December Podcast

Thursday December 20th 2018

In this astrology podcast, we start at the beautiful Full Moon on the Solstice, trip lightly over an eclipse, and come to a stop just before the next one. Sally and I wend our way through the month’s astrology — and how it could work for each of the Sun signs.

Merry Christmas to all!

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  1. 44 and counting says:

    Michelle Obama’s north node is in Cancer so perhaps it should be no surprise that she had to give up her career and become a supportive First Lady.

    I’d say when Cap is expressed immaturely, they’re looking to be in control to cover up their insecurities and have their ego’s boosted by the validation of others. It’s all about their frailties and getting approval from others.

    The move away from this shadow side comes when they’re able to realise that they need to use their talents for the benefit of everybody rather than their own. They need to become the leader who gets the best out of everybody and that their role is one of stewardship of a project or organisation.

    A great example is Sir Alex Ferguson (31Dec1941) who turned Man Utd into the best team in England for two decades and in the process he is now revered as probably the best manager ever. It’s an accolade he’s earned by leadership, not by kicking a ball and since he left the club has regressed to being an also-ran.

    But ultimately Caps have to get rid of their earthy programming and go beyond the fear that often keeps them trapped in the materialistic trappings of success. They have to take lessons from Cancer in looking inwards to discover what matters to them and then trust themselves to be able to deliver it.

  2. Denise says:

    Very interesting post – thank you. Lots going on with a number of governments at the moment – will see how it plays out come January. That eclipse will be in a sensitive spot personally as well – think I’ll take your advice and sleep a lot during the rest of December!

  3. Severne says:

    All that Cap action is in my 4th house right now, so barely any energy to look outside of close family and friends. Will actually spend Christmas eve at a cappy friend’s place with small group.
    Jupiter square Neptune is going to be interesting personally, I have that square with the signs switched, Neptune in Sag and Jupiter in Pisces in mutual reception, ruling sun, IC and Desc. Maybe I will finally figure out a thing or two!

    Feliz Navidad and Happy Holidays!