Your Month Ahead Podcast: January 20-February 19

Saturday January 18th 2020

In this episode, we’re looking forward, from a rather bleak moment in mid-January towards the lighter, brighter energy of the coming weeks. Phew!

But this does give us a chance to look at what’s just happened in the skies. Yes, that mega-conjunction. We discuss Aquarians, the Royal rupture and more…

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  1. 44 and counting says:

    I have Mars and NorthNode in Aqua so it it’s not an alien energy to me.

    However the one thing I can’t fathom about Aquarians is that on the one hand they want to be a separate, unique person who does their own thing; and then on the other hand they want everyone to be part of a like-minded group with little-to-no-room for individuality. Yet it’s not down to plain old hypocrisy, it’s just some complicated double thought pattern that I can’t fathom.

  2. 44 and counting says:

    Noting that Trump’s impeachment trial started today (Jan 21st) – the exact day that he’s having his Saturn half-return. Mars hits his moon on Feb 3rd, Saturn opposes his Venus on Feb 7th and Pluto opposes his Saturn on Feb 14th.

    Tell most people they have that set of transits coming up and they’d be worried sick. Yet Trump seems to have the Republican party happily under control and ready to acquit him. I’m sure deep down, below the bravado, he is worried sick and will be acting up in private.

    Strange though I don’t see Saturn about to deliver consequences or Pluto to uncover truths. But Pluto has a few more passes to make and Neptune will be hitting his Sun-Moon in 2021. Maybe if he’s voted out of power this year it’ll all come tumbling down for him.

    • 44 and counting says:

      Have to say when I wrote that comment about not seeing Saturn-Pluto delivering consequences to Trump, it was based on the Republicans backing him through the impeachment trial and letting him off.

      But here we are four months later and Trump is being torn apart. His leadership for Coronavirus has been woeful. His press conferences even more of a joke than they were with his suggestions of drinking bleach etc. And now the riots due to the death of George Floyd have shown how divisive he is, unable to empathise with the black population and almost declaring martial law on his own citizens. He is looking more and more like a tinpot dicator / king in his desire to be in full control – full-on Leo ascendant!

      His re-election campaigns, which was to be based on his economic glory, has suffered a blow with the closing of the economy.

      Meanwhile, nothing seen of Melania, other than one visit to a church where even she couldn’t fake a smile in his direction. Transiting Uranus is surely setting her Taurus sun up for that bid for freedom.

      And today I see he’s put a couple of miles of fencing around the White House to protect himself from potential rioters. Talking about Saturn creating walls!

      Every move he makes you see the desperation and fear as the net tightens further on him and his life crumbling to pieces. And yet he’s got another year or so of these transits. The sad part is everybody else bears the brunt of his unhappiness as he twists and turns trying to get off the hook.

  3. Christina says:

    @44 — I like the way you put that Aquarian double think, or even double-be. As for Trump, I think he’s felt pretty awful the whole time. Being in the White House has been like being in prison. First he had Saturn in Sag sitting on his Moon and opposing his Gemini stuff, and now it’s opposite his Cancer planets and, as you say, a half return. No wonder he’s acting like a 14-year-old.

  4. 44 and counting says:

    Think you’re right about Trump feeling bad Christina. I recall one astrologer suggesting Trump never expected to win the election. His Sun-Uranus certainly won’t have liked all the protocol and restrictions being placed upon him hence his constant shaking up of things.

    Which sort of brings us back to Aquarius and its shadow of being outrageous for the sake of it when it can’t express its true uniqueness.