Bankrolled by Moscow? Arron Banks Natal Chart

Monday June 11th 2018

The smug and squishy features of one Arron Banks, the millionaire who bankrolled the campaign to leave the EU last year, are all over the British newspapers today. Why? Because he’s been shown to be a world class liar. He said he’d met some Russians a few times but it turns out he was deep in a Russian bear hug.

The implication is that he could possibly have been the conduit for Russian funds into the Leave campaign, which tipped the balance of last year’s referendum. Whether he’s a traitor remains to be proved by the police, but he’s certainly got a problem with the truth.

So his chart is pretty interesting — no birth time.

There are three particular features of this chart that are fascinating.

• He’s born exactly on the New Moon in Aries with the Moon applying to Mars. No wonder he wants to blow things up. And that’s a New Moon in the second degree of the entire Zodiac

• His Mercury (speech, ideas, thought) is in fall and detriment and retrograde in the very last degree of the Zodiac.

• He has Saturn in Pisces, which gives a person a tendency to recognise no authority and no boundaries, and it squares Jupiter in Gemini… and opposes Pluto-Uranus… Somehow the rules don’t apply to Monsieur Banks.

What do you think?

No birth time, so this is a sunrise chart.



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  1. Vesta says:

    My Saturn in Pisces didn’t do that for me. Either that or life didn’t allow me. I grew up a doormat, giving others authority over me. But maybe it’s different for men? That’s an interesting thought.
    In Chinese astrology, 1966 was considered a dangerous year, it was the year of the fire horse. Traditionally, people avoided having children that year. Or so I read somewhere. I have noticed and learnt to be wary of people born in 1966, including relatives and family members, there is something dangerous about them in that it’s wise not to cross them, no matter how sweet they appear to be. The recent uranus/pluto squares broke a lot of these bonds for me, and it’s another reason I’m not rushing to get them back, I’m tired of walking on eggshells, I like the peace of mind I have now.
    Saturn in pisces in the 5th has also been grounding for me, and it’s part of my grand water trine, so I’m not losing out on its benefits entirely, even if it does oppose uranus/pluto conjunct in my 12th house. So mine’s the opposite of his chart, almost, I was born a different year. His are conjunct in the 6th, service. Anytime he sets out to help, everyone better watch out. What’s that saying about ‘beware of people bearing gifts’, something, how does it go? I wouldn’t accept ‘help’ from him, it would be the opposite, like when Tories ‘help’ people and make them destitute or kill them instead.
    He has a lot going on in his 12th house, which we were just looking at recently with your 12 house people article. His identity is out of his reach, is that right? I can’t really access my uranus/pluto conjunct, but I have stamina and I keep going, so it must be like a back up generator for me. If he can’t access his identity, and doesn’t recognise authority, then he must have invented something that passes for identity, and if it’s try-hard, it will be over the top, plus patriarchy, so that’s arrogance. It’s Trump-like. Over-inflated sense of self. I can see how rules don’t apply, he doesn’t know what rules are, he’s a man-baby.
    His chart angles are cardinal like mine, but opposite again. So the recent uranus/pluto squares would have hit him too. They weren’t necessarily bad, I know people who had great strokes of luck and changes of fortune for the better during those years, they did very well, from new jobs, relationships, to children, etc. They gained. Arron Banks might have assumed he was doing great. But he’s dishonest. I do believe in karma, but I wonder where it is with regards to the Tories and Trump, so I don’t know. Maybe it’s a bit of karma now for Arron Banks. Or maybe it’s just a slap on the wrist and he’ll get away with it. There’s so much being revealed right now, but we’re a bit low on justice, divine or otherwise, I feel.

    • Iris Horsey says:

      I was thinking that as we don’t know Arron’s exact birth date we don’t know his Ascendant or Mon position.

