More Neptune: Picasso Holds Up A Mirror

Tuesday March 6th 2012

Pablo Picasso loved the virile masculinity of the bull – the cojones. He painted and drew and modelled and made hundreds of bulls.

It’s well known that he especially identified himself with the Minotaur, the mythical monster half-man, half bull: tender and bestial.

So, astrologically speaking, why would Picasso, a Scorpio, see a Taurus when he looked in the mirror?
Scorpio is the opposite sign to Taurus, of course, so the opposition itself is a kind of mirroring. But look the mirror itself is there, Neptune. Picasso was born with Neptune at 15° Taurus opposite the midpoint of his Sun and Mercury in Scorpio. For him bulls had all the glamour.


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  1. Sabrina says:

    Makes a lot of sense. And then the bull is such a strong symbol of Spain itself!
    It reminded me a good friend of my parents, a sculptor from Spain too. He also loved bulls and and they where very present in his work.I went to check his chart. His taurus sun has only two major aspects, a square to Saturn and a close trine to neptune. Then His scorpio moon opposing chiron.

  2. Christina says:

    Interesting. I’d like to find some more artistic mirrors like this – especially animal ones, but I’m racking my brains at the moment. I looked briefly at Rembrandt’s chart, keeping in mind that he painted himself over and over again, gradually getting older and older – in other words, through time – and in fact Saturn is opposite his Sun.