The British Blue Wave

Sunday March 24th 2019
People's March

In Whitehall today, just up from the corner of 10 Downing Street.

When I stood at the top of Whitehall yesterday looking down that famous street towards Parliament Square, I saw a mass of blue flecked with yellow. The colours of the EU flag were worn on berets and backpacks, on capes and lapel pins, T-shirts and deelyboppers. There was a scattering of lurid blue wigs, and some delicate blue hair.

It’s not often that the Queen starts a fashion trend, but I couldn’t help recalling her infamous EU hat, worn for her speech last year.


This was the march of more than one million citizens, according to the organisers, or two million according to other counts, in favour of a second referendum on leaving the EU — now that the people know what’s at stake. It was also the biggest public demonstration in the history of these islands.

At the same time, a petition to revoke Article 50, the legislation which set Brexit in motion, is edging towards 5 million signatures. When you consider that the total number of electors is about 46m, that’s a substantial percentage of the population. Indeed, you might call it a tidal wave of public opinion.

Cabinet Office Door

The door of the Cabinet Office in Whitehall yesterday — covered in yellow Mercury messages.

Speaking as an astrologer though, the march itself was remarkable for other reasons too.

We were literally in the middle of Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, surrounded by yellow stars on all sides, against a blue background — and placards that were asking for the government to revoke article 50, remain in the EU, or rerun the referendum. Yellow is Mercury’s colour — and Pisces is an ocean. Rethinking stuff is what Mercury retrogrades are all about. Of course, Mercury is also conjunct mighty Neptune in Pisces.

People's March People's March People's March People's March

Neptune featured strongly in the recent “Blue Wave” that brought the Democrats back into power in the House. The Sun in Scorpio made a perfect trine to Neptune on that day, and Neptune was on the MC for the close of polls chart. And I wondered if I was in swimming in the middle of an equivalent British Blue wave.

This is the chart for the start of yesterday’s march. Note Chiron-Sun on the MC. They are exactly opposed to the UK’s curious Uranus in Libra, and create a Grand Trine with UK’s Leo Jupiter in the 10th, and Chiron in Sag in the 3rd. Chiron is, of course, a doctor, which is exactly the sort of person the country needs right now. The march itself was offering a solution to the mess that is Brexit — put it back to the people and give us a vote on the real deal.

People's March - astrological chart

Note the colours of Mercury and Neptune, even in this chart!

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  1. Faye says:

    Amazing images. I find Ceres – in her political democracy role interesting as she and Mercury are heading for a square. The people will be heard! And at the demos she was in a quintile aspect with Venus in Aquarius – a quintile shows a talent – a good time for a peaceful ( Venus) show of ideas and opinions – (Aqu). To say a re – vote is totally appropriate with that Merc Retro

  2. Maureen Pemberton says:

    Well written. I feel that this maybe the start to the solution yo the mess,chaos and intangibility of Brexit . It is time !

  3. Sabrina says:

    It is remarkable. As it is the astrology. Thanks to you, I’ve payed more attention to mundane astrology in the last several years. Especially since the Uranus-Pluto squares. Feels like now Neptune is coming to sweep (or dilute?) the debris left in many parts of the world.

    • Christina says:

      It’s a way of putting things into a wider context — and I feel it can be very helpful on a personal level too.

      • Sabrina says:

        I’ve been looking at Vzla and the nation’s SN is at 18 pisces, with Pluto there.
        The major blackout is connected to the Guri Dam (which has not received proper maintenance and has been failing for 2 decades). Feels like all the heavy lifters are involved, Neptune and the Dam, Pluto (literal, massive darkness and inferno-like stories). Nation’s natal Uranus (electricity) is almost 15 scorp and trining, so not sure how that plays out. Rx of mercury, the communications have been a huge mess.
        On a personal level it’s been confusing, there’s good stuff but it needs time… I feel glamorous though (strange, because I don’t think I have time for that right now).

  4. roman says:

    Rahu in the 12th rising on the Ascendant the demon imposter reflected in the Brits renouncing their homeland & identifying with the EU. Ketu tracking back to the Pluto Saturn midpoint. That’s terminal in the house of vassalage & debt Saturn rules the 6th & 7th Will the EU succeed in making Britain a vassal state as the remainer elite have been working towards.
    Mercury Neptune in the 9th so they feel they are justified & right in a second referendum but Mercury retrograde coming back to this question Neptune conjunct will not dissolve the previous result just open a Pandora’s box.

    • SuHu says:

      Not ‘renouncing their homeland’ (!) but seeking a wider, more inclusive identity than just the national one, which does not mean ‘identifying with the EU’ but recognising that greater influence comes through standing together with others based on shared values (however imperfect the organisation of that may be). How about a vassal state of the US, Russia or China instead, would that be preferable?

      • Roman says:

        Hi SuHu
        So what’s wrong with homeland? Why don’t our elites open their front doors & allow the whole street to come in & partake of common values This leftist utopia is wonderful as long as it is imposed on the plebs but not the Elitists residing in their intellectual bubble courtesy of the Marxist Frankfurt
        We don’t need Russia USA or China we need to recover our own values English after all is a shared value throughout the world.

  5. roman says:

    Moon in Scorpio in the 4th so the movement is trying to bring the matter to an end but the moon is in its fall in via combust opposing Uranus in the 10th
    So it is determined to shape opinion as a result of the fractures in government
    but the moon is so badly positioned with only opposition from Uranus that nothing will come of it