      • Christina says:

        Nor houses, but the Moon is New on that day regardless, since the Moon doesn’t move faster than, what, around 12° a day. And it’s a day when the New Moon was at 1° Aries at sunrise, which is quite important in itself. He’s a starter, a lighter of fuses, someone who pours fuel on fires…

        It’s possible the Moon was in Pisces, which would tell us a slightly different story — more lost boy than found.

    • Christina says:

      Just to point out this is a sunrise chart, so you mustn’t pay too much attention to the houses and angles —

    • Vesta says:

      This thread goes here. Malignant narcissism. It’s about Trump, but I think it very much applies to Arron Banks too. I’d be surprised if it didn’t.

      • Vesta says:

        Just saw your question in Twitter, “Did Arron Banks take money from the Russians? Can you tell from his chart?”
        8th house, other people’s money. Neptune! haha no boundaries! Loads a money!! In other words, yes, a whole ton of it. Probably more than we’ll ever know. His neptune is conjunct his south node, he knew how to do this, couldn’t have been easier, probably did it standing on one leg with both hands tied behind his back and blindfolded. Easy peasy. So yes. ?

      • Christina says:

        Nice one. That Aries stellium might describe such a person.

  2. 44 and counting says:

    I’ve met quite a few people born during that mid-60s period when Uranus-Pluto were conjunct in Virgo opposing Saturn-Chiron in Pisces.

    They’re a troubled bunch.

    Very nice people but a troubled bunch.

    Saturn restricts the Pisces ability to go with the flow. The Virgo side therefore dominates believing that if they can just put the correct, most efficient system in place everything will be alright. Any time chaos begins to rear its head, Virgo dives in and try to fix it rather than letting something new and better evolve from it.

    It doesn’t help that Neptune was in Scorpio during this period and plays into that opposition. A lot of projecting their illusions. They project all their inner turmoil onto the world around them and try to fix it.

    • Vesta says:

      @44 and counting, troubled is a good word. I’d agree. Even those who took the high road, eg people like JK Rowling, born the year before in 1965, experienced instability, shall we say.
      Interesting what you say about chaos. I’m at home with it. In fact, it describes my home. 🙂 I know where everything is, I’ve never needed to be a control freak about it. I’m tidy-ish, but chaos is where creativity is, it’s where daydreams are, (my neptune probably!), to me, a little disorder is comforting. I can’t stand super tidy show homes. Cushions on their points, pristine, etc. Hate it. 🙂 I’ll take a country garden with random flowers all over the place than a super tidy one clipped with scissors. Could be my Sag stellium, loving what’s messy and untidy.
      I do find it easy to find order in chaos though, and I don’t freak out in a crisis, I stay calm. I find it easy to see paths, a way forward, that sort of thing. I think maybe being able to do this also depends on what you want to achieve, are you looking for a win/win where everyone gains, or are you seeking to win yourself no matter what? I used to want to help others, to fix them, to be there, but I was making myself a doormat, sacrificing myself for others. Stopped that now but, old habits, still do it a little.
      I was nervous when Cameron was PM, I didn’t trust him an inch.
      I don’t know if I project my inner turmoil out, I probably do! but I haven’t been aware of it. My uranus/pluto are in my 12th house, so they’re hidden from me, ruining my sleep and keeping me confined.
      My jupiter is in Cancer, like Jimmy Wales. I like him, he’s nice. 🙂

      • 44 and counting says:

        Simple test to know whether you’re projecting your inner turmoil out onto the world …

        If you’ve find yourself feeling bothered by the state of the world, you’re projecting something 😉

    • Christina says:

      Ex-PM David Cameron was another one with this configuration, I believe.

      • 44 and counting says:

        Yep, Cameron is Oct 1966 with Nick Clegg following close behind in Jan 67.

        Just like Bashar Al-Assad who you mention lower down, when you look at them in the light of having been in power during the serious of Uranus-Pluto square and now having disappeared you really seen the astrology in action.

  3. 44 and counting says:

    Noting also that tomorrow’s Gemini new moon falls at 22deg45 – within half a degree of his jupiter.

