Why I’m Not Surprised by the Riots

Thursday August 11th 2011
Brixton 1981

Well, what a welcome home.

Back in October last year, I said we might get a royal wedding and riots in the coming months.

Have a look at what I wrote  here.

I came to this conclusion by using some simple but highly effective astrology. I noted that Saturn, the planet of reaping what you have sown, was crossing the UK ascendant and lurking around in the country’s first house for the next few years. The last time this happened was 1981.

I’ll save my thoughts on the current riots for a longer post, meanwhile take a look at the Shrinking Britain one.

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  1. I am not surprised too… And let me say two things: The whole system is in failure, perhaps they will be forced to insert a new currency, Secondly, that the so-called “reality check” cannot be but a reduction that means a clear thing: To make pay more the ones that have always paid…

    How much can it last…

    This, this is the real and only “reality check” ever…

  2. Isy Aweigh says:

    I tried posting this to FB and you would not believe the strange things that happened. Sufficiently bizarre that it scared me off.

    Anyway, this is chilling. And most impressive.

    It is conceivable that the “reduction” might include a reduction in what my great old boss used to call UMO, or Useless Management Overhead — a great way to save money in governments as well as companies. One can only hope. (I suppose it depends on Pluto/Saturn aspects and possibly transits of Nessus, who makes you strip away toxic secrets, or Orcus, who patiently exposes them by giving you enough rope to hang yourself with them.) Any hope there?

    Can you tell I’ve been reading up on asteroids & DPs? I’m having trouble dealing with the fact that they’re most powerful in transits. I’m too lazy & ignorant to figure nonplanet transits.

    Your articles are breathtaking. I’d like to expose them on FB so we’ll see how that goes.