That Royal Wedding

Wednesday May 23rd 2018
The official photo of the happy couple shot by their friend  Alexi Lubomirski

The official photo of the happy couple shot by their friend Alexi Lubomirski

The bride, a Leo, was radiant. The groom, a Virgo, appropriately hot and a bit bothered. The crowd was many and varied. Some of the guests looked like they’d walked off the set of Brazil, in rictus for the TV cameras. There was, it appeared, a genuine cadaver at the wedding, and an actual silver witch. The address from Bishop Michael Curry was so good, it might even have impinged a little on the consciousnesses of a few.

It was a right Royal wedding. It was showbiz as usual.

Note the planets of youth and change (Mercury and Uranus) near the MC (Markle’s adding sparkle to the Royal brand), Venus (love) and the Moon in the 11th house of community — and Jupiter on the IC (a very powerful family).

The wedding celebration began at noon, but vows were exchanged at around 12.40. So the Ascendant moved from regal, glamorous Leo into Virgo — from Meghan to Harry. The Moon at 22° Cancer moved across Meghan Markle’s Cancer Ascendant during the ceremony. The Sun was exactly on the Prince’s North Node, lighting up the path of his destiny.

It’s a well-chosen moment — for the most part — especially when you look at the composite chart, that is the chart of the two of them joined together. This chart is the real key to their powerful potential as a couple. You can see their joint fame and popularity in that incredible composite Moon right on the Midheaven. That Moon is in sensitive, caring Cancer, the sign of families. On the wedding day, it was perfectly sextile to the Sun and transited by the Moon. Note also the triple conjunction of Venus, Mars and Juno — love, sex and marriage — across Libra Virgo in the composite chart. That conjunction receives an exact quincunx from transiting Uranus in Taurus (right on the Queen’s Sun). This marriage may turn some things upside down.

As for that punchy Saturn-Pluto conjunction on the Ascendant in Libra — that says one thing: power couple.

But back to the chart of the day. You can’t help seeing some glaring flaws. Venus at 29°55 Gemini could mean an ending, or that the marriage fizzles out before it begins. But I prefer to interpret that as an end to the being fancy free. Venus at this degree will have all the Gemini charms distilled  — story-telling, laughter, fairytale endings. Venus moved into Cancer at 1.20pm, where at 0° she would have sailed through the composite North Node — maybe that was the harnessing of the power of love that the Bish spoke about so movingly.

The other problem is the Pluto-Lilith opposition to the Moon, or even just the Pluto Lilith conjunction, which is, in itself, a powerful combination. There may be some issues here of the “Sleeping Beauty” variety — who was not invited to the wedding? Was it the evil fairy? And who will be invited to the christening? Of course, Prince Philip did actually look like he’d struggled up from his deathbed to get there, so that could have been the Pluto. There are some issues around Lilith and the Moon — babies or no babies perhaps — also in the composite chart. It will be interesting to watch how that works out.

Harry still doesn’t look like he knows what’s hit him — judging by that composite chart, Meghan’s going to take him by the hand and make him even more famous. Let’s hope they still have the Bishop’s words ringing in their ears. I think they do, because look at that composite Venus, a powerhouse of love at 0°. (Highly political, of course….)

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  1. mimi says:

    One can only dream of having such a beautiful wedding !
    I really loved her dress – so simple and chic !
    Hope they have a beautiful life together.


  2. 44 and counting says:

    We were all wondering what the surprise would be with that Mars in Aqua / Uranus in Taurus and we weren’t disappointed, were we?

    Meghan opting to go for a simple dress, walking herself up the aisle and then the Most Reverend Michael Curry preaching exuberantly about love for almost 15 minutes followed by a gospel choir with a rendition of a 60s record!

  3. Aquarian Moon says:

    Considering the past week or so, its nice to hear about happy news. Will the new bride lead Harry to new or more charitable humanitarian activities amidst all that possible baby making? Nothing says a Leo-Virgo hot date like well publicized volunteerism in service to others.

  4. Vesta says:

    I really enjoyed their wedding. 🙂 I loved all of it, and I especially loved the Bishop, he was brilliant! I noticed Meghan was glowing and I wondered if she might be pregnant already. I also thought their wedding was bigger than Harry’s Mum’s, Princess Diana’s, and that was big as in influential. I think power couple is right. Looking at the nodes in the composite, south node 0 Capricorn, so that means hard work is what they’re used to? And north node 0 Cancer, learning to create space for themselves as a family is something they need to learn? I should imagine privacy would be something they’ll cherish if they’re in the public eye so much, which I don’t doubt they will be. 🙂 There’s something magnetic about them now, as a couple. I find myself stopping what I’m doing and just gazing when they’re on the news. They’re just lovely to look at. That’s me charmed. 🙂 What I like about them especially is how much they love each other. I’ve never seen love radiate out like that before, like sunshine. I wonder if Lilith is Meghan’s sister? She’s been in the papers being unpleasant at every opportunity. Not that I’ve looked closely, just noticed some headlines.
    I liked Princess Diana, who had sun in Cancer, and I like Meghan. Her Libra stellium conjuncts my AC. That must be why I find her so charming? Her Leo sun falls in my 10th house. Easy. Goals! haha

  5. P. McArdle says:

    She should’ve waited for her father to recover. But we all know about Leo’s, its always about them.

    • 44 and counting says:

      Have you really thought that through?

      Leo woman demands her wedding date is changed so that her father can be there. Demands that church rebooks for following weekend, policing is changed for following weekend, all guests are notified that they’ll need to change their travel plans and hotel bookings, TV companies/presenters/camera/sound people must all change their plans. All commemoratives books, stamps, plates, t-shirts, hats with wrong date are binned and replaced by new merchandise with the replacement date.

      Now *that* would be all about her.

      • Vesta says:

        Well said. I was going to say something too, but then I wondered if they were just trolling. Either that or extraordinarily selfish.

  6. Gilly says:

    I’m quite excited for what this couple might bring to the royal family and the country. That composite chart is astonishing – I never heard of a composite chart before, now I need to go and find out more (thank you!)