “By the time that the Declaration of Independence was adopted in July 1776, the Thirteen Colonies and Great Britain had been at war for more than a year. Relations had been deteriorating between the colonies and the mother country since 1763.” It goes on to say that the British Parliament passed legislation that increased revenues from the colonies (Stamp Act 1765, Townshend Act 1767) and used the Coercive Act (1774) to punish the Boston Tea Party*

    Pluto made its ingress into Capricorn during 1762 and exited into Aquarius in Jan 1778 – only 18months after the Declaration of Independence. Essentially the whole of Pluto in Capricorn was spent with the British Government becoming increasingly overbearing and trying to retain its power until everything collapsed.

    Based on that I think it’s likely we don’t see much change for the masses until the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0Aqua in December 2020.

    * Note also that there are potential similarities with the Spain / Catalonia situation.

    • 44 and counting says:

      Was wondering about the Pluto in Capricorn cycle before this one. That occurred from 1515 to 1532. It was the time of Martin Luther and the reign of Henry VIII whom between them led the Protestation Reformation and saw a split from the Catholic Church which was then all-powerful. From what I can gather Luther’s was excommunicated from the church in 1521, early in the Pluto in Cap era; whereas Henry VIII’s English Reformation began to take shape in 1529 but the break with Rome took place during 1532-34 – as Pluto moved into Aquarius.

      Seems like we have a long way to go on this occasion of Pluto in Capricorn and I’m not sure how it all plays out …

      • Christina says:

        Yes. Really a long way. Pluto in Capricorn cycle also fits in with the rise of capitalism — first banking in the early modern period and then industrialisation and both times tie in with colonial expansion and loss.

        • 44 and counting says:

          The question on my mind is “Who is due to be overthrown?” it’s not clear to me who the ruling elites this time around are. I understand it’s the vested interests of ‘big business’ who have become too powerful and Governments now pander to but who exactly are they and how do they get taken down?

          Maybe it’s the banks. After all the Global Financial Crisis occurred with the beginning of Pluto in Capricorn but I’m not sure how they get overthrown unless we all go back to paying by cash, bartering, creating our own currencies. Hard to see that happening. Maybe Bitcoin takes over but then we’re just giving power over to the internet companies.

          Maybe from a British perspective it is just about exiting the EU and no longer being ruled by Brussels, but I don’t believe that gets to the root of the problem. The vested interests will still control Government and the Conservatives will continue to try and privatise schools, NHS for their rich mates by making them ineffective through lack of funding.

          The one thing I saw in the early days of Austerity were local communities coming together to run the local library and the village pub rather than see those be cut. Perhaps that’s what happens to us in the Pluto in Aquarius era. More people gathering together to truly volunteer and work together for the benefits of each other rather than paying into the coffers of big business.

          Or perhaps that’s just my Aquarius NorthNode and Mars being hopeful with its own agenda !!

          • Vesta says:

            truly volunteer, communities, grassroots, is what I’m hearing, both from astrologers and from those writing about current events. If you look at Greece, it’s exactly what’s happening. It’s worse there, arguably, than anywhere else in Europe, but once you start looking for local initiatives, you start seeing more and more examples. It has been grassroots, local movements that has got UK’s Labour party where it is today, I think it’s similar for Bernie Sanders, in fact I know it is, people are sharing and swapping ideas from both sides. It’s coming from people, not the leaders, which a heck of a lot of people can’t get their head around, which is another reason for the current confusion, people can’t figure out what they’re looking at. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it! But that’s infuriating too because then you’re waiting for the commentariat and the mass media to see what you’re seeing so they can properly report it. Not happening yet.

          • 44 and counting says:

            And I say “truly volunteer” because I’ve observed an increasing culture of organisations getting people to ‘volunteer’ rather than actually paying them.
            If these organisations actually had to pay for all the work being done their profits would quickly disappear. It could be due to Pluto in Cap coinciding with the Neptune in Pisces era.

        • Vesta says:

          oh that reminds me. This from the BBC on money is very interesting http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b097rqr4

  2. aqua says:

    I wonder if part of this transformation is that we no longer ascribe so much ‘power to Pluto’, both literally as astrologers, and symbolically as the structures he currently represents, namely patriarchal government and power structures, in all their forms.

    Perhaps its time our values transformed from the power and exploitation inherent in Pluto, to the nourishing conserving and protecting of Ceres.

    Eitherway Mother Earth will end up enforcing this.

