12 Questions From Mercury Rx in Leo

Monday July 16th 2012
Freddie Mercury.

Mercury, the trickster, lay down and took a nap in the Sun last week. Now he’s staggered to his feet and is laboriously retracing his steps through Leo. He’s a little dazed and confused poor fellow, asking this question: who am I?

Mercury in Leo: it’s about identity, and how you communicate it.

Let me tell you what happened to me when Mercury stationed. For reasons too tedious and techy to go into, I’ve lost control of my domain name (temporarily I hope). It’s my on-line identity (Leo). This means my email has also ceased to function, which is not just about communications (Mercury) but also about identity.

I feel like an ear has been cut off, but it set me wondering about why. What is the point of shutting that down right now?

With a Mercury retrograde, you are always asked to rethink. Usually when something goes wrong during Merc Rx, you can fix it and you learn something useful about how you think, communicate or about the detail of your life.

Have an ear cut off makes you think

When the retrograde is in Leo, it’s going to be about personal power, identity, the creative impulse. The Sun is Leo’s ruler: this is the very centre of ourselves, our solar plexus, our ego. That’s true for everyone, no matter what the sign.

Naturally, the shape of your whole chart will show you where the questions are, but you can catch more than just gist of it from Rising and Sun sign. That’s because it’s in Leo.

These questions will be highlighted even more when the Sun enters Leo on the 22nd.

With the Sun in Leo, it’s midday on the Mediteranean when shadow and light are black and white, nothing should escape your scrutiny. But answers should be creative, generous, generative. Mercury in Leo is not asking you to withdraw or withhold but to spread the joy.

Here are some questions worth pondering during this time.

Aries Р Are you playing enough? Or too much?
Taurus – Is your home really your castle?
Gemini – Are you listening?
Cancer – Are you defining yourself by your poverty or wealth?
Leo – Who are you? What are you for?
Virgo – Why are you hiding? What is it you really want to say?
Libra – Who are you talking to and why?
Scorpio – Are you really using your power well?
Sagittarius – How is what you know being put to the service of who you are?
Capricorn – What do you owe?
Aquarius – How well are you communicating with your partner? Is your identity being subsumed?
Pisces – Are you losing yourself in details? How do your duties bolster or deny your identity?

Dates of the Rx are 15 July to 8 August. But the shadow period began last week and we won’t out of the shadow until August 22.


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  1. Great ideas for individual responses!!

  2. Christina says:

    Thanks. I’m attempting to take my own advice.

  3. P says:

    This is an interesting one for me: It’s passing through my tenth house (MC at 3 Leo). I am indeed going through asking myself what the heck my career identity is supposed to be.

  4. Christina says:

    P, I know you are. This could well be the period during which you figure it out though – and it could also be something you’ve already thought of.

    You could try just letting the whole worry go hang for the retrograde and then when you come back to it in late August, the answer will seem obvious. Sometimes the way to deal with a retrograde is not to sweat it but simply ignore it for a while.

  5. I postively hate Mercury retro’s.
    I keep getting told to embrace them but for me everything turns literally upside down everytime Mercury retro’s occur. I think I feel it more so being Virgo.

  6. Christina says:

    Being a Virgo would do that: Mercury is your planet after all. I wonder what else might be exacerbating it.

    The thing is Merc Rxes happen so frequently that we all need to find ways to navigate through them. Some Rxes are worse than others, because they hit you in more or less vulnerable parts of the chart.

    Personally, I find some I just sail through, getting in touch with old friends, going over old paperwork etc, but this one has hit me where it hurts. I can’t tell you how frustrated I am about my email (still not working).

    Keep your chin up beetlejuice. Only three more weeks to go!

  7. wawonas says:

    love your blog. clicked on it cuz i’ll be in Oxford in a month. Faculty of Astro Studies summer school. i’m launching as pro-astrologer at nigh-60. fun, exciting, no clients so far, just studying and practicing.

    sorry to hear about your email devastation.

  8. Christina says:

    Ooo – the summer school is great, total astro-immersion for a week. I’m not going this year but a handful of my local group go every year to keep the Oxford flag flying. Enjoy

  9. Sabrina says:

    “How do your duties bolster or deny your identity?” Haha…Both!

  10. Isy Aweigh says:

    Mercury is trining Uranus, too. Also trining my natal Mercury, which Uranus is passing over. If I could gather my thoughts at all, I’m sure they’d be absolutely fascinating.

  11. Isy Aweigh says:

    Private note: anything I might be able to do to help? Web arcana have gotten a bit beyond me — tech does move on & leave dinosaurs like me behind — but I’m not afraid to try.

    I hope the rotters get a proper spanking and your email gets straightened out promptly. grrrrr


  12. One of the least noted affects of Mercury turning retrograde is the fact this happens when The Sun and Mercury are at their greatest separation. Away from the overwhelming glow of The Sun the moment of retrograde therefore has an even greater effect and changeability on everything and anything than when any other planet turns retrograde.