Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

Friday February 8th 2019

The gap between the rich and the poor — globally, nationally, within regions and cities — has been widening since the 1980s. It’s true that many people across the world have also been lifted out of poverty in that time, but simultaneously in the so-called developed world, wages for middle and low income workers have stagnated.

When Pluto went into Capricorn in 2008, the Lord of Burn and Slash in the sign of Big Government and Big Business, we saw the banking crisis. But Pluto is still in Capricorn and the world economy is still in a state of transformation. The banking crisis has still not been resolved. Pluto is also associated with criminality, corruption and corporate theft.

However, Saturn, the Lord of Rules, Regulation and Boundaries, is coming along through Capricorn. He has not been here since the early 1990s, and Saturn is strong in Capricorn, his own sign. There is a solution to global inequality: taxes. Of course, this requires international co-operation when it comes to corporations, but Saturn is coming, and he may well co-opt the services of Pluto.

Tighter regulations around wealth, and around the mega-corporations that run the internet could be coming — although the latter may not become apparent until the great move into Aquarius in 2020.

Remember that Pluto and Saturn have not met in Capricorn since 1518, during the Early Modern Period, the beginning of capitalism.

Listen to Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director of Oxfam International, and Dutch economist Rutger Bregman on this video from Davos.

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  1. Doug says:

    Also the reformation ! And we see the slash and burn with the Catholic church and the Vatican with all the sex / power scandal ( Pluto ).The opposition to cancer reflected how the corporate banking created the mass housing crisis. ( but the Phoenix always rises from the ashes ! ) I hope .

    • Christina says:

      And you could argue that the Reformation was partially about a redistribution of income — at least in this country — from the Catholic Church into the pockets of the king and his cronies! Although that didn’t come for quite few years, Pluto was still in Cap.

  2. Doug says:

    Yes !! ; of course the church had more absolute power in those days and the corporate world seems to fill that slot now.There is defiantly a lot of soul searching being forced on the church this round.They have a major. ‘ spiritual wound they need to address.. ( no where to run , no where to hide. )

  3. Doug says:

    Why give all that dough to some place in Italy when you can keep it all for yourself ! : )

  4. mike says:

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is becoming a metaphor for the benefic, dignified side of Saturn here in the USA:
    AOC having some C-SPAN fun with House Oversight Committee witnesses

  5. 1518 is also the year in which African Slave Trade began

    • Christina says:

      Yes. I’ve been trying to trace this, since it’s only briefly mentioned. Here’s something I found on Slavery Timeline about the Atlantic slave trade — which was an integral part of early capitalism

      18 August 1518: in a significant escalation of the slave trade, Charles V grants his Flemish courtier Lorenzo de Gorrevod permission to import 4000 African slaves into New Spain. From this point onwards thousands of slaves are sent to the New World each year.

  6. Doug says:

    We are all slaves to something .there are just different levels of slavery.Its the nature of the beast.Choose your beast ; I say !!! : )