How Will Saturn in Aquarius Work

Monday May 4th 2020

I’m very pleased that this Sunday, May 10, Pamela Armstrong will join us on Zoom to discuss the current brief ingress of Saturn into Aquarius.

We have a short window in time from now until early July to consider what Saturn in Aquarius will bring once it finally leaves Capricorn at the end of the 2020.

Aquarius above all other signs, is our portal into the future.

Saturn shapes things.

Does the ingress of Saturn into Aquarius mean we can actually influence the shape of things to come?

Pamela will present her lecture and then have a conversation with me about this current, very important, transit. We’ll be at the half-way point and you may have some of your own thoughts about how Saturn in Aquarius is shaping up. We’ll have time for some questions at the end so please bring them along.

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I hope your can join us.

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  1. 44 and counting says:

    Slogans … more slogans.
    Aquarians do love ’em.
    Saturn limits words.

    (Maybe more haikus too)