June Horoscopes

Sunday May 31st 2020
The Garden Gate. Claude Monet

The Garden Gate. Claude Monet

It’s a tumultuous month in the skies, what with eclipses and retrogrades, but what’s good for you?

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Hi there! The link for June Horoscopes is not working. When you click ‘This month’ it just goes straight onto to May.
    Thank you.

  2. Patricia Bell says:

    I could be interested in becoming a member but i would like to see an example of a horoscope. It does not have to be this month’s. Is it possible to see what you said for Saggitarius for May before i commit?

  3. Lesley Hamilton says:

    Hi Christina, Sooo it seems i am not able to get to the horoscope section at all. I have tried everything to get them to open. I actually thought that i had unsubscribed from your site but realize that I had not when I checked my Pay Pal settings. So How do I access the horoscopes? I have not even read them for many many months. Thanks – Lesley