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Friday January 26th 2018
From the Children’s Encyclopedia edited by Arthur Mee

From the Children’s Encyclopaedia edited by Arthur Mee

Well, 2018 is quite a busy year astrologically, with several major sign changes, Mars and Venus both turning retrograde and an interesting eclipse pattern to look at. Quite a lot of data is included this year for you to add to your diary, so you can keep track of major changes.

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  1. Eleonora says:

    Nice book. I love your pictures.

    I hope that, beside the green energy, Uranus in Taurus is going to support the food revolution, the cultured meat finaly replacing the animal meat. There already was huge progress in research this year. On the other hand, there could be negative consequences of the GM foods, famines even.

    Curious, how the eclipses will work out for me. The one will exactely hit my very, very tight mars-jupiter opposition (11° leo – 11° aquarius), the other my (18° leo) sun, on my birthday.

    Plus, there are several other earth-shattering aspects: Neptune is transiting my dsc, Uranus will oppose my Pluto as soon as ist enters Taurus, Progressed Venus is conjuncting Sun, Progressed Mercury is conjuncting Asc… and several others.

    Also, my dad died as Pluto was in the inconjunction with my sun. It will be there again this year, twice. And I already lost four close family members in short time (Hello Uranus transiting 8th!).

    But yet, everything is calm… a bit too calm to trust it 🙂

    I will likely consult you again, if you have time, but for now I still wait to see which direction it’s all going.

  2. Sabrina says:

    Thank you Christina…look forward to some months of stability and start setting base for the future, even with all the changes this year will bring.

    One thing I noticed in 2011 when Uranus and Neptune were changing signs is that I feel it physically. I get sick. The day Saturn entered Cap in december I got the flu, which is not usual. Has anyone experienced something similar?

    • Eleonora says:

      Hello Sabrina,

      Is it possible that you have planets at 0°-3°, especially in the cardinal signs?

      Oh, and I didn’t mean to scare you! Uranus transiting the 8th is so special, look forward to it!

      My dad was a very plutonic / uranic being himself, with the Sun at the first Aquarius degree and Mars in Scorpio rising square Pluto. He had a tremendous energy, always in motion, barely ever slept longer than three hours per night, very unconventional and intense. Not much of a father, though, but very charming, humorous and likable, company like no other. Such energy and spirit simply can’t die. He has to live farther.

      I woke up in the middle of the night for apparently no reason (usually I sleep through) and I didn’t know why, or what time is it, I only had a feeling that I have to do something, but I couldn’t remember what. So I was walking around like drunk and then I went into the bathroom, where I somehow managed to kick the flower vase and the roses spread all over the room. After I collected them, I went back to the bed, still confused. It was then that my phone rang and I received the message that my dad had an heart infarct and died, fifteen minutes ago.

      During this transit I learnt to accept the death as a natural part of life, and I also came to firmly believe that there is an afterlife of some sort, and the physical death is only one more transformation of energy. Once you figured this out, you lose the fear of your own death, and that feels very liberating. Because, fear of death is often the main reason for wrong decisions we make, it’s blocking our life energy flow, and sometimes it even causes too low, or too high libido, or a psychological disorder of some sort – all the things the 8th house rules, of course. Uranus is exalted in Scorpio, and his journey through our 8th house one of the most precious transits of our life.

      However, there were other aspects in my chart indicating the death of my family members.
      (Saturn was transiting my 4th, and opposing my moon as my grandmother died, transiting Jupiter conjuncting my Pluto as my dad passed away (plus the inconjunction I previously mentioned)).

      There are many other ways, other than death of family members, to live the Uranus in the 8th, to become aware of the transformation and eternity of energy and spirit. Be it giving birth to a child, or having a past life experience of some sort. You could (and I’m sure you will!) become a mother / grandmother / aunt, have an intense, passionate relationship, or win in lottery during this transit. 🙂

      • Christina says:

        Thank you for telling that story, very enlightening.

        • Sabrina says:

          Hi Eleonora, thank you!
          My natal moon pluto is in early cardinal.

          There are some similarities in my experiences, my father passed away in ’97 (5 planets in scorpio in 12th house) a couple of months before we found out he was sick, I woke up crying for no reason and thinking about him. He was young and healthy so it made no sense. Saturn was on my natal chiron when he died. My grandmother, over 10 years ago. My progressed sun and transiting NN were on that natal chiron. Jupiter was exact on my moon…she was free from pain I still miss her dearly but it was a loving good bye..
          I’m excited about Uranus leaving my 7th for sure and wonder about the 8th. I just didn’t think too much of the death part, which is an obvious possibility. And there are some thing you mention that absolutely ring bells.
          We’ll see! My kids are still young so the last two sound like fun options ? Thank you again. Is always wonderful to share this experiences and the possibilities these transits bring.

