Astrology of Now: The Eye of the Storm

Sunday October 28th 2012
Evelyn de Morgan: Spirits of the Storm

It comes as no surprise that this Full Moon is the eye of a massive storm. The chat is criss-crossed with red lines. There are five oppositions including the Full Moon itself. Going counter-clockwise from the Taurus Moon.

Taurus Moon opposes Scorpio Sun-Saturn
Gemini Lilith opposes Sagittarius Mercury (widely)
Gemini Jupiter opposes Sagittarius Mars
Cancer Ceres opposes Capricorn Pluto
Libra Venus opposes Aries Uranus

Put the Earth at the centre of all that and you can see we are in the planetary crosshairs.

Except for the Mars-Jupiter axis all those oppositions contact each other in the early degrees of water, earth and air. If you have any planets between 0° and 8°, this may turn out to be a Full Moon to remember. This is powerful stuff, the inner planets are drawing the outer planets energy in.

If you look at the chart, you can see how the two groups of planets line up on two sides of the chart, with Leo and Aquarius holding the net across the middle of the court. Is is war or is it a game?

Within those same early degrees, there’s the Grand Trine in Water:  Neptune-Chiron in Pisces to Ceres in Cancer to Sun-Saturn in Scorpio. This forms a Kite with the Full Moon.  Some say that the Kite provides the perfect balance between ease and tension.

The Grand Trine may show a means of releasing all this tension, but these big, easy patterns don’t always herald something we humans would call “good”, just something the gods might enjoy, like a storm.  On a personal level though, this is a very positive set-up, suggesting  a night to dream up some long-term solutions to emotional or artistic conundrums. This Full Moon sets off that lovely trine between Saturn and Neptune, which I wrote about here. And it ties in Ceres, the asteroid associated with fertility. If you had a dream baby in mind, tonight would be the night to plant the seed.

The Mars-Jupiter opposition across the signs of information and knowledge floats outside those busy early degrees. But it’s still in on the action, maybe like a pair of embedded journalists in a war zone, who come up with completely opposite stories.

Full Moons are awakenings. Which part of your chart is being blasted our of bed?


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  1. Leslee says:

    Well, it sure is a massive storm here on the entire Eastern coast of the US! Hurricane Sandy (aka Frankenstorm) is hitting over 500-800 miles up and down the coast tomorrow at the full moon, which always brings high tides anyway. It’s interfering with final campaigning for the upcoming elections as well.

    As for me, not too much worry except for possible power outages. The Taurus Full Moon is almost exactly conjunct my MC, Sun on my IC. Since I work from home, I guess this may blast my worklife out of bed! At least after the power comes back on…

  2. Sabrina says:

    I Was just talking with my husband about the Taurus full moon and the storm in the east coast. all I could say was, it sure will be a lot of mud after it passes!

    Mighty chart it is. Planting a seed. So perfect!

  3. Link says:

    Frankenstorm gives the US election some gravitas at the least. It matters to the rest of the planet what happens when US Presidents change. Having said that, the earth is a hazardous place for a variety of reasons not least of which is potential rapid changes in the weather. I hope everyone has managed to make themselves as safe as possible, God bless the weatherperson who warns.

    I’m taking this full Moon highly personally and keeping to myself as much as possible. I”ve been looking forward to this trine for some time, we desperately needs a nice bit of compassionate interaction between sense (saturn) and sensibility/sensitivity (neptune) . . . which is I suppose why we’re getting it. The Scorpio stuff is certainly making life more interesting . . . .and alarming.

  4. Link says:

    That’s a great painting, isn’t it? (btw). Pillaging now

  5. Christina says:

    Take a look at some of her other stuff — very handy for astrologers!

  6. DeepSea says:

    Looking at the astro for Sandy (as a Full Moon event) and the US Elections combined, what chance is there of the Elections actually being postponed by a couple of weeks or more? (Yes, it would be utterly bizarre if that happened – and we hope *not*).

    That said, the astro for the US building up to and around the Elections looks messy indeed.

  7. Gilly says:

    It’s in my 11th house, but it trines my Pluto, which is also being trined by Pluto. Sounds appropriate for Halloween.