Astrology of Now: Saturn Drinks in Libra’s Last Chance Saloon

Thursday September 27th 2012
Marc Chagall
The Eve of the Day of Atonement

Today, 27 September 2012, is the Jewish Day of Atonement. The Books of Life and Death have been closed, the tally of good and bad deeds has been taken for the year, and you’ve apologised to your family, friends, colleagues, the milkman for the dumb stuff you did or said this year, and now it’s time to pray.

Does God write the names of those who are to die this year in a big book? I doubt it. Does he/she/it/whatever care if we pray all day today? Shrug and wave of the hands.

But I like the idea of taking a moment to look back at your year and weigh up how well you have done in your relations with others. And then deciding to mend a few bridges – or not as the case may be.

Observant Jews should have been making amends for the past ten days or so. For them it’s too late until next year, but for the rest of us it’s not too late at all. In fact, this year is really special in terms of setting the record straight, saying sorry and doing the right thing. Saturn, the planet of retribution, is in the final degree of Libra, justice and balance, until October 6, when he moves into Scorpio.

Librans across the planet and those with Saturn in Libra will be heaving a mass sigh of relief. It’s been a tough one, even tougher than usual because Saturn was locked in conflict with both Uranus, shock, and Pluto, awe, for some of the time. It’s almost over, yay.

So we have two more weeks to weigh up our own behaviour. At 29°, Saturn is in Libra’s last chance saloon, drinking his final piña colada before putting on the floor-length leather coat and striding into Scorpio, getting ready for some vengeance.

Now the 29th degree of any sign is an interesting one. Some astrologers call this, and the very first degree of a sign, critical degrees. The qualities of the sign are said to be magnified. Isabel Hickey calls this the “degree of expiation” which means atonement.

Saturn is the planet that keeps score. He takes a tally. He’s an accountant. When he’s in Libra, he’s concerned with justice and fairness, with equal relations between people. Just like those observant Jews going around the neighbourhood asking forgiveness, this is our last chance with Saturn exalted (that is behaving well) in the sign of fairness, to fix broken relationships using charm and diplomacy. Now is also the opportunity to look back over the last two and a half years when Saturn was in Libra and see how you’ve done. What lessons have you learned about relationships, about justice, about politics?

“Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.” That’s the Bible, and it may be as well to keep those words in mind when Saturn goes into Scorpio, the sign of revenge.

Saturn in Scorpio takes no prisoners.


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  1. Hemisha says:

    Hey There! Yep, I agree bond with yourself first…Saturn compels you really find out who/what matters. Deal with it. Vedic Astrologers here find my optimism and sense of relief misplaced. You see Saturn’s gonna linger in libra till 2014. Well…time will tell! 🙂
    I will go to the Nav Graha Shani temple to pay RESPECTS anyway… Cheers!

  2. Hi, Christina, I see Saturn in Scorpio as a call to take our shovels and bury at last what is already dead… the smell is unbearable!

  3. Christina says:

    Alessandra – I love your metaphor, and I am sure that will be part of it.

    Vengeance, as they say, is best eaten cold. I am sure we will see that too.

    Hemisha – Does it make a difference that everything is moved along 20-something degrees in Vedic astro?

  4. Hemisha says:

    Not as much. Degrees are perceived differently in VA. Its mostly used for tracking progressions of planets to calculate the Dashas & Yoga. The elaborate chart that comes with the natal chart called the navamsha has a great of ‘degree’ maths.
    More than the leaving of the planet VA concentrates on the effect of future movement on dashas. Not just the planets approach to moon phases is different in VA. Reason is VA calendar is already lunar based. Ephemerical math is very different. On 27th Oct 2012 is my Gujarati New Year & will welcome the year (Vikram Samvat) 2069. Hope I was able to answer your question! Thanks.

  5. Christina says:

    Thanks hemi – and a premature happy new year although I’m sure we’ll be in conversation again before then.

    Now I need to go rest my brain while I unfurl dashes etc.

  6. Isy Aweigh says:

    With recent events in Tripoli capping a bad month for US diplomats abroad, Saturn in Scorpio is stretching a long shadow ahead of itself. The party of BuBushes & Ronnie Ray-gun is trying to get back in power, creating a yet more harrowing and bloody debt to pay. I sincerely, and with uncharacteristic violence, hope that they meet their own judgement & retribution in short order. I pray for the energy and optimism … to pray for a massive awakening for the American people from the bitter, toxic dream that half of them have surrendered to. At the moment it feels too sunk even to hope for, but stranger things have been happening lately.

    Bring on the leather coat. 🙂