    I’d never heard of him until I read this post.

    • Christina says:

      Nasty man. But after reading your comment I did a quick look around 1966 births. What an interesting bunch!
      I got excited when I saw that Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia founder, was born in 66 but then noted that Jupiter had moved on from Gemini and into Cancer, and Saturn had moved to the end of Pisces, so a different configuration really. Still a great example of how that Pluto-Uranus in Virgo can work for the good.

  4. mimi says:

    North Node on Algol. For sure ?????
    Am curious how this is going to work out.


  5. Aquarian Moon says:

    Nevermind his North Node being on top of Algol, fascinating as that is.

    What are we to make of a *retrograde* Nodal axis?

    I also find myself curious as to his Eris and BLM placements.

    • 44 and counting says:

      Retrograde nodal axis is very common. In general the nodes wobble backwards through the signs taking about 19 years to do the complete cycle. This year the NorthNode is moving from Leo to Cancer.

      They switch back&forth between direct and retro fairly frequently depending on time of year. This month they’re direct twice for three days but come August it’s more like a weekly change but by October they’re only direct from 2nd-4th and stay retro for 5+ weeks until Nov 14th.

  6. mimi says:

    This is the generation Pluto in Virgo, which has now come to full power, being around 50 years of age and this chaos and ongoing change is going to stay with us until the generation Pluto in Libra will come into power when they will reach the age of around 50 (the years 2024/2026).

    Uranus makes us aware something has to change, Neptune dissolves the form of society and then Pluto comes along and changes the whole thing. That is the way it works.

    I am so curious what will happen when Pluto will transit the sign of Pisces and is going to oppose his position in Virgo from the 60’s . I’m afraid I won’t be around to live through that time (too old I think – I would have reach the age of over 100 years) but it will certainly be interesting to watch.


    • 44 and counting says:

      As it stands the Pluto in Leo generation have jumped back in. May, Corbyn, Trump, Merkel even Turnbull in Australia.

      And the Pluto in Libra generation (Macron, Trudeau, Jacinda Ardern) are getting in there early.

      in fact we even have some of the Pluto in Scorpio generation getting in there. Austria elected Sebastian Kurz (1986) and there is debate over whether Kim Jong-Un is born 83 or 84 !

      The Pluto in Virgo generation may well end up being bypassed to all intents and purposes.

      • aqua says:

        Well they have already left an indelible mark.
        If they are not as apparent after Obama I would argue that the swing to Facism doesnot suit their philosophical DNA like a Pluto in Leo or Scorpio would, or Libra given its tendency to social climbing. Virgo is very much aligned with socialism and the welfare state.
        Of course this is all very speculative at the moment but I would argue that you will find many leaders in technology, environment education and health.
        And at this point, with the extraordinary incompetence and vanity of most governments at the moment, I would further suggest most of the real work is being done behind the scenes.

        • Vesta says:

          I recognise both points, @Iris, @aqua. The bypassing thing is something I’ve heard a lot in connection with Generation X, that Boomers got all the attention and everything, and now Millennials are, with poor old Gen X barely getting a look-in. Although, yes, some have stepped into the limelight and been brilliant.
          Interesting thought about real work being done behind the scenes.

        • Christina says:

          Very hard to shift the Pluto in Leo generation.

          • Vesta says:

            Yes, I had Obama in mind as one of the brilliant ones, although he’s so intelligent, he’s a rarity. Not perfect as president, I know, but I admire him a lot.
            Generations as identified by the advertising and marketing industry don’t dovetail perfectly with pluto in the signs, but there’s something in it. An astrologer wrote an article on it once, a few years back, can’t remember who it was now. It stuck in my mind as interesting.

