October Horoscopes: Into the Woods

Wednesday September 30th 2020
John Everett Millais

Red Riding Hood, John Everett Millais

Woods are places of danger and enchantment. You can’t always see where you’re going, and if you miss the path, you may find yourself stuck in a dangerous bog, or encountering a whiskery gentleman with very shiny teeth.

October’s wood contains sunlit glades, a soft mossy bank, a sandy path, a whispering stream. But there are also wolves — and lions and tigers and bears, oh my.

You may need a map or a plan or a horoscope.

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• Today — October 1 — Sally Kirkman and I are hosting a webinar about Mercury Retrograde, in time to catch the one coming up this month. We’ll be discussing Mercury Retrograde in general and the ones in 2021 — all in air signs. There’s still time to get a ticket from Eventbrite. Members go to the members’ page to get your discount.

• My friend and colleague Anne Whitaker is coming to chat about her latest research into the big planetary cycles. We’ll be putting the next couple of months into a greater historical context.

Anne has been practicing astrology since the 1990s. She’s written for The Mountain Astrologer regularly, had a column in Dell Magazine and is currently a star columnist for the Astrological Journal. She also has her own blog Writings from the Twelfth House.

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