Astrology of Now: Midsummer Night’s Dream

Wednesday June 20th 2012
Oberon and Titania "Ill met by Moonlight" by Arthur Rackham

Oberon and Titania “Ill met by Moonlight” by Arthur Rackham, certainly a dark imagination at work there.

 It is indeed a dreamy night tonight, a night to stay up until dawn inventing epics and love stories.

Neptune, master of illusions, rises as the Sun moves into Cancer. The two cast a knowing beam to each other through the imaginative, watery signs of Cancer and Pisces.

What’s more the Moon, our emotions, is still in her domicile, the most sensitive sign of them all, Cancer – and so is Intelligence, Mercury himself, ready to interpret our emotions and put them into words.

And look at Jupiter, the expander, in the sign of storytelling, joined by Venus, art and beauty, as she looks backwards into the past for inspiration. The South Node (where we come from) is on the midpoint between these two planets, linking them together more closely. So maybe inspiration comes from stories that have already been told. But with Uranus, the spark, in Aries, it’s time to make those same old stories new.

Brooding over it all is Pluto, the transformer. Can we accept that dark energy and turn it into art and beauty…?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    …and he told me of the beauty hidden in our foreheads and of the ugliness we show instead. A midnight summers dream as we watched the rain.