Astrology of Now: Breaking an Agreement

Sunday September 13th 2020

Lady Justice, Frankfurt, Germany

The British government under the leadership of Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his advisor Dominic  Cummings is attempting to pass a law to break international law on Monday.

They are trying to pass a bill through parliament which will allow them to break the Brexit agreement which they signed with such fandango earlier this year.

Yes, the country of football, cricket, rugby, golf, betting slips, bobbies, judges in full-bottomed wigs, inns of court, the “mother of parliaments” is about to break an international treaty with allies, a treaty which this very government signed a few months ago. — if they can get away with it.

The astrology, you’ll be pleased to read, is straightforward.

Mars, the planet of action, turned retrograde on September 9, about the time this cunning wheeze was announced. Mars is transiting the house of allies, friends and agreements in the UK chart — that is the 7th house. AND Mars is opposing Juno, the asteroid of contracts in the sign of Libra, the sign of the law and partnership, in the UK first house. The government is trying to win by backing out.

Of course it will backfire. That’s the definition of a Mars retrograde action. This is the law of unintended consequences which this government seems incapable of learning. One consequence is that the reputation of Britain as a country that honours trade deals will be toast. This is quite serious if you’re planning to make a lot of deals in the next few years in your new Brexity shorts.

In a few days, the planet of law, Jupiter, will turn direct, followed by Saturn at the end of September and Pluto in early October, all in Capricorn. I look forward to the coming battle as Mars squares all these planets over the coming months. Perhaps parliament, represented by Saturn in the UK chart, will stop being so passive.

Juno does not show up on this biwheel. She’s currently at 27° Libra. And in the UK chart she’s at 12° Gemini in the 9th, which speaks of Britain’s role in international law historically.

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  1. AquarianMoon says:

    I’m oddly drawn to that Neptune meeting — 18 Scorpio 2H for the UK chart and 19 Pisces 5H for the September chart — values vs creation, with the planet of Imagination. And of course, flim flam.

    • Christina says:

      That’s an interesting one. Yes. I’ve always thought that it was significant that UK has Neptune in the house of money — a major product is culture but also, as you say, flim flam.

  2. 44 and counting says:

    The situation is unbe..lievable (insert swear word)

    But no surprise given Boris’ track record as a husband, father, journo and politician. Say whatever he needs to get the Withdrawal Agreement signed and then move the goalposts while pointing the finger when problems come up. The only positive was watching Ed Milliband rip into him last night – only way to deal with the Hydra is shine the light of truth on it, cutting off its heads doesn’t work. Boris would simply trot out a new lie. Shame half England are too in thrall to the Cons and Brexit to care.

    That said, I’m not sure how we’d have got Brexit done otherwise – there’s been so much deadlock and inertia the past four years. I look at it from the bigger picture and it’s an astrologically train of events that began with the rise of Farage soon after the Pluto-Uranus squares began in 2012. We have to get to being ready for Pluto in Aquarius somehow. Vive le revolution!

  3. not_an_employee says:

    I have always wondered why the gov cannot do the same with the bankers – we are renegotiating the interest payments that we give you, after all we bailed you out using tax payers money – could be perfect time to stop paying the interest and buy gold, silver. bitcoin as a hedge against the banks and financial system blowing itself up again.

    • not_an_employee says:

      …And one more thing… a number of weeks ago the conservative party, despite their election pledge of not touching the NHS in trade negotiations with the US, quietly passed a bill that is now in the house of lords that puts the NHS on the negotiating table with the US in the trade talks.