Astrology of Now: Mud Wrestling

Tuesday June 11th 2013

It’s all been a bit jagged for, well, years.

For most people, the ongoing U-Plu (Uranus-Pluto square) has not gone smash-bang and changed everything. It’s felt more like a massive arduous grinding shift; a huge stone cog that judders along, sending out sparks every now and then, and mashing up anything that gets in between. It’s been kind of… tiring… and frightening if you happen to be in the wrong place.
Well, this summer, may, and I stress the word may drizzle a little oil between those cogs. That’s because of a very strong positive formation in the sky in July, the vaunted Grand Trine in Water. The U-Plu is between earth and fire, so a little of the wet stuff won’t go amiss. But I suspect it’s far more complex than that.
This isn’t just any old Grand Trine: it’s between three heavy-duty planets, Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in its own sign Pisces, which makes it the strongest planet involved. This kind of thing does not happen very often.
For most of history, Jupiter and Saturn have been the heaviest hitters in the solar system. They are the two kings: the generous king in his prime, Jupiter, and the old king, Saturn, carrier of traditions – and they are both supporting the king of the sea this summer, like ladies in waiting holding the queen’s train, just to bend some gender.

Now one thing all this wetness could mean is tears, so far Neptune in Pisces has delivered those – I’m thinking of the Middle East – and another thing could be cleansing. A lot of dirty linen has been washed since Saturn went into Scorpio – so much sex abuse has come to light – and Neptune in Pisces. The dirt comes up, so it can be washed clean.

Venus, oops Mary Magdalene and her jar
of ointment, spreading balm in the sign of Cancer.
Rogier Van der Weyden

These are not the only planets in water signs though. The Sun, Venus and Mars will all be in Cancer this summer. Most importantly perhaps, Mercury, the mind, the messenger, will be spending an unusually long time in Cancer because of going retrograde on June 27th.

Mercury dived into water on the first of this month and won’t shake himself dry until he reaches Strand Leo on August 7th. That’s an awfully long time for us all, collectively, to be thinking about things Cancerian – like children and childhood, food and cooking, home and family, memories sweet and sour, mother and country. Cancerians are collectors: souvenirs or trophies?

It would not be a bad time to do a little therapy. This is a time to examine emotions and try to understand them. When I started writing this, Mercury was opposing Pluto, the planet that likes to tell the truth, ceating a kite in the sky, linking Neptune, Saturn, Mercury, Pluto. The demonstrations in Taksim square are all about who is allowed to speak, and right now they are ending with tear gas and water cannon. those are Neptune’s weapons.

You can see the cardinal t-square in red and the
water grand trine in blue forming already.

Cancer has been one of the signs that has suffered most in recent years, under the cruel attentions of Pluto, a planet which demands ruthless stripping away. Anyone receiving this opposition to a personal planet may have felt flayed. Now it’s as if two powerful hoses are aimed at Cancer to soothe the open wounds. Venus is spreading balm too as she sails through the sign of the crab.

We should remember that Jupiter expands what it contacts – and that is not necessarily a good thing.  Since Jupiter will be opposing Pluto in Capricorn – it could be quite dangerous. The Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, when nuclear war was narrowly averted, took place under a triple-hitting Ju-Plu opposition. There were also massive floods in central Europe that year. This opposition also takes place three times over the next year. The first hit is on August 7th. In the last 50 years, the other triple hitter was over 2000-2001. Here’s hoping the Grand Trine ameliorates this opposition rather than facilitating it’s expression, because of course, when Jupiter opposes Pluto, he squares the planet of revolution, Uranus this summer. Now that’s an explosive mix.

Uranus is rebellion, revolution, change. He’s in hot-headed Aries, the sign of beginnings. He squares open-handed Jupiter in Cancer, the sign of nurturing, and Pluto, the enforcer, in the sign of the boss. These are all cardinal signs, of course, and that means they are all trying to be in the driving seat. There’s real conflict in this T-square, especially when aggressive Mars goes into Cancer in mid-July.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Christina,

    which planet is more important now : Neptune in his own sign or Jupiter in Cancer where he is exalted ?


    • Anonymous says:

      I would agree with you, but for the Cancerians amongst us it could be different, I think.
      If you look at it from a Cancerian point of view, Neptune could be adding his energy to the Jupiter-energy in Cancer and be a geat support.