  3. Jon Savage says:

    Hi Christina I can’t access this as I go round and round in login. Have checked username and password but the same thing happens all the same. Could you pls send to my email? thanks JS

  4. says:

    Hi Christina, I am so sorry for your loss. And I’m sorry to have to ask you something as mundane as to email my ebook as well. Condolences and many thanks.

  5. Eleonora says:

    Christina, I was thinking about what to say to you, so I remembered our small discussion here, about the immortality, and I remembered a poem, (that meant a lot to me, after my loss), which is called Immortal Poem. I had a hard time finding it in English, but then I found another one, and for some reason I thought you would like it. 🙂 So now I’m posting both: “Love” and “Immortal Poem”, both written by Miroslav Antic.

    P.S. I hope your cat will be ok, your silence about him in your last post was very suspicious 😮



    Is it true what is written in the Kalevala:
    “A hand that gives is always above a hand that takes?”
    Is it true what they say in Basra:
    Love is like a shadow, if you run after it you will never
    catch up with it. If you turn your back on it, it will follow you.”.

    Someone said somewhere, and I thank him for that:
    “In order to truly love, you have to grow up to become a child”.

    Therefore, smile if they tell you you’re a small man.
    There’s no small happiness nor small illness. There’s no small
    theft nor small death. There’s no small war nor
    small honesty. There’s no small friend nor
    small secret.

    There’s no small man nor small love.


    Don’t ever turn your back on me so that I would love you.

    I remember your first teeth. I remember your
    first steps. I remember: Novi Sad
    Children’s Hospital. I’m sitting on side of your bed and praying
    to all forces in this world that you don’t die on me.
    And you stayed alive.

    Not even God believed us those days. Not even the nature.
    Nor people. Only our great love believed.
    Only your hand in my hand believed,
    while, like a little paintbrush, it painted azure light on
    my palms.


    We turn upside down like a sand clock.
    and trade with each other.

    One day your voice will get deeper. You will start to
    shave. You will get married and get a job. You will have
    your own kids and tell them your own fairytales.
    And I will be getting more and more childish and innocent.

    You will know me by the way I naively believe
    that I will live forever, infatuated with inner
    speech of the ancient god Ptah,
    who had first invented the entire world inside of himself, then
    exhaled his incredible thoughts,

    and, in that way, with his huge imagination, alone in the Nothingness,
    the only one, he brought to life everything that had been uncreated.


    After that, everything will come suddenly: my last teeth.
    And immediately after that: my last steps.
    In the end: some hospital in who knows which city.
    Sit on side of my bed in an evening like this one
    at least for an hour or half an hour.
    It will be just enough for all the damn years.

    And let my hand be in your hand. And let it, like a paintbrush,
    paint the same pleasant light sign
    on your palms, a sign that I’ve never,
    ever turned my back on you so that you would respect me and love me.

    Love is like strength: the more you use it, the more you’ll
    have it.


    If birds could love like this, like I do, they would have already
    turned into wind. If brooks could love
    like this, like I do, they would have already turned into oceans.

    If spaces could love like this, like I do, they would have already
    turned into infinity. If time could
    love like this, like I do, we would have already turned into

    If the Earth could love like this, like I do, it would have, long ago,
    become a star.

  6. Eleonora says:

    An Immortal Poem

    If you hear: I died
    and I was dear to your heart
    Maybe something inside you will also suddenly turn gray…
    Have you ever at all thought about the true meaning of life?
    Like snow on your palm, childhood melting away in you.
    Worries…. Are there any worries? Sorrows… Are there any sorrows?
    On the ladder of imagination boldly climb up to your youth.
    That beautiful but enticing rainbow is waiting for you over there.
    And live your life.
    Live it to the very last drop. Don’t nibble days like a mouse.
    Chew the air with all your teeth.
    Run faster than the winds and the birds. Overtake them all.
    Because, every eternity is short.
    Smiling faces, in some mirrors, all of a sudden become wrinkled.
    Unexpected: at some corner, a tear ambushes you.
    Troubles come tiptoeing. Years turn grayer.
    All of a sudden, the world, while you’re walking
    becomes more and more narrow
    And your laughter quieter and quieter and somehow distorted
    Therefore, live, but fully!

