Ray Merriman on the Debt Crisis

Monday June 25th 2012
As we all know now, we are living in interesting times, but sometimes it’s hard to keep up with just what is going on. The scene changes so rapidly; opinions vary so wildly.

The financial astrologer Ray Merriman has written a brilliant piece for The Mountain Astrologer which  explains our current economic predicament clearly and how we got here, and then goes on to suggest how we might get out of it.

Here’s the link.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I read about one page then stopped when I realised the guy had no idea about the situation or what caused it. You see with some research and dedication derived from interest in the subject you would realise that this was predicted by many independent financial people. The writing was on the wall so to speak. What with the rehypothication and carry trade and that all financial fraud was generally based out of London, and all the mounting debt and fake balance sheets full of debt and hiding the true balance by shifting figures from one branch to another when the asseror appeared. Oh and the constant changing the rules by lobbying to allow fraud. Its no surprise it happened. check out maxkeiser.com | zerohedge.com | steve keen is good | you should also check out the excellent punk economics series. There is so much info out there that of course the main stream media does not show or mention – I wonder why?

  2. Anonymous says:

    As soon as he wrote it came as a surprise I knew it was time to stop reading. As I wrote it was no surprise. From that point on in this guys contention due to not starting off correctly, it was going to go down hill. I still have not completely read it and wont bother. I can only presume that you are inferring that he goes on to say the same thing…