      I’m very curious about events this summer !


    • Christina says:

      Aha – I think that depends on whose chart you’re comparing the transits too to some extent. However, for my money Neptune wins. Why? Because he only gets to be in Pisces every other century.

  2. Liz Verran says:

    Yes, Christina, we already have the floods in Europe again. In my own life, I have just received redundancy, which is good news as it means early retirement, Most of this has been happening over my natal Uranus at 6 Cancer square Jupiter at 1 Aries, which has been a liberation. However, there are plenty of tears in my office where 100 people will receive their notices today.

    The Saturn in Scorpio was triggered by the eclipse on my birthday (25 April) when my daughter decided to go to the police to report childhood sexual abuse and I am still struggling with the fallout to our relationship.

    times of major change – let’s hope this stubborn Taurus can flow with them!

  3. Anonymous says:

    When looking at historical events, it is often when a grand trine happens that an dictatorship begins. Thinking of the Nazis rise to power when hitler became chancellor there was a grand trine. For the invasion of Poland there was a grand trine. Moving on when Saddam and the bath party seized power there was a grand trine. I have said before that no good comes from contact (of any kind) between saturn and jupiter when in transit. Even though joined by neptune this is no good. Saturn does not play nice with other planets.

    On the positive side having this integrated into a personal birth chart could be great – saturn only works well in a plain birth chart. So those born in July when this is applying can really use this.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think I need to correct myself here. There was not a grand-trine for the invasion of poland. Something like a bi-aspect instead. That is if I remember correctly an aspect in both the babylonian chart and the declinations. I think its between the sun and saturn. Anyway my bad. But interestingly for both the correct grand-trines it was between jupiter-venus-chiron.

      On a personal note having just had a trine between aspecting jupiter to my mercury-saturn conjunction, I would say that the saturn to jupiter is pure chaos. What I have just been through reminded me of a time from the early nineties where I thought I would do this on one day and then change my mind the next. I decided to check the hard copy ephemiris and at that time there was a multi-passing-transit between saturn and jupiter. Not to my natal though.

      Makes me wonder what will happen in july on a global scale.

    • Christina says:

      Dear Anon – very very good and interesting points.

      I so agree that this all might work quite well in a personal chart even if the mundane situation is not so great.

  4. Diane L says:

    Pluto does have a way of prolonging the agony, even in aspect to Uranus. Gristmill of the gods and all that. It will be interesting to see what Jupiter in Cancer has to add. BTW, I happen to feel much the same about Jupiter . . . 🙂

  5. What would you say was the keynote adjective for someone born on, say, the 11th-12th July? Compassion? Terror? I’d like to know because have some friends whose baby is due then.

  6. Selket says:

    I have my Ascendant at 11 degrees Cancer and I would like to know what the impact of this configuration would be. Pluto is in the 6th house almost conjunct my Descendant and I have the natal Neptune at 11 degrees in the 6th house.
    The last 3 years were difficult.

  7. Isy Aweigh says:

    Earth, Fire and Water makes me think “ceramics.”

    Ceramics are uncanny: fragile as glass when built thin, but able to bear more weight than the same quantity of steel. Utterly unreactive, they can insulate the heaviest electrical loads and contain astonishing chemical reactions while being unaffected themselves. They’re second only to diamond for sharpening blades; indeed, ceramics make good blades themselves. With Mars coming on that scene, this seems relevant.

    Their rigidity (how Saturnian) is their Achilles heel — makes them brittle, so once their limits are reached, they’ll shatter. They can withstand great heat and great cold, but not both — or, again, they’ll shatter.

    As a metaphor, it’s interesting. Especially in light of that remark about dictatorships. I’m curious to see what will happen this summer, though frankly, I fear for my country — several of them.

  8. Hi Christina,
    Thankyou for your wisdom, I enjoy reading your work each month.

    I have a Cancer ascendant at 8 degrees and cancer moon at 13 degrees which is part of a grand trine with jupiter in scorpio in 5th house and pisces sun in 9th house. I’m hoping the jupiter entrance in to Cancer will be beneficial for me (it is in the 1st house). What do you think?

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