Astrology of Now: Where’s Your Revolution?

Tuesday July 3rd 2012
Lord Shiva, the transformer

Today, the god of transformation is joined by the Full Moon in the sign of institutions, establishment, organisation. And the head of Barclays Bank resigns…

The Moon slides over Pluto at 8° Capricorn and then opposes then Sun, which is at 12° Cancer. If you have any planets on or near these degrees, you will feel this energy.

When we reach the time of a Full Moon, we are coming to an ending; something has reached maximum growth, so it is ready to be plucked and eaten like a ripe peach.

Pluto is also deals with endings. So we have two symbols of transformation coming together.

For people with a lot of water in the chart, especially Scorpios, the atmosphere now will also be emotionally charged. Pluto adds huge depth and power to the emotional Moon. Pluto often symbolises the things that we bury most deeply. When the Sun illuminates these dark corners of the psyche, we can have an eruption of feeling. It’s as if we turn over a stone and a jet of sticky, black crude oil shoots out of the earth. It’s disgusting but it might be valuable.

Full Moon Today

This energy flavours the following fortnight until the New Moon in Cancer on the 19th.

And there’s another (well several other) important element in this mix: Mars, the action planet is moving into Libra today after having been stuck in Virgo for eight months. Mars in Libra is not alway well placed though.

Bluntly this is often a signifier of dispute and marital strife. A big argument may erupt now that lasts at least until the end of the summer – lawyers could be involved too.

In a week’s time, Mars will oppose Uranus and square that Pluto. This is like a volt of electricity zapping the entire configuration. Uranus, the god of change, is in the sign of individualism and beginnings Aries.

As well as paying attention to the parts of your chart that are affected, watch out for changes in the world around you.

This morning, I listed to the Reith Lecture on the BBC and this is how the historian Niall Ferguson finished (I’ll have to paraphrase since the transcripts aren’t published yet): In the English-speaking world, we, the people, need to reclaim our countries from the institutions that are smothering them. That is exactly the dynamic of Uranus-Pluto. Remember that last time these two were in such a strong aspect was in 1965/66.

Try translating that idea to your own psyche. What old habits or institutions do you have in your mind, your character or your soul, that need to be transformed? What’s your peach? Where’s your revolution?

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  1. juliem says:

    Interesting – natal sun at 13 Cancer and about to leave a career of 17 years to work with a charity working specifically with abused kids, as a specialist. Wow Christina. Thanks for your reading a few months’ ago – this is what I was doing 20+ years’ ago as a carer and social worker, and with the Venus Retrograde I’m returning to it, and using Arts Therapies with the children and families. We thought it would be something I would revisit,(Fine Art), I didn’t think it would be this. God moves in mysterious ways indeed. Thank you. Julie.

  2. Gilly says:

    Natal Saturn and POF at 11 Cap, Ceres at 14, Mercury at 15, all 7th house. Oh… I have no idea (but it’d better be something good!) 😉

  3. Christina says:

    Julie – it was actually a great reading for me too! Especially since the possibilities for you are so right.

    Hang on Gilly… that’s not a rich older man is it? Or maybe I shouldn’t have written a post on 50 Shades of Grey!

  4. Isy Aweigh says:

    I, too, have some revolution-y things in mind to do. That Martian zap will be very useful for getting things going, especially with Jupiter getting his enlarging head into inquisitive Gemini; and Venus, direct at last, giving my 2nd house a needed whack. Merc retrograde won’t be much of a problem, since the project starts with revising what we know.

    I’m beginning to feel my oats about the whole thing. Resting up and preparing…

  5. juliem says:

    OO that’s not my Gilly!! (Gilbert, my dog, who barked at possums all the way through the reading with Christina).That’s another Gilly – who are you Gilly? And do you have a rich, older man-friend? 🙂