Your Month Ahead Podcast (Mar 20-Apr 20)

Monday March 18th 2019


This month’s podcast meanders around a bit  but eventually builds up a head of steam. That’s what happens when you’re moving from watery Pisces to fiery Aries, and you’ve just had a nice bowl of leek and potato soup.

Sally and I make found this mont’s astrology pretty fascinating in fact. Oh and do send in a question for next month…


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  1. I love your month ahead chats – but I think there’s a glitch here. None of the links are working.

  2. Pamela Armstrong says:

    Wonderful. Again. As usual. Such a great team you are. Thank you.

  3. flurry knox says:

    Hello, Don’t see the podcast? I’m wondering if there is a charge now for these, or maybe I’m just not seeing it.

  4. Severne says:

    I usually go directly to the podcast app when I see the notification. Once you’re subscribed, should be straight forward and you can even download it 🙂

    Júpiter will stand still over my NN/IC conjunction. I’ve been planning and working for over a year on setting in a particular place/home..just need to get permits, mental clarity and energy to get that going!
    Home country is in chaos…the nation’s South N is conjunct Pluto at 18° Pisces

    Usually navigate the rx of mercury just fine. Not this time

  5. flurry knox says:

    Thank you! I’ve got it now.

  6. flurry knox says:

    On the first day of this retrograde. I came home to find my neighbors dogs running around on a very busy street in traffic. When I gathered them up and took them home, I found their owner, a Piscean, completely and dangerously intoxicated on drugs. He was unable to walk or comprehend, really. He was trying to get in his car and drive. I had no choice but to take his car keys from him, otherwise he may have killed himself or someone else with his car. All this going on while a mudslide hit my house from rain, rain, rain on the same day with mud going up to the roof in the back (California). In the evening of this same day I received a strange call from the property owners from whom I’m renting this house to tell me they are selling the house, oh wait, maybe they’re not, later another call, yes they are and I need to move asap! Saturn and Pluto squaring my moon and Uranus in Taurus moving to square my Mars Saturn conjunction in a few weeks.
    This has deepened my dedication to meditation which wasn’t very regular and a lot of conscious deep breathing! I find myself in that useless phase of just wanting to disappear until all this is over, but then I wouldn’t notice all the small but beautiful things that are happening. Even someone smiling at me in passing, I’m grateful for now. And that evening I dreamt that the Dalai Lama was there before me and gave me a hug! I don’t know if this helps anyone else, but noticing these small things and going home and writing them down is really helpful.

    • Christina says:

      Hey — thank you for sharing this, flurry. So Pisces.

      And guess what, I too, have been meditating with much more dedication just this past week.

      • flurry knox says:

        How nice. I’ll think of you when I sit and say my little comforting mantra which is –Remember , it’s an inside game, not an outside game 🙂

        • Christina says:


          • flurry knox says:

            There have been a lot of beached whales in 2018 in the world. This morning here in Malibu, a very large 48ft grey whale was found on the beach. I believe one of the larger ones in some time. Another offering from Neptune. Is it as a bid for attention? There’s nothing that pulls on my heartstrings in a such a sad way, more then a beached whale!

  7. MLN says:

    Great podcast as usual! Can you say how the Saturn–South Node–Pluto conjunction will affect people going through a Saturn return?

    • Christina says:

      Oh my. It truly does give this a huge blast of transformative power. But it depends on how Saturn works within the natal chart in the first place. For example, does it aspect Sun or Moon, what house is this all happening in?

  8. Sabrina says:

    Yes please! if you could share some more insights on the transiting Pluto/ NN. Is it at the vey end of march or just starting April? I know few people that will have it in angular houses.