      • Iris says:

        Interesting interpretation of the Sat/Ju/Plu/Ur configuration Christina, I can see it although I hadn’t thought of it playing out that way before.
        I feel as though being bypassed is our metier. My sense of the Plu/Ur Sat (plus Chiron & BMLilith) opposition is a difficulty in having faith in something; finding the one position that holds. The base is fluid, it keeps moving. It’s as if we were born between.
        You could call that projection, or maybe it’s a sense of being of the fabric. Not determining what the fabric is; impossible in some way. It’s too mutable. Just – of it. That’s another version of there being no boundaries or rules.

    • Christina says:

      Yes — and connects to this time now. Just as this time is connected to the mid-1960s, the seed time for now.

  7. aqua says:

    ‘His Mercury (speech, ideas, thought) is in fall and detriment and retrograde in the very last degree of the Zodiac.’ Yes and square that Jupiter in Gemini.
    Lies are his language.

    ‘He has Saturn in Pisces, which gives a person a tendency to recognise no authority and no boundaries,’
    Thats an interesting take, I would like to hear more about that. Ive tended to assume a limitation on empathy /sensitivity ie too many boundaries to understanding. I have a relative born in that year whom I suspect of financial impropriety with others resources. His Saturn in Pisces is in the seventh. Perhaps this is whats going on there.

    • Vesta says:

      I’d like to hear more on this about Saturn in Pisces too, as I have it. I think it depends on the chart and maybe this is how it’s showing up in his. In mine, it’s grounding me, as there’s no earth apart from my u/plu in Virgo, and a ton of sensitivity with neptune/sun-moon midpoint conjunct, and my grand water trine. I’m an empath, my boundaries erased or eroded, it’s something I have had to learn and recent u/plu squares forced me to find out about. You can be too nice. I had no idea.
      I know someone born in 1966 who I have also suspected of financial impropriety with others resources. He’s always had issues with authority. I’m not sure if I do, I’m sun scorpio, I tend to take the lead, but I thought that was because I’m the eldest in my family and it’s all I know! 🙂

  8. Roman says:

    Pluto conjunct Uranus in Virgo generation that’s when day to day tasks were transformed in the 60’s the general population had access to tv’s fridges washing machines. The Virgo daily routines transformed by the Pluto Uranus energies.I remember the TV series bewitched a housewife( a witch) clicks her fingers & day to day tasks are done in an instant. Pluto in Virgo is the time genetic modification of wheat was introduced to the populations without controls kick starting obesity in masses as the modified wheat would raise blood sugar levels.So the European Union was forming around this time where the elite (Uranus Pluto) would seek to control the populations in a subversive way.Arrons Neptune in Scorpio on south node is sensitive to the baggage of communism in the European Union that needs transformation

    • aqua says:

      ‘Pluto conjunct Uranus in Virgo generation that’s when day to day tasks were transformed in the 60’s the general population had access to tv’s fridges washing machines. The Virgo daily routines transformed by the Pluto Uranus energies.’
      Exceptionally good point.
      Unfortunately when time savers became mass marketed they became disposable or increasingly toxic, so all those cleaning aids then directly impacted on the health and ‘cleanliness’ of the planent.

      And ironically, that excessively
      ‘clean’ house destroys our immune systems [Pisces] while poisoning the planet and water [Neptune Pisces].
      Any signs principle when not balanced by the opposite sign, becomes deadly in some way.
      I never forgot my Astrology lecturer wise words, there are really only 6 signs, the opposite sign being the dark side when a signs principles are taken to excess.

  9. Roman says:

    Thanks Aqua
    Note that the Uranus/ Pluto conjunction occurred at 17 degrees of Virgo in the mid 60’s at the time a Swedish company registered a patent in the USA for the humble plastic bag.
    The plastic bag made from petrochemicals recovered from underground (Plutonic) & transformed by a unique original idea(Uranus) to benefit our day to day lives (in Virgo).
    So when Neptune got to 17 degrees of Pisces exactly opposite this point we get Attenborough via the medium of TV showing the Plutonic sting
    Plastic in the oceans getting via fishes into humans