Monthly Podcast: June 21-July 22

Monday June 24th 2019

We ended up in Sally’s home recording the latest podcast for Cancer month. Previously, we tried to meet in London and record outside as we are at the peak of summer but, in the UK, heat-wave weather it is not. In fact, we got rained on.

What we did discover was a new ‘home’ for our latest venture together – astrology workshops. Our first astrology event will take place on Saturday 7th December, 2019 in Covent Garden (book the date in your diary).

Here we talk eclipses, Cancerians and Mercury Retrograde…

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  1. Janine says:

    I love your talks, thank you!

    • Janine says:

      And I really emphasise with the father issue by the way…had very similar situation started in 2015..sort of ameleiorated but ongoing..hes in France also..Anti Fraud in UK maybe worth contacting ?? Don’t know where its signified in my chart ..but do have sun Aries at 18 degrees…

      • Christina says:

        Yeah. I found out my Dad gave his card number etc to someone over the phone. And it just got more complicated. Looks like I have to go to France to make a deposition since I’m the legal guardian.

  2. Gilly says:

    Thank you, that was fascinating. Viz the lunar eclipse, do you have any advice for someone with Sun at 23˚ Capricorn?

    • Christina says:

      Hmm. Well it really depends on the rest of the chart and how your Sun’s positioned. My feeling is really that there’s not much you can do except wait to see how things work out. Remembering of course that it can take some time for eclipses to unravel. Certainly I would guess that one of your identities is coming to an end. And like a snake you need to get ready to shed that skin.

  3. Denise says:

    Eclipses!!! This solar eclipse comes 3 days after I retire. Eclipse is in my 10th house, so yes, loss of public life and identity, and also exactly conjunct natal Uranus, so we shall see what else that may bring….

    BTW – I loved Uranus conjunct my Sun (Aries) – it was indeed liberating – I am a different, more free person now.

    Christina – best wishes caring for your father. It is not an easy time of life. And Sally – I remember my mother (an upbeat Leo) crying in the driveway every time I left, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

    A lovely podcast – thanks for sharing.

  4. 44 and counting says:

    As an early Taurus ascendant, I’m enjoying Uranus having in my 1st house. After a decade of introversion and hermitry. I really thought my old active self had gone forever. But no, now Uranus is out of the 12th I’m beginning to show up for life again.

    And isn’t the 1H a wonderful placement for your sense of self. It’s at least 25 years since I last had this much ego or self-importance. I mean, having spent a life time being overly sensitive of other people’s feelings and thinking every action through; suddenly it’s “just do it” then “what’s next?” with no time spent reflecting or learning from what just happened. Now I now why the opposite of liberating is deliberating!!

    There’s downsides of course. Spending more money. Restlessness when there isn’t any thing planned or happening. Consequences of snap decisions. But overall I’ve got a lifetime of skills learned that are handling these challenges with ease.

  5. Imogen Megginson says:

    Enjoyed your podcast, thank you Christina and Sally. And particularly about Cancer people and tribes/family. My son with Sun 10 Cancer (12h) runs music festivals and I hadn’t associated them with Cancer – thought it was more his Grand Fire Trine: Leo Asc/Aries Mc/Uranus Sag 5h. We are all Cancer people: son also has Ceres 9 and Mars 14 Cancer, all 12h. He was born on my ‘Moon birthday’ so my Moon also 10 Cancer conj Uranus 16 Cancer both 7h. Daughter has 5 Cancer Mc, and grandson (her son) has 13 Cancer Moon exact on his Ic. So we are waiting to see what this eclipse brings. Sounds like a big shake-up to me.