Astrology of Now: Do It

Wednesday February 13th 2019
Tom Cruise in a Mission Impossible

Tom Cruise in a Mission Impossible

Just do it. Just keep running. The finish line is in sight (or at least a pitstop).

Mars, the planet of fire, set a fuse at the start of January that’s been fizzing and popping all the way to this week. Today and yesterday, Mars finally made a conjunction with the planet of surprises, Uranus in Aries, the sign of beginnings in the very final degree. Wherever this falls in your chart — and depending on aspects — you may have a wake up, or some of you may have set off an explosion.

Mars moves into Taurus on Valentine’s Day (tomorrow) where he’ll stay for six weeks. But this feeling of setting something off continues as he zooms through early Taurus.

Now is a great moment to set something in motion and then see what happens… understanding that it’s no longer under your control and things have to take their own course.

It’s also a chance for setting off something big in one corner of your life, since Aries is the sign of starting. Uranus is going to move into Taurus for a seven-year stay, bringing a huge whoosh of practical energy. That transfer of energy happens on March 6.

Do something now.



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  1. Doug says:

    That’s my motto : ” run and live to run another day… “( hehe ) Mars will be trining and grand trining my earth planets in the next month , and Uranus for several years.Right now they are still both in my 12th house approaching my asc. ( Taurus ) They are trining my 9th house mars Capricorn now.My Capricorn node ,and Sun will be involved with this soon .I always look at the Sun first.So far it looks good. ( with sun glasses of course. ) Have a good day Christina .I enjoy your posts.

  2. Vesta says:

    7th house. I’ll be glad to have uranus out of there, but it won’t be till 1 or 2 Taurus, the cusp falls between the two. Then it will oppose my sun when it reaches 3 Taurus.
    Nothing to report so far… Pr. mars is 27 Cap, pr. sun is 27 Sag, maybe I’m already past disruption? I set my intention to be more sociable, make new friends after u/plu wiped everyone else out! Time for new beginnings.
    Uranus in Taurus will inconjunct my Sag stellium and oppose my Scorpio stellium.
    Chiron will go into my 7th house eventually.
    Doesn’t seem like disruption is over just yet…

    • Doug says:

      I could imagine Uranus causing a lot of disruption going through the house of partners. Could also mean meeting astrology types of individuals. With ceres and Chiron in your 6th , then Neptune must be transiting that house also.I have had some experience with this type of situation personally.Things will be. ‘ cloudy ‘ with 6th house issues during this period for u.
      Neptune is a spiritual planet , but it also has a negative side as do all the planets ; deception ! There could be an undercurrent conspiracy that u may not be aware of.It will clear up after the transit.If you are aware of it then the details and motives will be more clearer afterwards , my advise : Move on ! , but keep learning the astrology .That’s your mission ! 9th house North node focus on that. ( higher learning. )” at any given moment we are the sum of everything we ever were.We are always progressing , even when we don’t think so.your life is a legacy of evolution and survival and has been successful since its genesis.
      Uranus has just finished a transit to my venus / Neptune / ceres Libra conjunction in opposition.It wasn’t too bad.Now is going to oppose my moon/ Saturn conjunction in Scorpio ! Time to lay low I suppose.Almost seems like a Saturn return maybe , but I find keeping an even keel and self control is the best way to get through those challenging times.Saturn returns : ( don’t like. ) have a good day ! : )

  3. Mia says:

    As Mars moves into Taurus on Valentine’s Day, which also happens to be my birthday, I am hoping it will be mark a turning in my life as I have experienced more than my fair share of trauma. What are the chances Christina?

  4. MLN says:

    I’m hanging on for Mars (and Uranus?) to cross my Midheaven this year…hoping for a career move.

  5. Doug says:

    Sounds really cool MLN .Anything with the 10th house should be very obvious.( maybe even a type of fame there ; Uranus ! ) good luck !

  6. Doug says:

    George Carlin considered to be one of the greatest American comics : Mercury retro. Conjunct Sun in Taures 10th house.Uranus in Taures on his zenith !!

    • MLN says:

      Nice, I have Mercury Rx conjunct Sun too 🙂 Maybe I’ll get a breakthrough with my writing.

      • Doug says:

        Groucho Marx also retro merc.conjunct Sun.Your in good company ; quick witted.Should go well with the slow moving Uranus going over the top of your chart if everything else lines up in a cooperative way in your chart ; especially your Sun. ( I see lots of sparkle. )

  7. Angelena Boden says:

    Glad to see the back of Mars in aries and as for uranus.. I’ve yet to see anything other than its backside. ???? If it’s possible to hate a planet, then that’s top of my list especially over the past week.

  8. Angelena Boden says:

    Glad to see the back of Mars in aries and as for uranus.. I’ve yet to see anything other than its backside. ???? If it’s possible to hate a planet, then that’s top of my list especially over the past week.

  9. Gilly says:

    Six years ago I wrote a novel. Nothing came of it. In January I joined an online pro-writer’s group – something I’d never considered before, bit of a loner – and they immediately saw where the problem was (just 5 paragraphs, they loved the rest, a real confidence boost). I did a simple, easy re-write. The problem is fixed and I’m just (today, the 14th) starting to send it out again, in high hopes tht this time I might have cracked it. I feel more confident about this than I ever have before. I feel like my life is moving forward again for the first time in a long time.

