Astrology of Now: Palllas Athena Loves Uranus

Tuesday July 10th 2012
Gustav Klimt’s Pallas Athena, 1895

Pallas Athena, the asteroid of strategy and weaving is in a cosy huddle with Uranus, the god of bright ideas. And the Moon is right there with them today, shining a soft silver glow on proceedings.

The Ram is, of course, the sign of beginnings, initiatives and passion. And as we all know, this Uranus has been prodded by the planet of, among other things, uncomfortable insights, Pluto.

Uranus and Pallas are both associated with astrology. See my post Why Pallas Athena is the Astrologers’ Asteroid and take a look at the comments. There are a lot of excellent examples.

These two will be strolling through Aries arm in arm for a while still; in fact they were already in a close embrace when the square came from Pluto. I wonder if that means astrology itself may undergo some kind of revolution. We should certainly be open to inspiration.

Since astrologers are symbolised by Uranus, the planet of weirdness and difference, we ought to be freshening up our act (Aries) and embracing some kind of revolution. Hmmm.

My problem seems to be that I have started a dozen trains of thought in the last 48 hours yet seem incapable of completing any of them. I shall write them all down and rethink them when Mercury goes properly retrograde.

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  1. Great post. It does seem as if astrology is changing for the better with all the excellent astrologers online.

    I am like that, too, I cannot think straight when Mercury is direct!

  2. Great piece. I am so ready for the astro revolution! I am up in London for my birthday visiting my kids, and today I went into The Astrology Shop and was greedy for quite a few books (as presses!) so hope to freshen up my astro…I am excited as that Aries is kicking at my MC.

  3. Christina says:

    Thanks. I think it’s the Uranus-Pallas-Moon that’s getting me starting too much stuff – and then the Pluto that’s blocking. It’s all hooked up to my chart, although thank goodness, tangentially.

    Merc Rx is always excellent for editing I find.