The UK: Up to Our Necks in Sewage

Sunday July 17th 2011

Did I mention that our Prime Minister David Cameron’s relationship with the News of the World et al was likely to be too close? Yes I did.

What I didn’t realise then was this: last year he spent a family Christmas with the head of News International Rebekah Brooks. How cosy is that?

The Daily Telegraph is a right-wing broadsheet which traditionally supports the Conservatives. Not any more. Here’s a link to yesterday’s leader which sums up exactly how much this imbroglio stinks. Read it and weep.

In brief, it looks like senior members of the Metropolitan police (that’s the London lot) have taken bribes from  News International, and senior politicians have been so busy brown-nosing top Murdoch execs, they appear to have forgotten to run the country.

It’s corruption.

The Telegraph points out that our standing in the world is being battered. Britain prides itself on not being corrupt, on playing fair, playing the game (OK making up the game and telling everyone else to do it like us, but still). 

I guess Pluto opposing the MC might just weaken one’s standing in the world. Last time that happened (retroactively of course because this is an 1801 chart. They work forwards and backwards in time.) Britain was busy losing a little colony on the other side of the Atlantic.

Here’s a link to a post I wrote in October about Saturn crossing the UK’s Ascendant and transiting the first house as it is now.

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  1. P says:

    Yeah, and as of Sunday, the commissioner of the Met resigned, no?
    The news made its way all the way across the pond.

    As for priding oneself on not being corrupt: I’m never surprised. Maybe it’s watching too much HBO – have you ever seen ‘The Wire’? Brilliant stuff.

    I saw it and thought: Goodness, it’s just like home (India)!

  2. Christina says:

    I am still supposed to be off-blog, but must reply to you P.

    Yes – one should never ever be smug!!!