    The conjunction is in my 11th house. It triggers my 0 degree yod (Moon, Mars, Diana).

    • Christina says:

      Yay — and good luck!

      • Gilly says:

        Thank you. 🙂 I was surprised, when I looked, to see the conjunction in my 11th (I’d thought it was my 10th) and how perfectly it fits joining a group and taking their advice and it working out so well. It’s unusual behaviour for me. I’m very much a shut-in-my-room-listening-to-The-Smiths sort of character. I must learn to get out more. 🙂

  10. Christina says:

    Just noting that ISIS seems to be finished (at least in this iteration) — as Uranus leaves Aries.

  11. Doug says:

    I read somewhere one time that there was a war in Austria , and they ran out of potatoes to feed the troops. , so they went home. ( just being sarcastic. ) every cause loses steam with time.People just get tired of it. ( anyway ; war is a chemical thing.Its caused by hormones.With few exceptions .( probably caused by early nurturing trauma. ) you don’t see.too many homicides with children or the aged. ( unless they are the victums.)
    I see Uranus as being androgynous.Its linked to genius , progressive forward. ,futuristic. in an of itself it has no is a catylist to the planets and points it aspects with.It can be unstable and eccentric .Refer to the notorious ‘ unibomers ‘chart.It is linked to Fame and the flip side infamy. ( what goes down comes around. ) Many famous people have it conjunct their suns or n.nodes.
    I’ve done some writing and some poetry that was published.I won an award for 1st or 2nd place in a poetry contest in the national enquirer. They sent me a plaque with the poem on it.I have it on my living room wall. I think in any case 10 house transiting Uranus should bring some public recognition. ( or at least a potential is there. ) I believe transiting Uranus was trining Obama’s Sun during one of his elections.I predicted a W for him.I cant Recall the rest. ( positive public acclaim and popularity. )
    “Valentine’s day happens only one day ; Feb. 14th happens only one day , and hearts melt fast as if to say : ” make the most of it.! tomorrows just another day ” Wouldn’t it be great in we celebrated it every day ? Happy Valentine’s day to everyone out there ! ????????????????????

    • Christina says:

      I like what you say about Uranus — and really Uranus in the 10th should do that. Sometimes it’s also about a marriage made or broken…

  12. Doug says:

    I have Uranus in Cancer in the 4th squaring venus in libra.As you might guess I need a lot of room to move on issues regarding this house
    I have tried matrimony 3 times My 1st 2 wives had their n nodes conjunct my natal Uranus.these were 20 yrs. apart , so you can’t chalk it off to generational coincidence.The 3rd had Jupiter conjunct Uranus natally conjunct my natal Uranus.This one lasted the longest.I’ve taken a stab at the traditional type of family thing , but my interests are varied , and don’t fit in well with that scenario.I don’t fit in well with the : ‘ father ,mother , Dick and Jane , Puff and Spot type of lifestyle.Now that I am retired I can pursue my true passions ; astrology being one of them.I love doing research on it , not to be voyeuristic , but because I love people and I like to help them if I can ; however I can , and continue to document its validity at the same this is one way to dialogue with the universal creative force.I think people can learn from it ,if they can get away from the atavism and think outside of the box a little.I think it can be an aid to make the world a better place.
    No time like the.present with all.the chaos going on in the world for a little ‘ consciousness ‘ raising don’t u think ?
    ” we are all creatures of the universe and we all have a right to be here. ” have a good day !

  13. Vesta says:

    What a crazy week! So many energy shifts, I’ve barely kept up. There’s another one coming, which I am looking forward to you writing about – chiron transit in Aries. From what I gather so far, it sounds not unlike uranus in Aries. ?? but with more pain? I didn’t understand anyway.
    Nothing changed for me personally this week, nothing obvious, maybe deep down, I don’t know. I am looking forward to no more sinus problems once uranus is out of Aries. I’m not sure when they started, but I think it was when uranus went into Aries. I’ve had blocked sinuses, colds and flu more than usual, and nosebleeds, which isn’t normal for me. Headaches, migraines. Oh and mental breakdown. That makes perfect sense, hadn’t thought of that before. I can feel that turning around now. Even though we’re so close to a catastrophic Brexit, I feel optimistic, I can’t shake the feeling it’s not going to happen. Helps to know the EU can forcibly revoke Article 50. Let’s hope, fingers crossed…
    Uranus going into Taurus means the body? In general or the upper torso? So back problems? And it will be my 8th house. I hope it’s not grim!

  14. Doug says:

    I don’t think of any planet or aspect as being bad.
    I don’t believe the universe has any vendetta against an individual.Its our own egos that ‘ muddy the situation ,not to say that it doesn’t present challenges.It depends on what octave of he energy you decide to embrace.This is where free will enters in.” Are you going to make the best of it or choose the worst of it ? Like the three levels of Scorpio: The eagle , the serpent or the scorpion.There’s a base primitive level , and there’s a high minded, advanced level , and anything in between.What do we wish to aspire to.