Your Month Ahead: December 21, 2020-January 21, 2021: Great Conjunction Specal

Monday December 21st 2020

Listen up! And get a peep into what the next year holds for you.

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  1. Denise says:

    Thanks for another fine podcast, ladies. In addition to being square Pluto on December 23nd, Mars is also conjunct Eris. Iā€™m beginning to agree with the astrologers who say we should pay more attention to Eris. That Eris/Pluto square is a lengthy one.

    I was able to see the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction this evening ā€“ pretty amazing! It did look like one light until I looked through binoculars. The timing of the conjunction on the solstice and both planets moving into Aquarius within days ā€“ the universe is surely telling us to pay attention. I, for one, welcome the coming return of the sunlight more than usual this year ā€“ we all need it!

    • Christina says:

      I agree with you about Eris. Steven Forrest has written some quite compelling pieces about her. Although I have not included her in my work much so far, I am gradually integrating her.

  2. Sandra Jane MARSH says:

    I am brand new at this Oxford Astrologer and i think gifted from my grandaughter and daughter. Please feel free whenever you see me doing the wrong items as i did not
    expect this on the 31 Dec. 2020 the New Year upon us and WELCOME any help you wish to offer. Slowly i will comprehend where it needs it and would appreciate any help
    at all as i have always wished to do this and have retired from my work and plan to receive any hints possible. My birthdate is 19 April, 1940 in Trail, BC, CANADA at the start
    of world war 2 and very tough years for my parents and my sister and myself as in late july we had to move back to Calgary as my Father had lead poision happened and in those days when my parents had lead poison we had to move to Calgary and lived there until Jan, 1956. i was a very sick baby but survived the WW2 and became a real health nut
    to stay well.

    • Christina says:

      Welcome! Please look around the site. There are hundreds of free articles on all kinds of astrology. Plus you have access to the member’s site (I think), where you can pick up a monthly horoscopes and more, including the cheat sheet for 2021, and a video about your year ahead. Also, I do a Q&A or something like it, on the first Sunday of most months for members.