Uranus, Crisis and Commitment-phobes

Monday June 27th 2011
Brad Pitt managed to have a Uranus half-return that
encompassed both running off with a beautiful
younger woman and settling down to family
life. Very clever.

I have noticed time and again that the mid-life crisis depends entirely on what went before.

The received idea about turning 40 (Uranus half-return) is that, if you’re a man, you run off with a bimbo and buy a sports car; if you’re a woman, your children now at school, you retrain as an aromatherapist and run off with the yoga teacher. OK – this is one way a Uranus Half-Return might pan out…but what is so wrong about that story?

Times change. A lot of people don’t have anything to break free from at 40 except old habits of thinking. A lot of people these days have spent a lifetime as dedicated commitment-phobes.

That sports car story works on the assumption that everyone is starting from the position of conformity. That everyone’s life follows a pattern of marriage in your 20s, kids by 30, teen-age kids by mid-40s…retirement at 65. When you read most astrology books, they still seem to be stuck with this mind-set. I don’t know how many times I’ve read about empty-nesters at 45 or 50, as if that’s what happens to everyone. Well, that might have been true in the 1950s or even the 1980s, but there’s been a radical shift.

I have seen a huge generational change in my lifetime. In this country and in the States, people often have their kids much, much later than their parents or grandparents. It’s pretty usual now to be well into our 30s and 40s and just starting our families. Many, many more people live alone. (One third of women retiring in this country are apparently single.) Marriage is an option; not a goal. Having kids can come when we feel grown up enough to be parents.

This means that the Uranus Return hits at a very different point in a person’s life story. Quite likely you have already had the fast car and the affair with the yoga teacher. (And if you haven’t, now is the time.)

I can think of numerous examples when the Uranus Half Return did not mean breaking free but making a positive decision to settle down.

Settling down used, of course, to be associated with the Saturn Return, but since so many of us are experiencing a prolonged “youth” – the game has shifted. A Uranian marriage is quite a different thing from a Saturnian one.

If you were born in the early 70s, you are having a Uranus Half Return now. How is your life going to change?

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  1. AstroFix says:

    Hi Christina,

    I think you meant Uranus opposition, not Uranus Return.

  2. Es says:

    Excellent insight. I am newly 43 and have never married, had kids, or bought a house. But I have run my own business for 11 years, traveled a lot, and the last two years I have been actually looking at job listings in big companies….

    And for the first time, I finally feel ready to get married, not to anyone in specific, but am open to the idea.

    What does a Uranian marriage look like?

  3. Christina says:

    @astrofix – thanks for the fix – I meant half-return as in the caption

    @Es – I am pretty intrigued by the idea of Uranian marriages myself, and I haven’t come up with a definition that is not glib yet, but here is one observation. Uranian marriages tend to be between two people who value the uniqueness of each other more highly than the stability provided. Life could be more of an adventure – depending on the other stuff of course.

  4. MaryHu says:

    I am 42, and having my Uranus half-return with an extra kick: transiting Uranus is right on my natal moon. As a “tough” Capricorn with moon in Aries, it is not surprising that Uranus has stirred up all my repressed sentimentality. I cry at the drop of a hat, lately. Oh, and my own mother was very stoic as well, so I’m being challenged to go beyond the example of mothering that she presented to me.

  5. Christina says:

    @MaryHu – And I guess Pluto must be stirring the pot too. Very deep stuff.

    Aries Moon – it takes real bravery to let your emotions out. Good luck

  6. Opal says:

    I had a baby at mine, having sworn never to have kids and do the family thing!

    Mind you , the family thing didn’t work and I’m now a single mother, but still…I have Uranus ruling the 5th 🙂

  7. Christina says:

    I bet you’re pretty chuffed you had that baby.

    I’ve noticed that the worst navigation of the Uranus half-return is to do nothing. That comes back to bite you on the Chiron Return ten years later.

  8. Lachesis says:

    How fascinating! Is the Uranus half-return a conscious thing? That is, when it hits, are there people that decide not to change? To do nothing? And might they regret the road not taken? I suppose it must depend on the individual and the circumstance, but as I’m pedalling through the lives of my older friends it seems, rather like the Saturn return, that everyone did something at about 40. And it changed the course of their lives, no matter how subtle the change.

  9. Lachesis says:

    I have just seen your last comment. So doing nothing is the bad option then. I chose ‘something’ … and got a degree.

  10. Regina says:

    This is so funny! I’m just beginning my Uranus Half-Return (it will be exact in a year), and my life is a good example of what you just talked about!

    I spent my 20s and 30s traveling around the globe, wandering about like a nomad and having all the fun I could. Now, I’m 41, entering my mid-life “crisis,” and I’m ready to settle down and have a family.

    The exact opposite of what the mid-life “crisis” is supposed to be about!

    (To be fair though, Uranus is conjunct my Midheaven, and some changes DO need to be made. But for the most part, it’s nothing I didn’t see coming or didn’t already think about a while back.)

  11. Opal says:

    I am, I am 🙂

    BTW, when I worked in advertising years ago, and the middle-aged creative directors did the sports car thing – we called it the ‘menoporsche’.

  12. Christina says:

    @Lachesis – I think Uranus says do something different.

    @Regina – exactly.

    @Opal – menoporsche ha ha

  13. Awesome insights on Uranus Return, i loved the way you have narrated the entire post here. Thanks for the share…!!

  14. NR says:

    Loved this post. An updated way of looking at things. Thank you!

  15. Jackie T says:

    I’d never reflected on the stereotypes in the older astrology books before – a very cogent and lucid summary. I just see Uranus opposition as a time when people often feel a compulsion to change something. Whatever that may be. It may be a fairly internalised thing, a new emotional approach to one’s life, and not necessarily the fast car or the croft in Scotland. Just a necessary change

  16. AK says:

    A little late to the conversation but have been looking this up recently as have heard numerous stories of people’s outlooks on life if not life changing drastically around 40 to 42.

    The thing is I have Uranus conjunct ascendent and I am very uranussy for lack of a better word. Does the area that your Uranus lies in have an indication about how glyphs half return will manifest? And I have heard that all changes are for the better. Is this true?

  17. Christina says:

    @AK – Hello. I don’t think all changes are for the better – that would be too easy. Some are, some aren’t, depends on the circumstances.

    Yes, the natal position tells a lot about the return. I’d expect a change in relationships in your case and/or a change in how you present yourself to the world.