Neptunian Thought Waves + Cat

Tuesday November 27th 2018

Neptune turns direct on November 25 at 13°-14° Pisces.

The watery giant will turn retrograde at 18°-19° Pisces on June 21, 2019.

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  1. Vesta says:

    Also music. I don’t think there have ever been so many bands and artists releasing so much music all at once. We don’t buy hard copies so much now, we stream from the ether (is that neptune?). I was also thinking fashion. There used to be distinct seasons and trends, now that’s all dissolved and designers are constantly creating all the time, and trends barely get to be reported before they’re superseded. Fashion advice now is there are no rules.
    I’m not sure I’ve liked neptune going through pisces, it helped uranus/pluto dissolve everything they broke up. It stationed on my saturn in pisces, which was awful because at the same time, transiting saturn stationed on my moon. It’s been tough!
    I have chiron and ceres at 18 and 19 pisces, been worrying about that, and 19 scorpio is my neptune/sun-moon midpoint. Double neptune! What does that mean? Trine must be ok?
    These degrees are important in my chart. My venus is 19 Sag. Transiting neptune will oppose my uranus/pluto and square venus/mars. My t-square will be neptuned. I wonder what I’m supposed to do with all this energy? I am grateful I’m learning and growing, but wonder what it’s for?

  2. Pamela says:

    I’m sharing this as its uncanny how astrology works, Neptune is apposing my Mars at 13 Virgo at the moment and I’ve been dealing with a serious health issue these last few months.

  3. Severne says:

    I could listen to you talking about Neptune all day long. All the sag planets right now are approaching my sag Neptune in the 3rd and approaching square to tr Neptune in my 6th. This morning for the first time (in my school district, at least) we had a Mindfulness mini class for a group of foreign students and it was wonderful. Languages/foreigners/ mindfulness combined.

  4. Doug says:

    Neptune is the most spiritual planet.It only works on the earth plane if it’s used in a sincere , honorable way.Edgar Cayce understood this and when he slipped and tried to use his spiritual powers for material gain , that’s when he ran into trouble.Follow the straight and narrow with anything Neptune and u won’t go wrong .If you have any hidden motive to meet a selfish end it will unravel and spiral u down the path of self undoing.( one of the negative traits on Neptune is deception).If your doing magic tricks for entertainment that’s ok or beautiful music , but Neptune and , Pisces , and the 12th house has to do specifically with selflessness not selfishness ! ( Comprende ? )