Looking At Your Kids’ Charts: Is It A Bad Idea?

Tuesday May 8th 2012

A couple of weeks ago I was banjaxed by a stomach virus. I spent about 24 hours wrapped around the toilet bowl weeping.

Naturally, I looked at my chart to see if anything jumped out at me. I felt as if Pluto himself had put his arm down my throat and pulled up the contents of my stomach. But to tell the truth not much showed – it was a tummy bug for goodness sake, not a life-changing event.

On the other hand, my kids were pretty horrified by proceedings. They’ve never really seen me so totally disarmed. And I think it showed up in both their charts as part of a long transit from Pluto, the god of drains (and possibly evisceration).

Normally, I don’t look at their charts over much. I try to stand back a bit, because I don’t feel that tracking the transits against my kids charts is necessarily useful for them or me. You have to let life flow rather than trying to second-guess the situation. I don’t want astrology to act as a brake.

But because Pluto moves so slowly, I always know where he is, so I can’t help being quite aware of this particular transit. Pluto is at 9° Capricorn, moving back to 8°.

My oldest daughter has her Moon at 8° Cancer – and my youngest has her IC at 9° Cancer, so Pluto is in opposition. These are both extremely sensitive points in any chart, and both connected with mother. They show a point where my children’s characters intersect, and a point where they connect to me. Since in other ways they are very different, so for me, this highly emotional degree is fascinating.

Now, this current transit is long and slow and repeated. It’s been going on for a while, and it’s going to go on for a while. It’s an outer planet transit, so there’s not much I can do about it. It’s also a transit that won’t come again for any of us. And in my own chart, Pluto sends a positive beam to my Sun in the 7th.

So what can I do? Not much in some ways. I can pay attentionbe present and try and see the Pluto patterns right now, and maybe even flow with them. You can never predict how a major transit will unfold exactly, and for children in particular, Plutonic transformation often works well below the radar.

Picture credit: Thomas Gainsbourough’s Daughters Mary and Margaret.

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  1. P says:

    Ah…. The chillins are seeing that Mummy is human. That’s okay, Mum. As long as you are still head boo-boo kisser, they’ll be fine 😀

  2. Lachesis says:

    I’ve often wondered whether you can keep a dispassionate distance from the astrology of those close to you. Are there some doors that are better not opened? You seem to be picking a wise path, but I wonder, are there any children of astrologers out there among your readers with thoughts on this? It must add another dimension to being a parent, but what’s it like being the child of an astrologer?

  3. I’m with Christina on this one. My daughter is 11 and I only look at her chart occasionally, usually when she’s experiencing a tough time/a wonderful time or involved in a big transition, like changing schools. Astrology is a really useful tool to help understand your child though and even knowing a little about their Sun sign helps tremendously. I don’t offer consultations for children either but prefer writing reports. I think astrology comes into its own when you’ve started to live your life/make choices, etc. so around age 18 is a brilliant time for a child to find out more about their personal chart and help them make their next steps in life.

  4. When my daughter was born, as an astrologer, I could not ‘unknow’ what game the planets were playing in the skies on that day, I ‘knew’ that Venus was trine Mars, as well as Moon opposing Saturn – her life, tied into mine was, and is, playing out the celestial movie which started then. Her life was and is informed by my astrological knowledge. This has been both a gift and a curse, just as Eve took a bite out that apple – there is no going back, darkness/ignorance can be bliss and being aware has not controlled or halted life’s trickier trip-ups. However, on balance she and I would definitely say “Go on Eve girl eat!”
    Ps don’t worry about those times when it comes back up again, in my experience those hellish purging times ALWAYS foretold better times, even if i didn’t spot it in my chart that day x

  5. Sabrina says:

    I love the way you said how that degree connects the three of you.
    I was looking and the day you posted this…Ha! I was thinking about that a lot around those days. Let me tell you, being pregnant when you are an astrologer might NOT be fun, particularly around delivery time. The best thing to do in the previous weeks is forget ephemeris even exist. I sort of tried, but as your friend Pippa says, you can’t really unknow what’s going on.
    I also prefer not to look too much, especially in the beggining. You want to get to know each other, to see each other without filters, plus I’m a worrywart and that’s a problem. Those first weeks and months are to loose yourself into this delicious new being that blesses your life. ( I applied that to love life as well and seemed to work )

    But then -used like salt- astrology can be such wonderful parenting tool. I bet we all have looked at mercury to find ways to communicate with the little ones, see how we can encourage them to enjoy learning and stimulate their curiosity.
    My thoughts lately are more into finding the best possible ways to express/portray some of the aspects that might involve me. easier said than done, of course. How do you, with all the love and good intentions you have as a parent, turn a positive/constructive spin into a not so lovely looking aspect?
    p.s so sorry you had that bug…feel for you. I’m miserable when I throw up.