Excavating the Deep Past

Thursday June 28th 2018

I think I forgot to post this video — which is extremely relevant now and in July also.

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  1. roman says:

    Hi Christina
    Is that Cornwall? I just got back from there yesterday ,Synchronicity
    Cornwall is a powerful place The Goddess is very strong in Cornwall maybe because it’s so natural.Funny I have more connection to the Goddess as a man than most women.True she brought my soul mate wife into my life.
    Yes Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio.I am waiting for it to station at square Uranus in the twelve house. As mercury is become visible, I will begin the ancient Babylonian astrology course with Rumen Kolev.I feel I am ready for it now.
    He has recently discovered ancient text in Egypt of manuscripts attributed to Hermes the thrice great which is relevant to what you say about ancient discoveries.

  2. Michael says:

    I was born in Cornwall, and even though we moved back to the smoke when I was still small, we used to go back for summer holidays every year, and I always had a feeling that I was returning to some secret, even holy place that never failed to imbue me with a sense of calm and deep joy. I still feel that, every time I go back, it’s a place that is permanently at the edge of my consciousness, calling me back to periodically recharge.
    That aside, I imagine that the Jupiter-Pluto square will be nicely (or not so nicely) triggered by the new moon eclipse on 13th July, which will no doubt bring all manner of secrets and shit to the surface – the perfect day for the Queen of England to give an audience to the Prince of Darkness. I wonder if she’ll feign illness to avoid the meeting.

    • Isy says:

      I can’t see her avoiding the meeting. I can definitely see her finding some neatly-phrased, ineluctible way to blow the doors off what’s left of his brain. Do him a world of good.

      • Isy says:

        Especially as she’s one of the few who *does* have a family business of ruling a country, which is what he aspires to. How I’d love to be a fly on that wall!

    • Christina says:

      Oh yes — eclipse exactly opposite Pluto on July 13 plus Grand Water Trine.

  3. Les says:

    This reminds me of an archaeological site I was at in Abasolo Mexico in 2005 that had just started to be uncovered, only one of the seven Otomi pyramids had been fully excavated and one partial. At that time, few people knew about it and there was no one else there but we three visitors and a guide we found hanging around (we were visiting locals that my friend knew). I just went back to look at my old blog from my trip, so a little excavating of my old life!

    My progressed Moon just entered Scorpio – not so bad as it’s conjoining my natal Jupiter there and headed for my Neptune at 2 Scorpio and IC at 7 Scorpio. Yes, transiting Jupiter has been hanging up happily enough in my 4th (squaring Leo Asc/Moon and trine Virgo Sun).

    Sorry if this is posted twice – it seemed to disappear so re-commenting.

  4. Severne says:

    Relevant it is! You did post it somewhere. I saw it before. FB maybe?