4 Things to Get Right With Saturn in Scorpio

Monday October 15th 2012
October by James Tissot, who was born with Sun Libra,
Saturn and Mercury in Scorpio.

Saturn moving into Scorpio represents a major energy shift, and it’s time to apply some astrological knowledge instead of just theorising about it.

Saturn likes rules, boundaries and organisation, so apply these to the things of Scorpio.

Here are some examples but do extrapolate…

Saturn in Scorpio

October 5, 2012 – December 23, 2014

Β June 14, 2015 – September 17, 2015


Are you happy with your sex life? Do you really enjoy dressing up in rubber on Thursdays and cleaning the house, or are you just doing it to please your partner? Is celibacy the only other option? Is it time to impose some limitation?

Remember that last time Saturn was in Scorpio, in the 1980s, we were in the middle of the AIDS crisis in the West. The virus was identified and the concept of “safe sex” was invented. People’s behaviour did change quite dramatically.


Scorpio deals in debt, investments, inheritance. Do you know where your money is and what it’s doing? Have you made a will? How badly are you really in debt?

Saturn is now in mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn, the planet that has been making such a job of transforming the global economy since 2008. Between them, Saturn the planet of accountability and Pluto the transformer, they may well be ready to make some brutal changes to the structure of the world economy. Mutual reception facilitates the workings of both planets, but that does not mean it’s going to be pretty. These two are not known for their good looks or charm. Their first exact contact by sextile is December 27th this year…

So on a personal level, think about where your debt is and where your investments are and whether you want to bury the chest of gold in the basement.

In the 1980s we saw the hideous Savings and Loan scandal erupt during this transit. Small banks and businesses went to the wall across America as it became apparent that there were unrealistic amounts of debt. Frankly compared to the ocean of debt in which we wallow now, that was a cold bath.

Death and Old Age.

Do you believe in an afterlife? When you die do you want to be cremated or preserved in ice? Think it through, write it down. Do you want to be gaga and fed with a runcible spoon or would you rather they switched off the machine?

In the past 30 years (again since the last Saturn in Scorpio) advances in medicine have prolonged lives in the developed world in a way that has us all asking questions about the quality of life, euthanasia, and our rights to die in dignity.


What is haunting you? Is it time to exorcise it? Scorpio is the sign associated with the unconscious, with our obsessions and habits. What habit or obsession is it time cut out of your life?

It is also the sign of spirits and ancestry. In some ways this is quite practical, since Scorpio rules inheritance, but I’m also talking about the spooky stuff – real ghosts, dark energies. Saturn demands a practical approach, so a really thorough energy cleansing of your home this Scorpio season would do no harm at all.



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  1. Sabrina says:

    Ha! I see the glimpse about mutual reception now. Yes lots to do…

  2. Christina says:

    Scorpio is also the sign of TAXES, and I hear this morning that the Portuguese have been hit with a big tax rise. Income tax goes up from around 10% to around 15%. I can’t believe it was that low in the first place. I’d expect more news about changes in tax systems around the world.

    Ah yes, the mutual reception! I don’t necessarily think that it’s gong to be mean everything’s going to be lovely. When you think about the planets and signs involved, it’s pretty austere.

  3. Christina says:

    Make that 9.8% to 13.2%. Still seems low to me.

  4. Anonymous says:


    could you please suggest thorough energy cleansing of your home

  5. Diane L says:

    Excellent succinct review of Saturn in Scorp!

    “Austere” is great word for the mutual reception . . . instead of being booted out abruptly for non-payment of debt you get a clearly defined grace period. Best not screw that up though! πŸ™‚

  6. Isy Aweigh says:

    Scorpio has been making hay in my life, it seems, and not least because of life-shifting upheavals for my long-distance partner, a Scorpio.

    Still, with a fair amount of Saturn work and a bit of practice with the Scorpio energy under my belt, I can face these hours-per-day bouts of spiritual concentration and intensely practical work of the rest of the time… with nothing more than the occasional yawp of pain and random gibbers of sheer terror. πŸ™‚

    A message I received very clearly recently: “This is uncertainty. You should know exactly what it feels like in all its dimensions, because then you will really/finally know what certainty is.” Reassuring… not. But very useful to know.

  7. Isy Aweigh says:

    Energy cleansing: many ways to do it, but it often works best to combine two or more methods. The first thing is to be clear in your own mind that that’s what you’re about to do. Then be clear about what the bounds of your home are. Then use sound, smoke, water, or energy — or, for best results, some combination thereof — to drive out whatever does not belong or is an unwell, disharmonious or evil influence.

