Why Uranus-Pluto Is A Feminist Aspect

Thursday May 16th 2013
Feminist poster from the sixties

I’m still pondering the significance of the world’s biggest sex symbol removing her secondary sexual characteristics. Did it really come down to a choice between desirability or living? And if it did come down to that choice for Angelina Jolie, what does that tell the rest of us? That desirability is worth less than life?

Women’s bodies have always been an ideological battleground — foot binding, the hijab, abortion, female circumcision, etcetera.

Women’s liberation is right back on the agenda under this Uranus-Pluto square, which is about to become exact again on the May 20th. From Saudi Arabia to Palo Alto, women’s rights are under examination. We’ve made some false assumptions about how progress works. It really is two steps forward and one step back most of the time, but in some parts of the globe women seem to be running backwards. How far have we come and how far do we have to go?

When Uranus and Pluto conjuncted in the mid-sixties, the modern feminist movement started to gather steam, its so-called Second Wave. Of course, the most practical weapon in the battle for women’s liberation has been birth control, and the Pill came into widespread use under that Uranus-Pluto conjunction in medical Virgo.

In 1929, when women finally got the right to vote in Britain, Uranus was in Aries as it is now, squaring Pluto in Cancer, one of the most feminine signs. Don’t forget that in those days, Britain had an empire, so the right to vote here for women had global impact. 

Interestingly, last time Neptune moved into Pisces in the mid-19th century, the first Women’s Rights Convention took place in the US. This was the start of the so-called First Wave of feminism. Oh yes — Uranus and Pluto were conjunct back then too, in Aries the sign of beginnings.

Edwardian suffragette poster

So today we’ve got Uranus in Aries, the warrior, and Pluto in Capricorn, the chairman of the board. We have some real life archetypes for this too. Angelina Jolie is a shoe-in for Uranus, the individualist; Uranus as Prometheus, stealer of fire. And we have Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook with her book Lean In, a sort of a handbook for women who want to make revolution from the inside of the corporation. So we have the bad outsider, and the good girl. Both of them have a take on how to take on the patriarchy.

Frankly, both of these women are wildly privileged, so their experience is in some ways of limited relevance, but the reason they have achieved so much publicity is because they have caught the zeitgeist

Progress has been made in the West at least. Men are generally far more involved in  parenting than their fathers. Women go out to work far more successfully than their mothers, but they still don’t get equal pay. 

And the essential problem of a society that puts labour before family is still there. This is an issue that feminism has yet to tackle successfully. To achieve real equality and still take proper, loving care of our children as a society, we need to think far more radically.


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  1. clarelhdm says:

    Thank you for this. I am a bit troubled by the cheering surrounding Jolie’s decision. Whilst for some women this is a valid choice, I can’t help thinking there is some anti-feminine energy that is running with this:- women’s bodies as dangerous and consuming, murderous. Seems vaguely Freudian…men wanting the breast but simultaneously fearing being smothered by it…..And that is without touching on the broader issue of the climate of fear surrounding Cancer, how the current zeitgeist feeds that fear and how it seems so persuasive and convincing. And I suspect that some level of pressure will be brought to bear upon women to have this procedure by predominantly male doctors wielding scalpels…
    Of course Jolie’s reconstruction WILL be beautiful (as she has said), she will have access to the best, most highly skilled surgeons and medical care. That will not be the case for most women. And she has had the opportunity already to be beautiful and desired, famous, and also a mother….and to undergo this procedure with a supportive partner by her side.

    • An Eunuch says:

      “And I suspect that some level of pressure will be brought to bear upon women to have this procedure by predominantly male doctors wielding scalpels..”

      Sometimes you cannot choose your medical staff… following a traumatic accident I had to have my testicles removed and let me tell you about their genders. The doctor that diagnosed the trauma to my testicles: female, the surgeon performed the bi-lateral orchiectomy (castration): female, the nurses who checked and dressed the sutures on my scrotum: female.

      And, you know what? I’m not fussed. They were all very professional.

    • Christina says:

      Yes to everything you say. I don’t know if you saw my comment on the previous Jolie piece about Kathy Acker who I always felt was very anti-woman.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hell yes to the last line. Great insight into the nature of Uranus/Pluto in recent history! Looking forward to the next wave.

  3. Anonymous says:

    also appreciate the last paragraph. im a woman and i love womens rights. im also a cancer and my lifelong dream is to be a devoted mother… and there is a great challenge between being driven in a career, and raising a loving family… for me i always wanted the latter to be my career… i still hope it will be, one day.

  4. Further to my posts on your previous in which I suggested that her decision could have more than a little to do with the darker side of her personality. Christina, we’ve already mentioned Marjorie Orr’s views on AJ, and in a previous post on her own page, Ms Orr comes out with the great line “Angelina Jolie’s astro-chart shows a personality that is Gothic to say the least”. Yes, Gothic and driven – and with this act of cutting (symbolised by Mars, and hers is currently conjunct Uranus, I believe) she has gone from being a modern Aphrodite to being some kind of tortured saint straight out of an el Greco painting. Or, expressed in the modern idiom – she’s on the cover of Time magazine. Madonna must be green with envy. You could even see it as a very extreme (though unconscious, of course) cry for help or a testing of her man: “So Brad, do you *still* love me?” Who knows, but I don’t quite see AJ as a feminist heroine – not with that Gothic agenda.

