Astrology of Now: Reset

Tuesday May 22nd 2018

Thought for this week.

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  1. AstroAng says:

    It’s also squaring my Natal Uranus at Zero Leo… getting the house ready for sale and a preparing for a big trip alone. An internal revolution has started.

    • AstroAng says:

      It also opposes my Neptune in Scorpio at zero as it will do for a whole generation. We’ll see more silver divorces but the settlement will test the couples. Maybe a shake up for no-fault divorce.

    • Christina says:

      You’re working with the planets there.

  2. Vesta says:

    I’m getting surprises already as uranus readies to oppose my sun for the next few years! (3 Scorpio).
    I’m usually the wise one, dunno why. I’m going to wish to find a wise other. Why is everything on me? Done my bit, someone else can have a turn.
    Neptune is conjunct my chiron. Time Passages says “there are angels in the woodwork”. I’m going to look that up. Sounds nice! Maybe that’s how I find my wise other?
    I’m finding it easier to tackle those big jobs that have been on my To Do list for the last few years. That’s surprised me! Also surprising is they’re not so bad. Maybe it’s me, because they are quite big jobs. So that’s good. 🙂
    0 Taurus is still my 7th house, near the end. My 8th house begins about 1.5 degrees Taurus. (7th begins with 7 Aries, so it’s not quite the 29th degree of the house, but uranus is near the end right now).
    Thanks for the video, Christina. Enjoyed the podcast too! 🙂

    • Christina says:

      Ha Vesta — I am also doing those jobs that I’ve put off for years — and finding there was nothing to them!

      • Vesta says:

        I discovered a dark side to the surprising To Do jobs. I tried to do one simple thing today, should have taken 2 minutes tops. It’s turned into an absolute nightmare, a rotten phone call and then I ended the call before they said bye. ? The saga of the 2 minute job continues…

        • Vesta says:

          Ah, so I read today that with uranus in Taurus, quick jobs become slower, and what we expect to be slow jobs speed up. haha! Yep! Noticed that. 🙂

  3. Aquarian Moon says:

    English subtitles from my view, huzzah!

    Hopefully tr Pallas will help ignite my natal Chiron, even if it is at the other decan end of my Cancer. Bowie knows my Saturn return and this Uranus are making enough noise anyway.

  4. Rashidat says:

    Hmm…the idea for the ‘Reset couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m stepping away from the SM platforms for a bit to just be Silent and Listen. We’ll see what comes, it’s definitely been a while coming. Thanks, Christina.

  5. mimi says:

    Hi Christina,

    Funny, you’re right.
    Yesterday I received a piece of wisdom : Pallas is currently conjunct my natal Uranus at 1degr.5 Cancer and at the same time Uranus sextiles my natal Uranus right now.

    I read an article on by Anne Whittaker about Chiron’s upcoming stay in Aries and she referred to an article by Liz Greene about the relationship between the Sun and Chiron and finally I’m beginning to really understand my natal Chiron and its position in my chart in Sagitarius. I’m still chewing on this piece of wisdom to fully understand it and will certainly reread it again in the coming days.
    So very enlightening !


  6. Gilly says:

    Make the change – whether you want to or not? I’ve been freelancing for a company for the past 8 years. I love the work, really love it, felt immensely privileged to do it. Then, suddenly, the work dried up and I just found out the company are cutting back severely – lots of people have already gone, and I’m sure my head must be on the block. Uranus at 0 Taurus exactly squares my 2nd house Sun, and trines my 6th house Mars – and you know what? I went back and checked transits for when I started this job in July 2010, and Uranus was at 0 Aries, squaring my Mars and trining my Moon. I’m staggered by the timing. I’m trying to be sanguine and accept it as something that has just run its course and maybe it is time to accept that and move on, depressing though it is. I just hope, if this door is closing, another is about to open.
    Incidentally, I notice Pholus is currently at 0 Capricorn. I don’t really ‘do’ asteroids, but when I looked into it it seemed apt, for my own situation, and life in general, as it’s described as acting as a trigger the small start of a major event, a turning point, the catalyst that triggers a lot of events.
    Living in hope (as always). 🙂

    • 44 and counting says:

      For what it’s worth I did contract work while Uranus went through Aquarius. I loved it for lots of reasons and would loved to have stayed doing it. But within a couple of months of Uranus getting into Pisces, the contracts were gone. Fortunately my then-boss offered me a permanent job so I took that. When I look back, I was incredibly lucky as my domestic circumstances were changing with a relationship break up so it gave me some stability to attend to that.

      Just waiting to see what Uranus in Taurus brings for me now. Nothing is obviously jumping out as needing to be attended to, and I’m not feeling inspired to take on a new project. I’m sure something will show up – it always does.

    • Gilly says:

      Oops – 2nd house MOON (not Sun). I apologise. I’m pre-coffee.