Talk Astrology: Your Month Ahead Podcast April 20 – May 20

Thursday April 19th 2018
Fields in Spring — Claude Monet

Fields in Spring — Claude Monet

What is that cheeky Mercury up to? And why is Venus so very chatty in May? Have a listen to Sally Kirkman and me as we Talk Astrology this month…

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  1. Starfish says:

    One pick for April 30 Taurus-Scorpio full moon with Saturn Mercury: death and subsequent responsibilities, tensions over asset distribution. Fixed signs definitely into big overhaul in aspects of life re cardinal houses. Have spent lots of hours recently on the Uranus ingress into Taurus & wonder if the complexities of April 26 will overtly show economic wheels starting to come off in advance of the changes to unfold under Uranus in Taurus

    • Christina says:

      Good points… the economy… we should all be thinking about our debts.

      • Michael says:

        Then again, if the banks collapse, then our mortgages disappear into the ether too, right?

      • Angelena Boden says:

        And investments… tracking the financial news ( my astrological interest) .. Dollar collapse, return to the gold standard, cryptos, stock market, interest rates…. I think it will be chaotic for a while. I’ve got my Uranus waning square at zero Taurus – zero Leo – feeling a need to detach from worldly goods but develop my creativity. Astrology really is felt internally in my experience.

        • mike says:

          China succeeded in converting to a yuan-gold-benchmark in 2016 and is now by-passing the $USD by offering an oil-gold-benchmark:

          “The crude oil futures will be the first commodity contract in China open to foreign investment funds, trading houses, and oil firms. The circumvention of U.S. dollar trade could allow oil exporters such as Russia and Iran, for example, to bypass U.S. sanctions by trading in yuan, according to Nikkei Asian Review. To make the yuan-denominated contract more attractive, China plans the yuan to be fully convertible in gold on the Shanghai and Hong Kong exchanges.”

          The end of fiat currency is perhaps Uranus in Taurus, too.

        • 44 and counting says:

          I’m going in the other direction. I can feel with Uranus heading into Taurus and across my ascendant that I want the ‘nice things’.

          Never particularly valued money or possessions in the past and have been focused on building myself from the inside ever since Pluto went into my 8H Sag 20+ years ago. Always felt a need to dig down and experience that excitement that comes with exploring the unknown and pushing my own boundaries.

          But I’m tired of that and just want to live peacefully and not upsetting my own status quo. I’m ready to settle.

          • Starfish says:

            Good to hear another version of the change energy and like you this could easily show for many people a new-found embrace of Taurus rather than a liberation from its seduction

  2. 44 and counting says:

    Just a side note from the sports world …

    Arsene Wenger – manager of Arsenal for the past 22 years announced he’ll be leaving at the end of the year. The club have stuck with him and many fans have been calling for him to leave for the past 5+ years. He stubbornly refused to leave.

    I love it when you see astrology just working in action like this … he’s a 28deg Libra – so the opposition from Aries new moon conjunct Uranus finally liberated him.

  3. aqua says:

    An extremely positive early indicator of the Uranus in Taurus ingress and leading up to the lunation is Michael Bloomberg fronting up with the $4.5 million dollars to cover the US Paris climate commitment that Trump reneged on.
    Furthemore he intends to keep paying it till Trump changes his mind.
    I imagine this will inflame Trumps competetive spirit.
    Eitherway what perfect and beautiful symbology.
    On Earth day the billionaire steps up to pay for Americas bill to protect the Earth. Not for his future but for the generations to come.
    Revolutionary Taurus/Uranian energy in action – conservation of nature for all, given from vast personal resources.

    Hes has Sun in a stellium in Aquarius and Mars Saturn and of course, Uranus in Taurus!

    This fills me with hope and joy.

  4. Christina says:

    I believe that Uranus in Taurus could bring revolutionary change in our relationship to Mother Earth; indeed I think this is the most important energy to go with.

  5. 44 and counting says:

    Have received a lot of emails from American companies/websites like Twitter, Facebook, eBay asking me to read their Updated Privacy Policy. It’s because there’s a new Europe wide Data Protection Regulation coming into force on May 25th. The old 1998 law couldn’t account for how the net and cloud services has changed the face of data processing over the past decade or two.

    This new regulation is probably the first manifestation of Uranus in Taurus – how do we keep data secure in the modern global world. To be honest, I find it all a bit toothless and about as effective as Chamberlain’s piece of paper was in achieving “peace for our time”. But then I guess governments will keep appeasing big business until it becomes unavoidable.

  6. 44 and counting says:

    TSB online banking been screwed for a week. Affecting businesses and their ability to pay workers and suppliers. If this had happened in a month’s time it would be prototypical Uranus in Taurus.

    According to the following article, there is a ticking timebomb of legacy systems and sticking plaster fixes in all the big banks IT systems. I used to be a programmer and I don’t doubt it given that some of our programs were 20+ years old and hard to replace and that was over a decade ago.

    Rather than the excitement of new crypto currencies and so on, I suspect we see a lot more of these type of issues during Uranus in Taurus which leaves people questioning the value of electronic money if you can’t access it. Perhaps even a desire to return to more tangible forms of currency – possibly bartering or credit notes.

    • Vesta says:

      @44 and counting that’s so funny. I wasn’t a programmer, but I did used to work as support on big IT projects, back towards the end of the 90s, which we’re now calling legacy. I haven’t forgotten that Lloyds had a huge IT project, one of the biggest in Europe, cost in the £millions, which collapsed. Something went wrong. 1999, if I recall correctly, around then. And here we are with TSB. Lloyds again, isn’t it? I worked for another company, we all watched in horror, and here we are, deja vu.
      Which reminds me. I think this might be connected to that big eclipse of 1999 that’s become a gift that keeps on giving. If we’re talking legacy systems. This could be one arc.
      Updating IT systems is hard, not to mention expensive, corners can be cut. Others don’t want to take the risk, ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’. So it’s easy to understand why so many of today’s systems are Frankensteins, cobbled together, running on prayers and wishes. And the systems that were good need updating now anyway.
      Also at the same time, we’ve got Bitcoin and blockchain/Open Ledger, transparent systems that could future-proof banking, if that’s the way we’re going. But we don’t know, because all Bitcoin has shown so far is instability if not volatility. Regardless, blockchain is showing a lot of promise. The only people against it are those who benefit from the way things are now, ie corrupt, seeking to hide their money, money launderers, the ones who syphon money and make it disappear. Can’t do that with blockchain. It could totally transform the way we do banking and business, but forces against it are powerful. You could say blockchain is the ‘radical left’ and those who want to keep things as they are because they get something out of it are the ‘alt-right’. Like politics, the centre ground has collapsed.
      End of fiat currency – I’ve seen two news stories on the BBC in the last week or two about virtual currency. I was going to link them to you, Christina, but then I thought, I’m sure you’re busy! One was virtual currency in India, after they ran out of print-money. And the other I can’t remember. Aarghgh I should have tweeted you the link. Could be Africa? Facebook et al have got their eyes on these virtual currencies, which kind of worries me. I know Apple wants to be a bank, but can you imagine Facebook? Virtual currency is money people text to each other. You can buy your fruit and veg down the market and pay the seller via SMS. It’s amazing! 🙂
      Sorry, kind of rambled there. 🙂

    • Christina says:

      Interesting, I’ve just written a really quick piece on Uranus in Taurus wondering the same thing — even return to some kind of gold standard, like Mike has pointed out above, an oil-gold thing.