Lying in Grass

Saturday July 7th 2018
Young Man Lying Next To A Birth Tree, Paula Modersohn-Becker

Young Man Lying Next To A Birch Tree, Paula Modersohn-Becker

Lying in Grass

Is this everything now, the quick delusions of flowers,
And the down colors of the bright summer meadow,
The soft blue spread of heaven, the bees’ song,
Is this everything only a god’s
Groaning dream,
The cry of unconscious powers for deliverance?
The distant line of the mountain,
That beautifully and courageously rests in the blue,
Is this too only a convulsion,
Only the wild strain of fermenting nature,
Only grief, only agony, only meaningless fumbling,
Never resting, never a blessed movement?
No! Leave me alone, you impure dream
Of the world in suffering!
The dance of tiny insects cradles you in an evening radiance,
The bird’s cry cradles you,
A breath of wind cools my forehead
With consolation.
Leave me alone, you unendurably old human grief!
Let it all be pain.
Let it all be suffering, let it be wretched-
But not this one sweet hour in the summer,
And not the fragrance of the red clover,
And not the deep tender pleasure
In my soul.

Hermann Hesse (Sun, Venus in Cancer, Moon in Pisces, Mercury in Gemini) translated (beautifully) by James Wright, whose Sun exactly conjuncts Hesse’s Ascendant

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  1. roman says:

    My Prayers for the young boys trapped in Thailand in the dark flooded caves.Retro mars conjunct south node with retro Saturn in Capricorn the midpoint of the these points falling on retro Pluto in Capricorn with lilith sneaking in to exact her vengeance on Adams children

    • aqua says:

      Fret not, these are children of the Rice Goddess not Adam, so Lillith is firmly on their side.
      Its Patriarchal misogyny she cant abide.