Astrology of Now: A Mars-Neptune Pas de Deux

Tuesday March 27th 2012

Mars, the planet of the physical, is going backwards slowly, coming to an opposition with Neptune, planet vague, which drifted into his own sign, Pisces, just a little while ago. Mercury has slipped backwards into Pisces too for another brief swim in the sea.

Pay attention to your dreams, your imagination, allow images to surface from the depths of your ocean. This is a moment for re-imagining, redrawing, perfecting.

Enjoy this video.

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  1. Morvah says:

    Thank you, I enjoyed it enormously! How clever of you to link it with the transit – that’s really how it is; such a dreamlike quality to this time and how strange incidents have taken on entirely separate timeframes – often many in a day, so like dreaming.. I quite like it as long as I don’t try to pin anything down but I think it will be nice when it stops too. Adore that Radiohead song..

  2. Great astrological things you have shared in your video post, Thank you for sharing to us.