Astrology of Now: Rules About Sex

Tuesday February 26th 2013
A still from the TV show Mad Men

Henry Kissinger said power is an aphrodisiac. Well, it works for some people, but you know what, a lot of us don’t find it that attractive.

The two top stories in the news here in the UK today are about sex and power. 

The gay-bashing head of the Catholic Church in Britain, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, has had to step down because of allegations of “inappropriate behaviour” with priests.

The chief exec of the third political party, the Liberal Democrats, is under fire for propositioning or possibly groping, colleagues – a lot. It’s still not quite clear what he did or did not do.  Lord Rennard’s (alleged) roving hands and loose talk have led to a lot of discussion about what is and what is not acceptable behaviour at work.

I have to say in my experience offices can be hotbeds of sex, but also of romance. After all, a lot of people meet their life partners at work. It’s around one in five married couples in the West. Come to think of it, a friend of mine is in the midst of tremendously torrid and enjoyable work affair. But it’s with a peer not her boss.

Lord Rennard could make or destroy a person’s career. The Cardinal was actually ordaining priests, and preaching against homosexuality.

The problem is power, of course. If one person holds power over another person then he or she is in a coercive position. It’s that simple. If you’re the boss, you need to keep your hands to yourself. Healthy sex is about mutual attraction and mutual consent. It’s about equality of desire. (Fifty Shades of Whatsit notwithstanding.)

Since the so-called sexual revolution of the 1960s, we in the West have been confused about where the boundaries of behaviour lie. One person’s friendly squeeze is the next person’s gross fondle; which leads to one person’s casual shag being the next person’s token of love, or much worse one person’s romantic coupling being another person’s humiliating submission.

Saturn (rules and regulations) is going through Scorpio, the sign that rules sex. The planet is also in retrograde motion, which suggests a bit of a rethink is in order. Last time Saturn was here, we were in the midst of the AIDS epidemic and rapidly reworking our attitudes to sexual freedom.

Saturn is the planet that helps us to say “no”. Saturn is not a victim. Saturn is about acting like a grown up, and when you see something wrong going on, acting on it. It’s just a fact that in some companies, there is a culture of “no boundaries”.

Saturn is here to make us think about the rules of engagement. These two scandals are just the latest in a long list which are forcing us to reassess the rules about sex in the modern world.


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  1. Em says:

    I’m another who doesn’t find power attractive – in fact, I find it repelling. Mostly due to the fact that people do not seem to use it well. (I think power, money, and fame are tests actually … and have always felt that. Especially when you consider the outer planet associations!)

    As someone who has worked in gay rights for many, many years in the US, I am never surprised when someone rabidly anti-gay turns out to have issues around it.

  2. TMClancy says:

    I would say that Saturn in Scorpio is responsible for negative blow-back against the crudely immature Oscar host last Sunday night. However, the ratings were the highest in three years, so maybe immaturity wins out. No report on how many tuned out during the show because of their embarrassment/boredom/disgust.

  3. P says:

    Yup – I was indeed having a rethink about the rules of sex. Sent a couple PMs on Twitter to you about that.

    As for the Oscars – seriously, Seth McFarlane??! Ewww….

    And I agree with you about old Henry. Having said that, let’s not forget that many people seek to fulfill through other people what they cannot manifest themselves. Which, come to think of it, for those people who seek relationships with powerful men in particular, is equally frightening.

  4. Subhash says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Anonymous says:

    And those in power can actually hold back by attitude/belief/intelligence anyone who needs to access the service that that person is in control of. But indeed we are all held back or propelled by everyone we meet and/or has any influence in our life. Be it short term or long term. If you get what I mean – I havent been thinking too clearly the past couple of days its affecting my communication.

  6. Diane L says:

    Exactly the sort of things Saturn in Scorpio is here to sort out. Never hurts to give some thought to consequences before jumping into a sexual encounter, does it? 🙂

  7. Isy Aweigh says:

    There was a study published last year in which college aged men were assessed for homophobia, then shown a series of dirty flicks – straight, lesbian and gay – with a stretchy measuring device around their whatsits.

    Without exception, the most homophobic men had, shall we say, the greatest circumferential changes. Then afterwards denied any arousal at all, with perfectly straight (so to speak) faces.

    The findings were so dramatic and so utterly bathed in denial by the homophobic subjects themselves, it made quite a splash for awhile.

    So I’m not at all shocked to hear that a career homophobe was playing slap and tickle with young men in his flock. I’m very glad they came forward and I do hope they can get this predacious (expletive deleted) shut down, or at least kept from voting.

    I too am curious to see what Ratzo’s departure is meant to distract from or cover up. And I can’t help but wonder how long he’ll last. It’s all very odd.

  8. Sabrina says:

    It is certainly time to review the rules on sex in the World Wide Web and Smart Phones era. The way we relate to others has changed dramatically, and FAST. Sex is no exception…The last time Saturn was in Scorpio there was no such thing as sexting!

    Don’t find power that attractive either. Maybe is just my Aqua. venus…Cheers for the Equality of desires!