  3. Vesta says:

    Rick Levine regularly quotes Caroline Casey. I didn’t know she was on YouTube, thanks for this. 🙂
    I am one of the uranus/pluto conjunct babies of the mid-60s, and 19 degrees appears a lot in my chart, it’s my neptune in scorpio which is conjunct my sun-moon midpoint, it’s my venus in Sag, and ceres in Pisces. I have Saturn at 10 pisces which forms part of that t-square, which I think may be a blessing, grounding that energy. My chart angles are the same as those for the UK, so it’s interesting to look at similarities between what’s happening to me personally and more widely around me.
    I was just thinking the other day, we’re not who we were when all this started. If we look at 2010 and where we are today, if we thought we could park things and pick them up later, it’s probably best to let those ideas and projects go, we’re not the same people anymore.
    Pluto went into Capricorn in 2008, which was when we had the global financial crash. One example of gross abuse of power that came after from governments has been austerity practice. It has never worked, it wasn’t needed, it has only served to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Here in the UK, there are people in work who are homeless, nurses are having to use foodbanks, there are people destitute, hungry, and we have £13 trillion sitting offshore dodging tax. Our government don’t like collecting tax, so they cut that department in half and then half again. Their policies are killing people, and they’re shredding the evidence. We Brexit in a bid to unite the Conservative party, and it’s destroying them instead. We do probably need a right wing party, so they will have to transform, but not before they completely disintegrate (pluto).
    So the Conservatives have peaked. These years seem to be peak-a lot of things. Peak abuse of power, peak patriarchy (and misogyny, toxic masculinity), peak inequality, to name a few. I think we’re reaching the point of no return with climate change too. It’s like everything had to come to a head before they could fracture, which is the chaos we’re seeing right now.
    It’s frightening to see things fall apart, but if we look at what’s beginning, what’s forming and taking shape, then it’s reassuring and there’s reason to have hope. For example, toxic masculinity (pluto in Cap) is one of the headlines this week, and women have been sharing their ‘me too’ stories online (uranus in aries). 12 million and counting in the last couple of days alone. From there, there are men who are listening, and some are beginning to step up and saying how they will change (pluto transformation). The culture of blame on women, knee-jerk victim-blaming where all responsibility for abuse is dumped on them, is shifting and going back to where it should be, on men who abuse. Things are beginning to be put right.
    If we look at things being put right as a pattern, then we can start to see it in other areas too. We’ll see it in politics with a shift from authoritarianism to socialism, social movements gaining ground and influencing everything from politics to culture and society, young people organising and working together, which is the opposite of individualism, healing society as they rebuild the idea of social bonds. We’ve already reached reached a tipping point with protests (uranus in aries), and activism and the language of revolution has been normalised.
    The point about stories is very interesting. It reminded me of an article I saw once on how it was women’s stories about domestic abuse that led to refuges being created. So the ‘me too’ stories above are important. These stories aren’t ‘hard evidence’, they’re tacit, they’re anecdotal. They can’t be ‘proven’, they can only be accepted as truth and believed. (I also think it’s interesting, by which I mean a bit wrong, that tacit information doesn’t count as evidence in courts, but that’s by the by).
    There’s another interesting point about stories I’m reminded of. In therapy and self-help, when you work through issues, they say you can change the story. The past isn’t written in stone, we can reframe what happened. So the past is malleable, often a story we tell ourselves, and we can change it if we so wish. So for example, when I looked at all the ‘me too’ stories and was thinking of adding mine, I didn’t feel shame or embarrassment like I did even just a few years ago, because I know now I am not the one with the problem, nor am I even unusual. Toxic masculinity is endemic. It’s more unusual to *not* meet with abuse. So instead of blaming myself, I’ve put blame squarely where it belongs.
    I think sometimes things have to peak in order to remove all doubt, so the picture is crystal clear. Clarity has been hard with neptune going through Pisces. It’s frustrating that some things are crystal clear to many of us, for example the lies and stupidity of Brexit, yet we can’t seem to stop it. I think it’s because Brexit hasn’t peaked yet, it won’t until we actually leave and Leave supporters see for themselves. Until then, their neptune delusion holds.
    I’ve been trying to gain some clarity on recent events but it’s really hard with neptune in pisces. One good thing about neptune is it’s dissolving those old, useless stories we used to have, one of the biggest being Britain’s identity. We’re beginning to see the truth of that thanks to Brexit.
    I hope these points are useful! I thought I’d share because I’m going to be reflecting on them myself, as well as those in the two posts above.
    Thanks! 🙂

    • Christina says:

      Thank you for that long and thoughtful contribution Vesta.

      • Vesta says:

        You’re welcome 🙂 I didn’t mean to write so much, nor did I realise it was that long. Apologies. I’m seeing so much despair, but it’s not the only thing to focus on, and it’s not good for you either. So where to find hope? Where the seeds and green shoots are, in what’s beginning. That’s what I’m doing anyway.