  5. These women – Jolie, Madonna …..are far too abnormal to be taken seriously as role models for us lesser mortals. Jolie’s statement release of the removal of her breasts strongly reeks of egoism, another opportunity to fine tune her image to the world – Oh so brave, so daring, so shocking, so news grabbing, so typically look-at-me-now Jolie. Sorry to sound so caustic but as clarelhdm above neatly points put – she has access to the best medical care – as for the rest of us …well….maybe better to wait until the risk manifests. Unfortunately normal, everyday heroine stories don’t sell the dream so we have to put up with Jolie and others to keep the wheels of illusion spinning.

  6. Anonymous says:

    As far as equal pay goes thats bullshit, my brothers wife earns more then him while workig less hours, Womens pay is fine. She is a nurse btw

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yes..your brothers wife is the ‘far & few between’ (ie; not very common) woman, that would probably still agree that MOST woman out there around the globe, still don’t get equal pay in comparison to men!!

    You also sound a little ‘peed off’ by the fact she is earning more..- just by reading your post…hmmm?

    It pays to do your research a little before you comment, @Anonymous. – 16th May

  8. Anonymous says:

    Just to add also…

    AJ was labelled ‘heroic’ in the news by some dick twiddling knob, that obviously has no idea that other woman out there have endured this type of procedure before…

    Oh..because its AJ…it must be the ‘next biggest thing’..!

    Soon there will be a stupid film based on her & her so called ‘heroic’ decision to have this surgery done..who’s betting with me?

  9. Anonymous says:

    I fully agree to the comments made by Judith Miller, of course Jolie and Madonna and all other celebrities thrive on publicity – it’s no big deal, here in the Netherlands (if needed) women get the chance to choose this operation already for a number of years now and they get beautiful construction treatments.

    Nevertheless, although Angelina Jolie is not my favourite kind of celebrity – I can see that her action could well enlighten many women and not to forget : medical authorities all over the world.

    Women should request this treatment (use Uranus) – it could mean a choice between life (Uranus) and death (Pluto)!


    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry -of course I meant reconstruction treatments.

      Christina, when will Uranus and Pluto be conjunct again and in which sign ??


  10. Christina says:

    Next conjunction is in Taurus in 21o4!
    Next opposition is across Pisces Virgo in 2o46….

  11. Anonymous says:

    regret, we are not going to live that long !

    Isn’t it peculiar, that like in the sixties again in 2046 the opposition is in Pisces / Virgo ? Wonder what that could mean ?


  12. Anonymous says:



    • Christina says:

      Pisces/Virgo. Uranus in Virgo and Pluto in Pisces — seems to me rather medical again, among other things. Also Pisces is the end, and Pluto is also rather final, so I wonder about attitudes to death. As for the feminist angle, there’s a virgin/sacrfice theme there too! Frankly, one could think of all kinds of scenarios, some rather apocalyptic…

    • Christina says:

      Easily made. I would like a book of these planetary cycles with graphics. I used to have a pamphlet but have long since lost it. If anybody knows of one do share!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Water and earth – maybe it has to do with science and a total change of views on medicine and what that means for women.

    My late husband always used to mock me, when I did astrology and he would say, that in his mind Virgo was ruled by planet earth. Maybe he was right ! Then planet earth could well be going through a severe crisis and be fighting for its ‘existance’ in 2046.


    • Christina says:

      Yes and I associate the asteroid Ceres with Virgo too & she is also the land and crops. The other thing that started to get real legs in the sixties was the environmental movement. This has fallen off the agenda slightly what with the economy going phut. But it will be back.

  14. Anonymous says:

    We live in a patriarchy? Whoa, that’s news to me. If women are so “oppressed”, then why is it that men in the West have zero legal rights, and can have their lives destroyed by the whim of a woman? All it takes is one false rape accusation, one false sexual harassment accusation, and the man’s life is finished.

    As for the divorce system, it is so biased against men that now 71 percent of younger men in America refuse to get married, according to a poll recently taken by the Pew Research Center.

    I hope you feminists are happy with yourselves. You’ve destroyed the institution of marriage and now at least 70 percent of you women will never be able to get married.

  15. Luna D says:

    Interesting way to analyze the square.
    I think Angelina has been very brave to do something like that.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Probably this is off topic, but I wanted to share something about the Uranus-Pluto aspects. Just checked the ephemeris for a few very important dates and this is what I found: 1347 -the Black Death hit Europe and over a third of the population died(Pluto and Uranus were conjunct in Aries); 1453- the Fall of Constantinople -they were starting the conjunction in Leo (Uranus was at 26 in Cancer and Pluto at 6 Leo); 1648 -the Peace of Westphalia opposition (Uranus 6 in Sag and Pluto 11 in Gemini); 1848 -a new conjunction in Aries. So, it looks like the conjunction is the most powerful aspect.