Feb-March Podcast!

Friday February 19th 2021

In this month’s astrology podcast, we quite look forward to a bit of Pisces after so much Aquarius. Mind you, we recorded this just when Mercury was stationing direct and getting a nice square from the Moon and Mars: perhaps that has something to do with the rather odd sound quality!



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  1. Louisa Moran says:

    Hi Christina,
    I think its time to have that conversation about schools now? as I feel the PM had jumped the gun again! opening schools to full capacity on the 8th March.
    I would be interested to know your thoughts, as I am sure we all would.
    Best Wishes

    • Christina says:

      Well, I agree with you.
      If you look at the chart for March 8.
      Jupiter conjunct Mercury — well that’s kids in big groups, but also suggests that infection is flowing easily along vectors.
      Also Sun-conjunct Neptune — no boundaries.

      They should wait until at least March 26, when Hygeia turns direct. Opening schools now does not give the NHS time to recover either. If you see NHS as Hygeia, there’s a rear-guard action going on. On the back foot, catching up. Clearly, they ought to wait until stage one of the vaccination programme is at least complete. That is the population has had its first jab. Not waiting puts people in harms way.

      Some kids need to go back to school more urgently than others, so a stepped return would have been smarter — and kinder.

      Speaking as a parent, it’s awkward. I want to keep my kids at home, but all their friends will be going back and they want to see them.

      As usual, it’s careless, cavalier. No thought for the healthcare workers, the children or their parents….

      • Louise Moran says:

        Hi Christina,
        Thank you, I listened to Mr cavalier talk in the house of commons, this afternoon outlining his road map.. well it looks like a car crash to me!
        I feel quite angry at his attitude. I agree with you we could all at least have the first vaccination before they open up the country again.
        But no we have to sacrifice more lives!
        I will be keeping my son at home too, I feel for you as a kin-parent. I don’t care what the PM, school or indeed my ex, his father! say.
        I wonder now too, if this does prove a terrible disaster, would we be in lockdown again after Easter.
        With only the hope of Jupiter moving to Pisces to release us in May…