    Really, have you sometimes thought about what does it mean to die?
    And where in fact does a man disappear?
    What is it that takes him away forever?
    Don’t go to cemeteries.
    You won’t understand a thing.
    Cemeteries are the darkest fair and an ugly theatre.
    You are not meant for such theatres, with no hope and fire,
    the theatres of dried up tears, where graveyard rules reign,
    where there are no quarrels and songs, and no applause.
    And the end is known in advance.
    When playing riots and your formlessness,
    don’t you ever wish to secretly reach new dimensions of sense
    in neighboring futures?
    I’ll explain it to you one day. If you find me there.
    You know what I’ll do: I’ll brake your toy,
    the one called pain,
    if you get up the courage.
    I’m not lying to you – I invent
    things that have to exist,
    but you haven’t discovered them yet, because you haven’t even looked for them.
    Remember: reality is more real if you add unreal to it.
    You will know me by silence. The eternals don’t talk.
    To outwit the wisdom, learn how to listen.
    Great answers show themselves to you
    After countless births and some petty deaths,
    when you realize one day that all that breathing doesn’t make a life,
    Really, come to me,
    to touch you with light and turn you into thought.
    Even the farthest future has its future that carries inside the voice of its future
    And there are no empty worlds.
    The thing that we are not aware of is not nonexistence
    but existence without us.

    If you hear: I died
    here’s what it will really mean:
    Thousands of colorful fish will be fluttering through my eye.
    And the ground will hide me. And the weed will hide me.
    And, in the meanwhile,
    I’ll be flying high… High
    Remember: there are no limits, but only temporary limits.
    I’ll be sailing above you at downs. Downwind, slippery like silk.
    I’ll be showing you horizons, outlines of rising era
    and future sights with beauty of invisible wings.

    I’ll be resting from unimportant, like galactic flocks,
    that have grown together by pulsation ongoing in their souls.
    I’ll be resting from unimportant, like deep forests,
    that have grown together by branches into dense embraces.
    I’ll be resting from unimportant like big birds,
    that have grown together by wings and weaved a net in the entire sky.
    I’ll be resting from unimportant like great loves,
    that had grown together by lips, even before they met.
    Do you really think that my hand, knee, or head,
    could, tomorrow, turn into clay,
    willow’s root
    and grass?
    Do you really think that a small secret, or a silly fear,
    could, tomorrow, turn into silence,
    and dust?
    You know I come from somewhere from the stars.
    I’m all made out of light.
    Nothing in me will
    extinguish or shorten
    I will only, as simple as that, at one random dawn,
    return to my distant Sun, with gold in my eyes.
    Because, I was meant for theatres
    with plenty of heart and zeal, theatres of laughter and tears,
    where there is no order, where there is quarreling,
    and singing, and screaming, and applauses.
    And the end is not known in advance.
    Being punished for my every thought, let alone my every deed,
    I’m suspected of tenderness
    And found guilty for not extinguishing love with hatred
    but with new, bigger love
    and I don’t extinguish life with death,
    but with something differently alive.
    The last borders of infinity are just the beginning of more endless.
    He who lasts longer than more lasting knows not for short term knowledge.
    Never torture yourself with the question: how to survive,
    But: how not to die after the final death.

    If you hear: I died
    Don’t worry. In every century somebody mistakes me for
    the tired and old.
    There’s nowhere as many people as in one man.
    There is nowhere as many differences as in the same things.
    If you scratch through the spaces, you’ll dig me out of the wind.
    I’m in the water, in the stones, in every dusk and dawn.
    Being humanly versatile doesn’t mean being dehumanized
    I am dividable by all sorts of things, but not destructible as well.
    And all those miraculous states and renewal of myself
    are nothing but a maelstrom
    Do you know what are prophecies?
    Molds of past occurrences and their breathlessness that chases itself around.
    So why say goodbye? What are we sorry for?
    I have lived a magnificent life
    because I really knew how to do it
    If you hear: I died,
    – don’t believe it.
    Because it’s something I don’t know how to do.
    Love is the only air I’ve ever breathed
    and laughter the only language in the world that I understand
    I have just dropped by on this earth, to give you a wink.
    To leave something behind
    like a fluttering trace.
    Therefore, don’t be sad.
    The only thing I care for is
    to remain silly in your eyes and strangely dear to your heart.
    At night, when you look up to the sky,
    you give me a wink too
    let it be a secret.
    In spite of gray days,
    when you see a comet turning the horizon red,
    remember: its me
    still silly flying and living.

  7. Seema says:

    Christina, not sure how to access the 2019 book. Every time I click on the link on the main page I get bounced to this page from last year. Could you let me know how to access the 2019 book?

    • Christina says:

      OK. I will check. It should be free for you anyway, which could be the issue. Have you tried the link on the right instead?