Imagination and Curiosity

Monday June 11th 2018
The Travelling Companions, Leopold Augustus Egg, 1862

The Travelling Companions, Leopold Augustus Egg, 1862

Was there ever a more Gemini image than this one. Twins reading on a moving train?

This painting was made during the last tour by Neptune, the planet of the imagination, through Pisces, his own sign. Neptune is, of course, currently in Pisces also, and there are some obvious parallels between that time and this, which we can see depicted here.

Have you been on public transport recently? These days, people peer into phones not books so much; they watch whole movies, or music videos, or TED talks. They dive deep into other worlds, through the medium of a tiny thing held in the hand.

This is just what happened for those Victorians, who found that they could lose themselves between the pages of a book — and travel at the same time. This was wonderful.

But are those two young ladies missing the wonderful landscape outside?

This week as the Gemini Sun moves out of a square to Neptune in Pisces, we might want to ask ourselves how we balance imagination and reality. Have we lost our curiosity about the real world by spending so much time in our heads? Too much Netflix and not enough swimming?



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  1. Vesta says:

    My north node is in Gemini. When I’m on a bus or a train, I can read and look out of the window at the same time. I don’t like to miss anything! I suppose that’s my uranus/pluto conjunct in 12th again, always restless, always alert. My neptune is in scorpio, water sign, and it’s very sensitive with the same degree being my sun-moon midpoint, so it’s probably quite pisces, I always see Pisceans as extraordinarily sensitive, even more so than Cancerians, and they’re incredible too.
    I don’t know about imagination and reality, but lately, I have been feeling like I want to leave trauma behind, and its accompanying need to isolate myself, and just go out and enjoy the summer, even if I can’t expect a fully formed social life to magically appear. I thought about joining groups or something, but if I’m not ready, maybe I shouldn’t push it. Maybe it’s enough to shift the balance a little for now.
    So maybe that’s how this aspect is playing out for people like me who were badly hit by the recent uranus/pluto squares? We survived, many didn’t. We’d like to thrive, but before we do that, we have to metaphorically learn to walk again first.

  2. mimi says:

    Christina, the way I see it one is reading, the other sleeping.
    Neptune also !!