Elias Ashmole and his Museum

Saturday September 19th 2020


One of Oxford’s most prominent landmarks is the Ashmolean Museum, founded by an astrologer Elias Ashmole.

It’s interesting to compare his chart to his museum’s chart. It’s worth pausing the video to get a closer look


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  1. 44 and counting says:

    Nice video Christina – enjoyed that as different to the usual stuff!

    My initial read of Ashmole’s chart was to wonder why he chose to set up a museum when he did. There’s none of the major life transits going on – no Saturn return or something hitting angles or anything. BUT he had just gone through another nodal return in the preceding year or so. And with his nodes in Aqua 10th & Pisces 11th – it was important to him to share what he had with everybody else.

    My second thought was that being an astrologer he probably elected the chart. My initial thought was that Uranus moving into Taurus was the driver along with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Leo that only occurs every 20 years. BUT then I realised we’re talking 17th century Traditional Astrology* – no-one had discovered Uranus/Neptune/Pluto or the asteroids which makes the fact Uranus had just moved into Taurus something of a synchronicity.

    Uranus moved into Taurus which is intercepted in his 12th house. My personal experience when Uranus transited my 12th was letting go of all the stuff that created my identity and status. I left groups, I left jobs, I left clubs – all the things we ordinarily use to describe who we are went. So again, it’s interesting that he gave up his collection of portraits of his friends to help start it. A Saturn in Taurus person, as he was, gets a lot of self-esteem from their possessions but also the portraits would have been a material reminder his friends were

    That’s my take on it all !!

    (* To clarify – my mention of Trad. Astrology is to reflect how he would have seen the world, not a criticism of your interpretation which of course is valid with the added info we get)

    • Christina says:

      Yes. I love your point about Uranus in Taurus! And here we are again. I wonder if one of the things we’ll see during this Uranus in Taurus transit we’ll see radical changes in the way we handle material culture.