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Astrology of Now: Dragon Diarrhoea & an Invitation
Talking with a client this morning, a rather unpleasant simile for the coming eclipse popped out of my mouth: “It’s like diarrhoea.” Oops. A bowel evacuation is sometimes nasty, but necessary, especially when you’re getting rid of poison. This coming eclipse, on the [...]
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January-February Asteroids: Hygeia Special
  The new asteroid report is up on the members’ page. As well taking a look at the actions of Vesta, Ceres and friends, I looked into Hygeia, the asteroid of health this month, because… pandemic. She’s retrograde again, and this time she’s in Leo opposing the [...]
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Coronavirus, China and the World Health Organisation
Sometime in late 2019, people began to fall ill in a city in eastern China. The disease was a type of virus, a mutation it seemed of the coronavirus, so a relative of the common cold. While it started to spread, Hygeia, the goddess of hygiene, was having a zizz. In early October, Hygeia the [...]
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Astrology of Now: My Eye
I thought I’d share some down-home astrology with you today. The Sun is squaring that gassy giant Neptune for a couple of days (November 30-December 1) — and I find myself semi-housebound with an eye infection. Neptune is pretty much on my natal Sun right now, which is also my chart ruler. The [...]
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The Astrology of Alzheimer’s
Some readers of this blog have been having a discussion about Alzheimer’s in the comments section under the short post on Terry Pratchett, the English author who died recently of the disease. They have come up with several interesting hypotheses about finding a predisposition for the [...]
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Hygeia, The Asteroid of Health
The image of Hygeia is a constant in modern times. Although we do not always recognise her for the goddess that she is, perhaps there are more images of her in the media than any other Greek goddess except Aphrodite. In the Greek pantheon, she is one of the daughters of Aesculapius, the [...]
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