        • Pinkdolphin says:

          Thanks for both posts, Christina and Vesta. I so recognize myself in what you describe. I’m an end of December Capricorn and have been riding that wave of transformation like a surfer on the peak of the wave. It’s taken courage and wasn’t always comfortable (hold the balance, keep the eyes in the horizon rather than stare into the abyss) but the only way was onwards and boy I would not change a single piece because I’ve been having a glorious time and it keeps going. Most of all there’s a delicious sense of badass fearlessness that’s very much anchored in Mother Earth (I’m a biodynamic gardener) and a divine hum from the Cosmos rippling through my veins that says “all is well and on track”. Crucially my mind has long stopped trying to figure it, it’s become all about feeling/intuiting/intending one’s way forward.
          In this context I wonder if Lilith in Capricorn amplifies the Plutonian transformation theme? Lilith feels to me like Pluto ten times over. I see her energies in the emergence of women calling out sexual abusers, stronger focus on ecological and social issues, also interestingly in the battle between the central power versus regional sovereignty ……

          • 44 and counting says:

            I believe the major challenge for all Cap people, which they can learn from their opposite sign of Cancer, is to listen to their own inner voice rather than doing what others or society tell them they should be doing.

            My Cap MC had Pluto pass over it in 2014 and since then I’ve been moving more and more to doing what I believe and trusting that I know best for me. This has been supported by lots of Neptune and 12H transits among others. I thought I was already pretty good at doing my own thing as I have a fair amount of Aqua energy but this has been a whole new level.

            Pinkdolphin – how have you found explaining this to your family and friends?

          • Vesta says:

            I’ve had a terrible time. I stared into the abyss, not because I wanted to fall in, although things came close, but because I am so angry. I wanted to make sure I knew exactly how to describe it in order to change things. I don’t want to miss a thing. Not difficult, I’m still not safe, I won’t be till this government changes. I am using my experience and making it work for me. Instead of letting it bury me, I am fuelled by it. So maybe I’m handling it better than I thought. Or maybe it’s just a natural response.
            One amazing thing to come from this anger is realising I deserve better. Just that has got me to see I’m worth more. I’m a total doormat, this is a revelation. I reject what neoliberalism tells us is bad, I reject the lies and propaganda. We worship and demonise the wrong people. I have completely overhauled my values, I am not in line with how things have been, I am with how they’re going to be. If I am figuring it out, then it can’t be long before the country does too, if it’s anything to do with our angles and pluto going through our 4th house.
            Your fearlessness may have come from Saturn’s sojourn through Scorpio, maybe? I haven’t forgotten everything happened at the same time, all at once. :/
            I had to learn to get out of my own way too and not try to figure it out, but to ask the questions and let the answers come however, in their own time. Intuition has been the only way through this.
            Oh no. I hadn’t thought about Lilith in Capricorn yet. 🙁 Not more stress?

  4. Pinkdolphin says:

    Vesta, I salute your stamina on this journey. In my work as shamanic practitioner I know it as dismemberment. It’s a form of rebalancing/restoring harmony when something is out of whack. For me this is the Age of Dismemberment and Disillusioning ….as individuals, communities, nations, unions ..until we’re back in resonance, back in our truth (song) and whole (holy) again. Not sure where the fearlessness originates from but it’s been a theme on my journey. At times of great distress/ dismemberment, jumping into the abyss was better than all other options. And sure enough …fear was transmuted, the abyss turned into a new golden road, to yet another another miracle. We are so much more than we give ourselves credit for.
    I understand Lilith as the Taboo breaker, the warrior princess (see latest Wonder Woman movie) who rises to take charge justwhen mankind is about to destroy itself, see all the collective #metoo movement, the Womens’ March, the Wonder Woman movie, Jacinda Ardern becoming PM of NZ, the female Peshmerga fighters, an emergence of a community & earth centric economy

    • Vesta says:

      Pinkdolphin, thank you 🙂 I was looking at types of exercise today and I was thinking, I may not be brilliant at strength or speed, but one thing I always have is stamina. I never thought of it in terms of this though. Interesting.
      Dismemberment is an interesting way to put it. I’m reflecting on that. Food for thought. 🙂
      There’s that children’s story, Going On A Bear Hunt. “You can’t go under it, you can’t go over it, you have to go through it!” That’s true for everything, including facing the abyss. You have to know what’s there, but don’t stare too long and don’t fall in. What the abyss means will differ for everyone, it seems. I surrendered, which apparently is very common when you’re distressed. I put myself in God’s hands and let fate take me where it would. I didn’t actively jump into the abyss, I just let go of control and if that’s where I was going, so be it. That’s not really stamina. I had in mind a leaf bobbing on water, going where the river takes it. I let go of everything, as in stopped trying to hold on. I had listened to Rick Levine talk about the Hopi poem and trusted it.
      I was going to give Wonder Woman a miss, I loved the original series. Maybe I’ll watch it then. 🙂