Your Month Ahead Podcast: Surprises, Virgos and more

Friday August 23rd 2019!fec9d

Sally and I met at Kew Gardens in west London as an homage to earthy Virgo. It was indeed a day of sunshine and flowers.

Kew Gardens is one of the world’s foremost collections of specimen plants and seeds from around the globe. It’s also an extraordinarily beautiful and magical public park stretched alongside the Thames as it narrows towards Richmond.

Kew also has some of the world’s largest glasshouses crammed with plants from around the globe. Two are spectacular Victorian constructions of iron and glass with high walkways so you can see the tops of the trees.

So you can see how Kew exemplifies two things associated with Virgo — categorisation and green fingers. Of course, not all Virgos excel at these, but…

An exhibition of Dale Chihuly’s work is on at the moment. It’s called Reflections on Nature — and, you guessed it, Chihuly turns out to be a Virgo. He’s a glassmaker or extraordinary vision — an artist and craftsmen. Perfect for a man with Virgo Sun exactly conjunct Neptune!

illustrating the work of Dale Chihuly

Waterlily House at Kew with glasswork by Dale Chihuly.

Don’t forget to sign up for our web chat thingie in September. We’ll be talking about LOVE in the chart (and in life)– Venus, Mars, Juno, Uranus and all that.

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  1. Thanks for sharing where do Virgos need to excel. This is challenging.