Astrology of Now: Full Moon First Baby

Tuesday September 25th 2018
From the left Neve Te Aroha, Clay Gayfor and Jacinda Ardern at the UN.

From the left Neve Te Aroha, Clay Gayford and Jacinda Ardern at the UN.

How sweet that this round-faced baby should be our Full Moon messenger.

This Full Moon is, of course, in Aries, the sign we associate with firsts and infancy. Neve Te Aroha, born at the summer solstice to New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, is the first baby to have blessed the UN General Assembly, while her mother gave a speech on peace. This picture was taken yesterday, just as the Moon was leaving Pisces and moving into the sign of the Ram.

Neve was born with the Moon in Libra, so this Full Moon is opposite to her own, while the mighty Sun is in Libra.

But there’s more. Ceres, the planet of motherhood, is also in Libra conjoining the Sun, and Mercury, the planet of speech. So Neve’s there looking at her Mum making a speech. And what is more, solid, traditionalist Saturn makes a perfect square to the Full Moon. Tradition is changed in a moment.

Note also that very Aquarian Daddy (Mars in Aquarius supporting the Libra planets), just about to conjoin the South Node. He is just as important in this as his partner and child – a man comfortable enough in his masculinity to stand up and take care of the baby.

Chiron seems to be doing a good job of healing here, too — or is he acting the maverick?

I can’t help thinking of Mary, Jesus and Joseph…

What is a baby? Hope for the future, a new life, made with love…

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  1. Christina says:

    Oh I’ve just seen that you could translate her name as Radiant Love.

  2. Neve was born at our Winter Solstice…people born in Aotearoa are Downunder. We have just experienced the Spring Equinox in Libra. Astrology really needs to start thinking global and not be so Northern-centric

  3. AquarianMoon says:

    I espy a 2 Capricorn Vesta also at work! Dedication to the cause!

    Also, what could be *more* fatherly than holding the baby while Mommy is busy?

  4. mimi says:

    Lovely picture, let’s hope the audience paid attention to her mother’s speech on peace while gazing at this lovely baby.

    Maybe it made an impression how important peace is and I mean all over the world !


  5. Severne says:

    Love it!
    I know a beautiful family where dad stayed home raising their boys (Aqua Sun and Venus). Mom is Pisces with Aqua Venus and mercury. I’m sure there’s libra somewhere.