Astrology of Now: The Mystic Well

Wednesday April 3rd 2019

Live from a mystic well in Oxfordshire – some thoughts on the powerful conjunctions made by the South Node, which is one of the most important underlying themes of 2019.

Thanks to my new friend Simon for telling me about the well.

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  1. Vicki says:

    This is so helpful! SN-Pluto-Saturn is in my 4th house Cap, having just passed over my natal Saturn in Capricorn. And I am writing a book about inherited trauma from my grandfather and grandmother and struggling to articulate in words the atmosphere of unspoken secrets. I just had a dream where I had to go down, down, down a long endless stairway and I didn’t want to. Astrology is always relevant.

  2. You’re welcome. Enjoyed the video. You look so “at home” here! Hope you got some private time there, too.

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  4. SarahBetty says:

    great explanation.. with the conjunction on my midheaven, feeling the intensity with such immediacy i felt i was being destroyed from within.. my interpretation of others actions was so off kilter, i could not see that others were actually trying to help me.. that healing was being offered
    .i interpreted only danger and negativity.. now i feel that the lesson is about the deeper i go, the more healing there is and instead of finding the bravery to fight, i am finding the bravery to heal..the bravery to feel safe, the bravery to know that i will not be destroyed..

    • Christina says:

      That is very Plutonian — now being amplified.

      • Isy says:

        I had a very shamanistic massage yesterday from a gifted friend of mine. So much flushing! LOL Right through from bottom to top, which somehow was exactly right, though it seems backwards. Because of the playful nature of our bond (and possibly the trine between this and the U/Plu conjunction in my natal 5th house) I laughed until I coughed, and laughed and coughed some more, for ages. Ordinarily, when I cough that much, I feel like bronchitis and sound like grieving for days, but I feel just fine.

        Being able to detach from expectations and calcified suppositions was certainly key. Just being there, in the moment, standing down and letting things flow… Yeah. 🙂

      • SarahBetty says:

        sometimes you do have to go back to your own ancestral history to heal.. south dive into the well.. great time to do therapy.. with pluto.. to be brave to dive into the well.. saturn to bring you enough boundaries not to get too caught up in it all and south node to have the imagination to understand where you have come from to get here..

  5. Catriona Mundle says:

    Nice one. Indeed, in Indian stupas the South Node Ketu marks the point of liberation from samsara, the wheel of birth and death. (See Snodgrass, The Symbolism of the Stupa, about harmonising the elements and much much more. It is surely significant also that around this time EU legislation making it harder for Plutocrats to hide their wealth in tax havens will come into effect.

    • Christina says:

      Indeed. Another way this Saturn transit is manifesting is bringing the force of law to deal with high-rolling criminals. Now with South Node in attendance, we shall see who gets flushed away or flushed out…

  6. Gilly says:

    It’s right on top of my Sun.
    I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s extreme and intense.

  7. Christine says:

    My natal capricorn south node is right on my IC. Pluto and Saturn have recently passed over it. I’ve had treatment for anal cancer. Letting go seems to be a theme. The past also. food brings me back to my mother’s cooking and childhood meals. so much that comes up now is looking back and seeing things in a different way.

  8. Christina says:

    I hope the SN-Pluto let’s go of the cancer.

  9. Catriona Mundle says:

    Assange arrested today, maybe around 10.30 ish….Clobbered by the last two eclipses but it kind of feels like a Saturn Pluto event, and collective event as much as a personal one.

    • Christina says:

      Absolutely — on the same day as the eye of Sauron, and Brexit extension. Those of you who received the horoscopes will know this was an exceptionally busy day astrologically!

      I note that the Assange’s birthdata looks a dubious, but if it is correct, Saturn-Pluto-SN is opposite his Mercury in Cancer. I can’t believe his birth-time really…