12 Ways to Expand Your Mind: Jupiter in Gemini

Friday June 29th 2012
Shakyamuni and his two attendants. Source: The Tibetan Museum

Jupiter is going to be in Gemini until next summer. You have a full year to take advantage of this very interesting, rather unsettling energy. But it only comes every 12 years, so start paying attention to it now.

In the first air sign, Jupiter is traditionally ill-placed, said to be in fall. This is because, it’s opposite Sagittarius, the planet’s natural exaltation, where it’s best-placed.

You can see why. Jupiter is about the big picture, getting an overview. He’s about instinct, compassion, expansion, truth. Gemini is one the signs that deals with detail – the other being Virgo, where Jupiter is in also in detriment. Jupiter is about “knowing”, Gemini is about asking.

But Sagittarius and Gemini are both about information – and despite Gemini’s reputation as a story-teller, they are both signs concerned with finding out the truth. For Sag, the truth may be a big abstract rather wobbly idea, but for Gemini, the truth is a fact. So maybe you can begin to see that Jupiter in Gemini could be rather a good thing.

What’s Gemini about? Curiosity, thinking, fact-finding, journalism, story-telling, organising ideas, thinking the unthinkable, facing your shadow, children, siblings and childishness. Above all Gemini is mind, and together with Jupiter we get “big mind” this year.

Where is Gemini in your natal chart? You should find out because that part of your life is going to get a good dose of Jupiterian expansion, optimism, truth-telling and possibly excess this year.

Just to add to the excitement, Venus has actually paved the way for this transit, by spending a very long time in Gemini this year. She’ll stay in Gemini until the end of July, so you will have the two most benevolent (luckiest) planets in the same sector of your chart. This should give Jupiter’s transit some special oomph.If you know your rising sign – read both that and your Sun sign. In each scenario, the key idea is to think big, apply your mind to this part of your life.Aries
Expand your local network, get in touch with cousins and siblings, expand your skill-set – e.g. learn another language. You are able to learn like a sponge right now.

Simple. Make more money. Think of new ways to make more money. Don’t overspend. Don’t be extravagant. Do be generous.

The world is your oyster, but chiefly you need to make sure the right people get to meet you in person. This is a very good year to meet a new lover or business partner. In all relationships this year, you should realise that you probably hold the most cards, so it’s important to be generous and gracious. Jupiter in your sign often means that other people will simply find you very attractive. Revel in your popularity and spread the joy.

This is a year of great potential emotional healing for you. You may be much less sociable than usual. This is a good thing, go with it, because spending time within your famous crabby shell, will only strengthen you for next year, when you will suddenly find yourself the centre of attention.

Socialise, network, gad about, dear butterfly. Connect with friends old and new, because you are M. or Madame Populaire this annee. If you need to raise money for a charity, you will be astonishingly successful. If you want to start a group – singing, skiing, stitching, whatever takes your fancy – this is your year to do it.

Get noticed by the boss – or the general public. Your profile is at a 12-year high. If you have played your cards right, you could reap the reward of 12-years grafting at your craft. In particular it you write for a living, or are involved in the media in any way, you should get some payback in 2012-2013. This is one of the transits that you need to work with though. Until October, you’ll have quite a lot of support from practical Saturn for your career too, so try and use that while it lasts.

Ooo – nice angle for you, dear Libra. And about time too, I hear you say. Since Saturn’s been giving you the nose-to-the-grindstone routine for a couple of years now, you may be feeling as if life is just relentless work. Jupiter has come along to open up your horizons again. It’s time to start looking up at the sky instead of down at your feet, as you plod along. Here are some good things to do when Jupiter’s sending you this lovely beam – travel, go on a pilgrimage, study something mind-blowing, get published, show the world your talent. Go for it Libra.

I’ve always thought it was interesting that you, of all people, should have the house of sex, death and taxes (your favourite things) ruled by Gemini, surely the sign that is most alien to you. I’ve thought about this a lot and realised that there is something that you and those cerebral Twins have in common – and that is a capacity for analysis, you go deeper, of course, but you’re both interested in the truth. What Gemini give you in the 8th house is the ability to tell stories about sex, death and taxes (Hello Dr Freud). And by telling stories, you find the truth. But to cut to the chase: more death, more sex, more taxes. What’s not to like? You might, just might, inherit some money.

Love is all around – truly. Go out and find him or her. Or just enjoy the one you’re with because you may actually realise (at last) that your darling is blooming marvellous, and has been all along. The power this year lies with your lover, partner, other, so just lie back and bask in it.

What’s going to expand – your daily duties and responsibilities. This could be something quite minor, like you get a puppy, or major, you find yourself working for the Chancellor of the Exchequer, or working on a new album. Either way, I have no doubt you will enjoy this, dear Capricorn, because you love waking up in the morning with the feeling that there’s work to do and you are the person to do it. It’s lovely having purpose. One caveat though, if you really feel rudderless, this is your year to go out and find a purpose and make sure it’s about helping other people.

Nice one, my friend, very nice. The planet of blessing is about to sprinkle a little stardust in your hour of creativity, children and flirtation. If you have kids, they’ll make you proud. If you want kids, you could well have one. If you’re pregnancy is more cerebral than literal, this is your year to get down to some serious making. You will feel totally inspired. You should have the chance to indulge in your favourite hobbies this year more than usual.

Time to make the fish tank bigger or move into a larger one, my dear. The expansion is in your home – either the house itself will somehow get bigger, or your family will. Embrace this energy, Ms of Mr Scales, because it only comes round every 12 years or so. If you’ve been rather shy about inviting people round, stop it, because your home in 2012 will be a place that makes everyone feel welcome.

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  1. Hemisha says:

    “Famous crabby shell…” – LOL you know what I was asked today – “how long are you going to be like this…” – meaning preferring solitude and silence and voices in my head to group activity…playing monopoly etc is replaced by knitting sweaters, reading more than usual and contemplation…12th house effect!
    My answer – Till April 2013! I don’t feel very luckier though! Hope it kicks in soon! 🙂

  2. Vanessa says:

    Oh I was really looking forward to Jupiter in Gemini, but as it stands right now, I’m struggling to focus! I have all these thoughts and ideas running around in my mind, but just having a hard time sitting down and putting them on paper, i.e. getting them in physical form out there in the world. I don’t want to lose this inspiration, but I hope that by the end of this transit, I’ve been able to focus and put these ideas into practice. BTW, love the new look of your website! A joy to read it!

  3. Christina says:

    Just go with the flow, V, jot the ideas down but don’t feel you have to act on them all at once. Enjoy.

  4. Re. your Scorpio prediction; I’m Scorpio & I love my Gemini friends. There’s a mutual love of knowledge, discovery, finding things out. It’s a Mercury/Pluto thing, going in deep, wanting to know more. It totally works (as my 11 year old would say!)

  5. Christina says:

    Yeah – I think of it is a kind of scientific mind thing.

    Just in terms of astrological paradigms, I wonder if one could extrapolate that model. So with Scorpio rising, you get Gemini ruling Scorpio’s 8th house, that’s Scorp’s “natural” house. So for example is there an affinity or kindhsip between, say Virgo and the 6th house ruler, which would be Aquarius? I think that might be right….. needs thinking about.