    Sound: clattering, rattles, drums, cymbals, music, chant, prayer, song on the theme of cleansing and purifying — all good.

    Smoke: smudge (usually sage or cedar), incense (myrrh or dragon’s blood are especially strong; temple or church incense is also good), good tobacco burned in a ritual manner, etc.

    Water: holy water, salt water, or water with vervain or basil (or both) steeped in it — basil is a powerful purifier, don’t be fooled by how easy it is to get.

    Energy: Selenite wands, crystal wands (if you can control your thoughts well enough to keep on the “purification” theme for the whole process), and a beam of thought… any of these moved with great purpose and deliberate intent throughout the space can do amazing things.

    Your intention to purify drives the whole show. That’s important. It doesn’t have to be a serious affair, though. Bringing in a few good people and making it a kind of party is a wonderful idea, because it automatically follows the purification with filling up the space with good energy.

    That’s an important part of purification — the refilling. Nature abhors a vacuum, and a really thorough purification (especially done after too long) can leave quite a hole. So juice it up with good vibes, good music, plus good food and good friends if available, and you’ll be amazed at how well it “sticks” πŸ™‚

    Harmonious music, laughter, lovely touches of decoration (especially sparkling or colorful things), amber resin, copal, healing Tibetan incense, and the scents of vanilla, lavender, lemon and tangerine all draw good, uplifting energy into a space.

  8. Christina says:

    I think Isy has answered your question very nicely, Anon. The only thing I would add is that actually cleaning your home is important too. Throw out your garbage between the Taurus Full Moon on the 29th and the New Moon in Scorpio on November 13th. Traditionally that’s ghost season anyway. That’s also a good time to do the cleansing. Then just after the New Moon you can plant the seed of happiness for the next year.

    Have fun.

  9. Jules says:

    If Saturn in Scorpio saw the advent of the AIDS virus, and subsequent change in behaviours, did the medical anti-virus pharmacology also start up in Saturn in Scorpio, or was that Saturn in Sagittarius?

    And if the current bullying, controlling and power-mongering on an individual and ‘team’ level i.e. sex (Savile) and drugs (Armstrong) is being uncovered now, will we also see, do you think, a subsequent behavioural shift in individuals or a move to the collective to act against that power imbalance? This also begs the question – what do we need to do to redress the balance and ‘heal’ this? Will we have to wait again a few years until Saturn is out of Scorpio?

  10. Christina says:

    Aids had already been killing people. Saturn in Scorp saw the beginning of containment: government taking the epidemic seriously and the identification of the actual virus. Before this happened no one was even sure what caused it.

    I would need to look up exactly when we first started to get drugs that actually worked but I think it was not until the 1990s that effective treatments were developed. So Saturn would have moved on a bit.

    I think this is all about boundaries. It’s about creating clear boundaries that deal with these people. I do think there’s a potential behavioural shift. That change in the 1980s was very much fuelled by a government campaign though.

    I also think this connects with Neptune in Pisces, which is often dissed as the creator of illusions but in his other guise, he washes illusions away.

  11. Sabrina says:

    Austere, absolutely. Quality and meaning over quantity also comes to mind ( much needed on this side of the Atlantic).

    I had no idea taxes were that low in Portugal. Still, it must be tough for the people to adjust. Sounds like there might be small increments until they reach a more realistic amount (just a hunch. Haven’t checked news or charts)

  12. Isy Aweigh says:

    Successful AIDS cocktails had been in use for a handful of years in the US when I started working as a nurse on an HIV unit in 1991. Here’s what I remember.

    The vectors of infection were identified in the mid-1980’s, the antiretrovirals already existed but were produced in greater quantity and refined almost immediately, and the cocktails were in use by the late 80’s.

    By the time I entered nursing and got my first job (on an HIV unit) the medicine was stable enough that we could distinguish between illness and med side-effects pretty well. By 1991, when I got that job, we were also clear enough about the degree of contagiousness that we knew not to wear space suits, just what we now call “universal precautions” and use for everyone. (Containing the disease, rather than the person.)

    Diagnosis was terrible for women, since of course the disease was defined in terms of men (they all are, at first) and it took a few more years for diagnosis to catch up to reality.

    By the mid-1990’s, thanks to the visibility brought by ACT-UP and others, insurance had begun to get caught up and so had the government: AIDS was accepted as a disabling diagnosis, allowing people access to federal assistance with medications and other things necessary to survival.

    More than you ever wanted to know πŸ™‚