Balanced on the Needle of Time

Saturday March 21st 2020

The Little Dancer by Edgar Degas. Model: Marie van Goethem

Today, on this day of balance, our astrological year begins; the Sun steps into 0° Aries. And what a strange beginning to the year. Most of the world, it seems, is locked down, locked in, locked out — locked up. This is the signature of Saturn-Pluto-Ceres.

It was clear this would be a year of endings, but even so, it’s astonishing to see such a clean sweep, as suddenly people’s diaries look completely blank for the next three months — or more. For some of us, this amounts to a catastrophic loss of income, and for many of us, this is likely to be a watershed moment in our lives. There will be before coronavirus and after.

I can’t pretend I think things are about to get better soon, indeed I think it’s all about to get even more worrying over the next fortnight. The upcoming conjunction of Saturn and Mars at 0° Aquarius could be more liberties being restricted. Followed by the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto (which is really already happening), which looks like an extension of government powers. That’s not to mention the virus itself…

2020 has always looked like a tough year, and you need to know, this is going to be a long haul, and other factors may come into play. It’s an important year for knowing who your friends are, figuring out who to trust, and staying grounded and practical.

But it’s important in another way too. Some of the decisions we make collectively and personally this year will have very long-lasting consequences. Indeed, they may effect generations to come. These are decisions around governance and liberty, power and money. Indeed, looking at the big astrology, the pandemic seems to be about power and control as much as it is about health.

So as we turn this corner into a new astrological year, and find we are in floating in this strange lagoon in time, a moment to pause and contemplate, it’s worth looking into the deep future and imagining the kind of world we want to create when this virus is gone. Do we want to remain in a state of war with nature? Do we want to live in a world that is so very unequal? So overpopulated? So dirty?

At this moment of balance between night and day, we might think about how a more balanced world might feel.


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